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  1. Thanks :) Now up for an 1.8 supercharged engine :)
  2. Thanks mate! Also planning to get Mesiter R Coilovers or K-Sports coilovers. Which one would you go for? Roads here are hopeless lol
  3. P.S. Can any admin please change the thread name to Necron's Rolla Build Thread please? Thanks! Some more pics:
  4. Hello there guys, So it's the time for a major overhaul. This is my current status of the car . And it's time for the compressor & TTE look upgrade Current Mods: K&N Induction Kit Advan Racing Rims ET35 w/Nexen 225/45/17 tyres and trd tire caps 3.5" Stainless Steel Silencer Facelift Rear Headlights with JDM taillight mod Front trd badge Rear Spoiler Team HEKO wind deflectors Short Arial HID H7 Kit 6000K JDM Tail light mod Varta 74A Battery Audio: Kenwood KDC448U Audison SR4 Amplifier Hertz HCX 165 + Hertz ET20 tweeters - front Hertz ECX 130 - rear Hertz HCX 690 rear speakers - parcel shelf Focal 12" BombA500 subwoofer facelift headlights front TTE compressor bumper w/bumper bracket rear facelift bumper and rear TTE underspoiler facelift sideskirts - 3dr Exactly like the following images: Part list for upgrade: TTE Front bumper Facelift Sideskirts & Headlights Rear Lexus Black Tail Lights - with mod which will remove the ugly transparent sealer in mind Facelift speedo with optronic dials from a 1.6 corolla Some pics of the car :) Greetz, Necron
  5. Can you post your tutorial aswell? :P
  6. Ok, I'm now confused :P So, currently, my tail lights light on normally when I turn on the lights, and light brighter when I break. So you're telling me that there's a function where: 4 lights turn on when lights are turned on 2 lights get brighter (brake lights) when the breaks are hit 2 of the other lights will light brighter when the foglight stick is turned? Awesome set of mods xD
  7. The strange thing is that the black smudge is on both tail lights in the inner side only (exactly the same spots on both tail lights) ;S Dunno if it was humidity when I stored the tail lights, but I was sure to vacuum the whole bits. Might have to try and remove them again and get them cleaned. They are also sealed because I tried pouring some water on them to see if there was a crack or something but nothing went in. As for the mod, cool! So this works if you turn on the foglight switch correct? Will maybe try it, but I still like it that when I hit the breaks the whole 4 bulbs light more :D Just one last thing, with what is best to clean the tail light from the inside avoiding to scratch it from the inside as well as reaching those hard places? Thanks mate! Great to have ppl like you help :)
  8. Hmm ok, good to know for MOT (VRT in our country) Also I have noticed kind of a black smudge on the inside? could it be because of some dust from before? it looks more like smudge to me :S I'll post a pic tomorrow
  9. thanks :D and thanks for your help. I have kept the foglight wire intact. Does it do any damange if my foglight lights up in the dash? (to keep the plug intact) Cheers bud!
  10. Ah now I understand :) 1.Indeed yes, the left tail lamp has a sealed hole which needs cutting. 2. The left tail light does not have the wiring in the socket, so you're correct :D. 3. Do I have to cut the right tail light wire (the one with the dots) for this to work? After doing the above, I just have to do the same thing as you did? (drill 2 holes, and connect the bulb as you suggested) Also one more thing, does it matter if the new foglight bulb touches the base metal as shown here: Sorry for all the questions, I'm still a noob at these things and don't wanna ruin the tail light :) I appreciate your help!
  11. Hi it's me again, I just got a pair of facelift tail lights and they seem different from yours. They are in silver and apparently there is a holder for a foglight bulb. There are some things which I can't understand: 1. Both holders (Left tail lamp and right one) have a holder for a foglight bulb. 2. Left tail light has a sealed hole for the fog lamp - which needs to be cut correct? (We drive on the left) 3. Do I have to cut the 3rd wire (the one with grey dots), which in terms is the foglamp wire for both lamps or is it only just for 1? Have you ever noticed any heating problems or anything with this mod just out of curiosity? Thanks & Regards, Francesco
  12. Hey guys, hope everyone's fine. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong in posting this, if yes, please forgive me and delete my thread. There's a local competition here in Malta going on by getting likes on your photo and liking the competition page of The Sunday Times Motoring. Can you please like my Corolla so that maybe I get the chance to win the make-over for my car? I know it's kind of lame, always with these likes, but this is the first time I'm doing this kind of thing. Thanku ♥