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  1. :D I've gone for the the Carbon Quartz (charcoal grey). No definitely better car at least this one won't conk out on me in the cold and snowy weather (i hope) lol. Well i told them i found the GAP insurance for £89 (GAPDirect) but the salesman said there was no way they could match it (think they could if they wanted to)considering they were trying to get me to pay 10688 for a new one but i'd seen on the Toyota website they were being advertised as 9850 OTR for exact one i've ordered so printed the quote from the internet off went back in and spoke to them the sales manager sorted it and chucked in the supaguard for free. HAPPY DAYS!! roll on next friday!! no not from pentagon from Gordon Lamb Toyota! Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  2. Hi Just wanted to say Hi and thankyou, i've been reading all your reviews and posts on your Aygo's and they helped me in purchasing my new Aygo Go! AC. I ordered it and paid my deposit last night and am so excited!! i was originally looking at getting the new fiesta or a an astra hatchback (a few years old), but i wanted all the mod cons and it was just getting silly price for the fiesta then i heard the aygo advert on the radio and thought i cant believe i overlooked it. I did look at the Aygo blue a few years ago when a friend was looknig at them and i was very tempted to look at getting one when i had paid my car off which was a Mini Cooper S JCW but i ended up writing it off :( So the aygo never happened, i paid silly amount for the mini just shy of 18k cos of all the added extras it was a used top of the range model (i was young and naive!!) so i lost a lot of money between insurance payout and what was left on finance so wasnt in a position to buy another new car and the GAP insurance had expired by 5 months at time of write off!! I was still with my ex at the time and he had just got his company car so he let me drive his Honda S2000 and told me not to bother with a car until I had paid the remaining finance off. Unfortunately (well not unfortunately) we split up and then i was left car-less, because i needed a car for work i bought what i thought was a bargain from someone i knew, a 53 plate ford focus which i was going to keep for a while cos i thought it was a fab little car for what i had paid. i found out since buying it the car was Cat C i wasnt told this and now the MOT is due and a lot needs to be done on it such as wheel bearing, brakes and i was wanting to look at a used car but with these factors i decided to go for it now and the deals they have on the new cars i thought i was daft not too! So im now going to be the owner of a brand spanking new Aygo Go! 5dr AC in Carbon Quartz!! and I can't wait!! I opted out of the GAP insurance i have found one on the net with GAP direct anyone dealt with them?? I know some people say they arent worth the paper there written on has anyone else got GAP insurance not from Toyota and recommend it or is the GAP just not worth it full stop??? Sorry for the long post i talk far too much!!
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