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  1. Ffound the seat release its inside the rear passenger doors just below the squab at the side. Will check all springs and suspension joints and diff mountings. Thanks for all the suggestions and will check all this out. The tyres were at 40psi so ride would be a bit firm. Car is a Japanese import into Cyprus so doubt if there was a recall on the springs but as I said will check these. Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Just new to the forum and sorry if this is a repeat but did search and could not find what I was looking for which is an owners manual for a 1995 Rav 4 Automatic 5dr. This is a Japanese import to Cyprus and has no book at all with it and I am unsure about the buttons on the dashboard (Manu & PWR) read somewhere on here that PWR changes the shift points on the automatic box but what is MANU. How do I get the rear seats to fold down completely. There seems to be two holes at the back of the rear seats which I presume is for the head rests but how do you unlock the seats to fold. The roads out here are terrible and the suspension has been well abused so seems a bit hard and clunky. Any ideas as how to soften this up or what to look for on the suspension which might indicate whether this is worn and needs replacement. Thanks for any info anyone can give me (This is my first Rav so any pointers are welcome)