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  1. Yep, thank god my sprayer gave me some extra paint and a tiny brush! Already had to use them :( Thank you Gig-128 :) Happy Christmas and I wish you all a prosperous new year!! Take care & Dive Safely :)
  2. Finally the first original TTE Bumper on the small island of Malta. Next up in Mind: Upper Front strut bar, sound system, coilovers/lowering springs, Thx, Glen :)
  3. Hello, anyone had any problems finding a fitting badge for a tte bumper? Anyone can give me the part number of the fitting badge please? Thanks, Glen
  4. In a few days time since at the moment it's back in the box on high place in my garage since the car is at the mechanic at the moment. In a few days it should be at the panel beater and then the sprayer.
  5. Just arrived!! Damn the box is big lool
  6. I think that moulding is easy to get rid off :P I'm gona get a small plate today and see how it fits!
  7. Hello mates, What do you think about putting the number plate on the side instead of on the middle on a tte bumper? Small one of course! Glen
  8. My TTE Bumper is ordered from the local toyota dealer here in malta!! Since I had an accident with my corolla i'll post pics in a few weeks ;) It's gona be BIG :D
  9. I'm only afraid that since the are ET45, they won't look nice on the car :(
  10. Well done mate, what is the part number of the bumper please? Was the radiator grille included with the bumper?
  11. i don't know how they'll look either. What about 16" Et40?
  12. I know this might be a little offtopic but I need some help/suggestions. Anyone here got 17" wheels et45? How do they look on an E12? Or 16" wheels et40? I require some ideas before ordering a set of new wheels for my car. Thanks.
  13. Hello again everyone, will ET45 wheels match with a T3 E12? Thanks The wheels in after are http://www.rotashop.co.uk/grid-17-x-75quot-gloss-black-set-of-4-wheels-lightweight-series_p1040385.htm Glen
  14. Ok, I understand, but my question still remains that for the part number PZ439-E9441-AB there is 2 different bumpers listed.
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