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  1. Sorry to tell you this and i hope ime wrong BUT, I rebuilt my vaux 1.6 astra van engine after a valve burning out. Just pulled the head off, skimmed it, new stem seals ect regrind on the valvs then put it all back together, i got the smoke ur describing and it got worse and worse yet never misfired !! Went to my cousins garage and spoke to a vaux mechanic who told me them engines seem to have a habbit of after having the head removed and put nback on the rings seem to go ! So a full strip down then unsued and fully rebuild it with new rigs a re-hone and new big end shells for good measure seen astho the have to come off when doing the job and now no smoke atall and a nise crisp engine with 120k on the clock. So i would say its highly likely worn rings, mine got worse and worse the more i drove it until it was just fogging the street out with smoke
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me dawsey i get it now
  3. Ive another question for you guys, as youve informed me the anti-lag on the evos n subarus at crusises is not really anti lag whats the difference? What has the gt4 wrc got that makes it the real deal anti lag? As far as i understood it ( limited knowledge) its the ecu retarding the timing on 1 cylinder so it ignites as the exhaust port is open and this causes the popping and banging noise? However ive read there some kind of valve on the gt4 wrc so whats the deal how does it work? Ide very much like to turn it into a road worthy rally replica with all the fancy toys if possible?
  4. Sorry Leeky my mistake pal, Do many of you remove one of the lights to fit a cold air feed like they do with some of the sierra cosworths?
  5. I can tell you that cooler air from outside is 100% better than hot engine bay air. Volvo have this ridiculous idea of sandwiching the intercooler between the rad and the A/C rad, it doesnt help that the intercooler on the T5 is barely an inch thick in the first place !!! so anyway this means hot HOT intake temps if you giving it some so most run meth/water injection and fit front mounts just to cool it down. The density of the cooler air means it carries more oxygen which means a bigger bang in your cylinders, warmer air less oxygen. I cant see the intake system on a standard powerfull car being restricted to much and even so any restriction will be outweighed by cooler intake temps. Personally ide fit some kind of " Ram" air feed from somewhere if you want it to be best it can be. Jay
  6. That explains it then, i did only want the anti lag just for the odd show off moment but if it really is gunna ruin the car ide rather spend the money on some decent rubber ! So to re-cap the WRC is no better than the standard st205 apart from the fact its a limited edition car? What are the figure 8's i keep hearing and riser blocks?
  7. HiGuys, a quick tip that may work for some of you. Me and the Mrs have 2 vehicles, a volvo s60 T5 with over 250 BHP, and a vaux astra van 1.6 8v, now they cant be insured together on 1 policy because the vans a commercial so the volvo cost us £3,800 to insure and the van £2200. So together thats 6K a year. Bear in mind ime 22 and the mrs is 21 and we live in possibly the worst post code ever for insuring cars ( manchester,salford). So i did a quote on admiral multi car for a Gt4 Import, £3,800 fully comp for the T5 and the GT4 together !!!!! Now it will cost more because if you pay monthly theres interest but even so thats 2 very high performance cars for the price of just insuring the volvo else where !!!!! Give it a whirl if your parents have cars in the house hold. you all use ur own no claims on your car and earn your own aswell it really is a good thing to look into and also if you have a claim it doesnt effect anyone else on the policy !!! i also found by having everyone as named drivers on each car it brings the price down, you can also adjust your excess individually if you want to make it cheaper but bear in ming thats the ammount you pay if you need to claim. Jay
  8. Ahh well then it would seem its not going to be too difficult to get what i want I did read somewhere that if you go above 0.9 bar on these engines thats the danger zone? Probably people talking without actually knowing hence why i joined this forum. You say if i use the anti lag it will ruin the stock turbo, is this because it will be old and in need of a fresh replacemnet or can you get a stronger same size unit to handle the anti lag? Ive seen a few imprezas and evos with anti lag and theyve been running it for years and had no issues, also a guy who used to rally his impreza had it on a really harsh setting literally spitting flames and banging like a mother everytime he eased of the accelerator and his turbo lasted a few season so is it really that bad for the turbo? Thanks for the help mate it is greatly appreciated. Jay
  9. Thanks for info mate, i really like the sound of antilag tho i wouldnt run it 24/7 just now n then if that can be done? I will more than lilly buy a bigger turbo anyway not to increase psi but for a smoother less restricive exhaust flow. are there turbos available that are stronger and more resiliant to anti lag? I also will probably look into buying and installing an aftermarket ECU however ive a few questions about this as this will be the first time ive ever tuned a car. When you buy a new ecu when you plug it in will the car even run? or will i have to take the car to a mappers and then install the ECU and they program it to run the car? I would like to install a bigger turbo, get the water injection set up, a decent exhaust and De-Cat then get the ecu and a custom map what else should i be looking at replacing/changing in order to achieve 300BHP? Oh and as for MOT'S thats no worry for me ive a few mates work in garages so it wont be much of an issue
  10. Hi fellas, Ime a newbie here so i dont expect everyone to jump onboard and help me out but a few answers would be greatly appreciated. Ime looking at getting a celica gt4 wrc, ive decided on this car after discussing it over on a volvo forum and a guy new allot about celicas and suggested the wrc for a few reasons. He said they come with factory fitted goodies like anti lag, water injection and a bigger turbo and charge cooler. Firstly does it? he reckons the hardwares there but not basically connected is this the case? Also what on earth is a charge cooler, i take it it is an intercooler of some form but whats the difference when i look at pics of gt4's theres not the conventional intercooler rad ime used to seeing? How are they with regards to breaking down and what kind of power can i safely push out of one before having to forge everything? Ime not a qualified mechanic but i fully rebuild 2 engines in the past year so i think my skills are good enough for any major works. What would you fellas suggest when ime looking for one, is there any weak spots on the car like common faults and so forth? Ive seen a white gt4 at the local cruise that got a ridiculous ammount of power, ide be happy with getting 0-60 in the mid 5 sec range is this possible without forging the block? Basically ime after a quick awd car that looks cool sounds awesome and goes like stink, my volvo is rapid dont get me wrong ive had the speed limiter taken off and trust me you wont outrun one of them unless you can get past 180+ !!!!!! but it lacks the sports feel and the fun an awd car can offer. Jay
  11. Hi guys, My names Jason ime from manchester but please call me jay. Ime 22 currently own a volvo s60 T5 pushing 280 bhp and many tourqs. Looking at buying a celica gt4 wrc i shall start a thread on this in due course so please look out for it. So theres the introduction and i look farward to speaking to you all. JAy
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