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    Can you explain the symptoms, sounds, etc.If the ABS is working you should feel the brake pedal pumping, or pushing back against your foot, but this should only be under hard pressure on the pedal. Do you have an empty car park or quiet dead end road you can test the system on? The other thing you could do is find a Toyota dealer and ask for a test drive in a similar spec car to see how it behaves compared to yours. Does the same thing happen when braking from moving backwards as well as forwards? You can feel the pedal pushing against your foot, like a kind of pulse, gets stronger the harder you brake and you feel it through the steering wheel as well. There doesn't seem to be any abnormal noise, and I've only really had it in reverse to park, so I haven't noticed whether it happens then. Nearest dealer is about 70 miles away (I'm in the wild west of Scotland) and at the moment due to health, can't get there, so I'll try giving them a call, see if they can shed some light on it. Thanks for the reply xx
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    Hi I bought my 2002 corolla verso t3 vvti about 8 months ago. Its manual, petrol. The brakes have felt a bit weird since I bought it, it's as if the abs is on even when braking gently, or discs are warped or something. I've had new discs & pads fitted, but still got the problem. Or maybe it isn't a problem, and the brakes are meant to be like this? I've driven quite a few different cars, cavalier, corsa, legacy, freelander, mondeo, among others, and never encountered brakes like this.(except when braking hard and abs kicks in) It's a great car, and passed m.o.t with the brakes like this. Can anyone shed light on this for me please? Oh, no warning lights on the dash. Thanks in advance :-)
  3. Hi everyone I've had my Corolla Verso 1.8 T3 VVTi for about 8 months now, and just found the club this evening while looking for info. Hopefully if I submit a post, someone will be able to give me the info I'm looking for :-)
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