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  1. Had this one too, lubricate it and the sound won't come back. . .
  2. Unfortunately, nobody answers the question "Is It Possible To Remove The Antenna Base?" :-) Does anybody know how to remove the roof lining (partly) ?
  3. Wallie

    Hid Lights!

    I bought mine for my Auris from Amazon.de (registration needed). It's a German brand named Dectane and it's very good quality. Paid 60 euro for a set H11 / 6000K including shipping and have them for a year now. Very happy with it. Don't know about the legal stuff. . You should look into that.
  4. You can connect any amp to any factory head unit by using an MTX re-q 3 or a simple high-low converter. The re-q 3 also restores the bass output at higher levels but it costs more..