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  1. Our (95)ST202 Celica has a bearing whine from the front right of the car along with a vibration especially under braking, the car also pulls slightly to the left, the tracking was checked recently and adjusted. We concluded that it must be either the drivers side wheel bearing or driveshaft support bearing. I used a stethoscope to listen to both wheelbearings and the D/S Support bearing but could not tell much difference from the sound recordings.. if anything its the passenger side wheel bearing sounds slightly noisier!.. but we know thats ok. As you can see from the video @ aprox 30 secs the whole wheel looks like its slightly buckled or wobbling however @ 1 min you can just see some movement on the driveshaft hub side, it doesn't come across as well in the video as it does in real life so you will have to take my word for it.. we have also swapped wheels around to be sure its not the wheel but the problem still persists. The car has had a new wheel bearing on this side 2 years ago so we suspect that while the bearing may not be making any noise the hub itself may be the root of the problem.. or could it be something as simple as a loose driveshaft end nut? Any confirmations on the wheelbearing diagnosis or alternatives theories welcome.. See and watch from 30 secs then again at 1 min.
  2. Hi all looking for a bit of advice re celica driveshafts. I have a uk st202 '95. A couple of months ago I started to get a wheel bearing like noise and vibration coming from the car but couldn't pin it down. After a check for any play in the wheels (there was none at all) I am begining to think its the centre bearing in the driveshaft. Wondering how much this is going to be to replace, I don't do too many miles in this car so was considering getting secondhand driveshaft and was interested to find out what driveshafts would fit from other models? For example I know that a lot of carina parts can fir the celica. So can anyone set me in the right direction on this?
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