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  1. VERY VERY COOL, did you use the same axles, same clutch and flywheel? ive already found a toyota matrix 6 spd at the junkyard im wanting to use. wondering if its the same type of swap, or if i would be better off looking for the g6 tranny?
  2. Whats up guys! My name is michael and I live in the states. Have owned my current yota for about 4 years now, shes on engine number 2. :) currently working on a custom turbo kit using a ct12 off of a supra and making a custom manifold. I was trollin this site the other night and found where a guy matted a 6spd lsd tranny to his paseo and i knew this was the forum ive been waiting to find. so yea, thats my intro. ill get some pics and videos of the car up soon