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  1. I always reset my trip when refuelling and frequently check my mpg between fills from full to nearly empty. I must add, i use premium fuel at least 90% of the time. When i bought the car, 4 years old with 29,000 miles, i checked the EGR and found the valve sooted up/seized. Cleaned the EGR and since then the EGR has remained clean.
  2. my computer shows 47-48 mpg, but on tank fill to fill i am getting 39-40 mpg on my 2007, 2.2D 136bhp x-tr, 80,000 miles. no motorway driving in these figures. looks like i am a lucky owner
  3. Bought my 2007 Rav4 2.2 D4D at 4 years old, like you, not aware of the 2AD-FTV issues. 2 years later took my car in for annual service from Toyota dealer i bought car from, said i had coolant leaking issues. Toyota came back and said i needed new engine, but do not worry Toyota paying. Lucky me. The engine replacement is a 3/4 unit. I believe the issue was poor design of the pistons, this is why only a 3/4 engine replacement. Toyota would not do a recall on this problem but carry out a fix if/when the engine failed. My car had only done 36,000 miles when engine failed. Now at 76,000 miles and engine running great. If, as i believe, the piston design was the cause of engine failure just be sure this is addressed on any work you have done.
  4. Thought i would give this cruise control option a go on my trusty 2007 X-TR, only £12.35 with the screws from my supplier. Works as designed.
  5. I went the single DIN way as suited me but yes, a double DIN is available and these units can have touch screen, satnav etc. The steering wheel functions all work with my Pioneer unit, just make sure you get the right adapters for your car and unit. My only complaint is brightness of unit display, nearly impossible to see in sunlight, seems common to most if not all manufactures of replacement head units. My frame insert is a double DIN, just has pocket inserted below radio and just pulls out.
  6. I realise you also have satnav but i replaced the unit in my 2007 Rav4 with a Pioneer DAB with Bluetooth. Wish i had done a long time ago and works great with my android phone
  7. Update. Bought and fitted the stretch boot. So easy to do, fits really well, why was i so concerned. youtube video's made it look so difficult. Again, thanks
  8. Thanks for the info. The nick is to big for superglue. Had seen these stretch boots on youtube but was not totally convinced on effectiveness but think this is my best option to start with. Looks really hard work to slide boot over cone, could be a few sessions at the gym
  9. Hi. I need to replace the front driver side driveshaft outer dust cover on my Rav4.3. When i pull the the shaft out of the gearbox will i lose oil? The reason i need to replace dust cover is my fault, nicked it when removing a difficult to remove ball joint. Is there a way to fix the dust cover without replacing? Searched the net but nothing really jumps out at me Thanks
  10. OK. Answered my own question. No bush through complete assembly. Jammy bar and out popped the upper arm. Dust covers now back in correct place after a cleanup and added grease.
  11. Hi. Looking at replacing my rear disc's, pads and shoes. Noticed the dust covers for the bush on the upper rear control arms out of position, spring should hold rubber in V groove. Only way i can see of replacing them into their correct place is by removing the control arm. (strong spring holds rubber dust cover in place) Released the bolt but looks like a bush goes right through the whole assembly. Anyone know if this bush is easy to remove?
  12. Hi Guys. I am interested in this upgrade to a single head DAB unit. After your upgrades are you still able to use the steering wheel controls?
  13. I will require new rear shocks before my next MOT. Going to fit myself as fairly easy job. Any recommendations. I always carry 2 large Labrador dogs and tow a caravan. Thanks
  14. silly old me. Just had a peek at my shocks and yes, there is corrosion to the shroud covering the shock spindle.
  15. Hi. Car passed MOT but had an advisory. "nearside and offside shock dust covers corroded" Rear shocks are fairly easy to replace but i was not aware they had dust covers. Is there a dust cover on rear shocks? Many thanks