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  1. Voice Activation. That reminds me. It doesn't work in my Excel. It just comes up as Unavailable. Shame really because the telephone in the car is practically useless without it. There's no way I'm going scrolling through the onscreen list when I'm driving. If I'm stopped I can use my mobile direct.
  2. Me too. There's no need to blind to poor sucker behind you. Just use the handbrake. Good practice as you never know it might save you hassle one day. Your Auris may be bit 'young' right now. What model do you have? Icon, Excel? My first Auris Hybrid was an Icon. Even before it was run in (where you are now) I managed on one trip to get 76+ miles per gallon. Just under two years on, Toyota persuaded me to trade in for the Excel. I swear I don't drive any differently but I get about 100 mile per tank less than the Icon. However I had 12500 miles on the clock when I traded in the Icon. I'm only at 1900 in my Excel right now. But I do wonder if the Excel is somehow less fuel efficient than the Icon?
  3. Okay. A couple of months ago Toyota bent my arm and I "upgraded" from an Icon to the Excel. So, had I paid the £125 to have the mud flaps retro-fitted, I may not have got the use out of them. But that is neither here nor there right now. In the Showroom, I was able to specifiy the "Protection Pack" amongst my options that, amongst other things, means the vehicle came with the said mud flaps. Turned out to be a good choice. Now, when there is or has recently been rain, the crap on the rear window builds up far more slowly. The rear view camera doesn't get filthy after only a short journey anymore. So now it is useful even after a rain soaked journey. The rear of the car still gets dirty over time of course. But nothing near as quickly as Icon did. The bad news is, it's been chucking it down like crazy over the last couple of weeks so my Auris looks like a mud ball on wheels. Just like every other car on the road in the UK right now I guess. Nevertheless the rear camera gets nowhere near as badly messed up as it would have done if I still had my previous Auris. Just takes a quick wipe with a damp kitchen towel every now and then. I find doing this after loading shopping at the supermarket is as good a time as any with my Excel, rather than every time I got out of the car with my last Auris. So, overall, I'm now a fan of the 'Protection Pack' An option on the Icon at point of purchase too, I believe. I thought I would share my experience with you. It might just help someone.
  4. Yes. I run my iPod via a USB connector sometimes; it quite an old iPod now and doesn't have bluetooth. I put the iPod in the coin holder-like slot would you believe. When my daughter is in the car, it detects her iPhone and we play music from that. My question though was can the disk player read DVDs? I suppose I will just have to burn one and see.
  5. Thanks Mate. I will try this of course. The trouble is, of the five or six USB sticks I own, each and every one of them is a replacement for the one that stopped working before. I can store stuff on them, can even read them okay. But as soon as I add any data they get screwed up for some reason. Maybe I should chuck as much as I can on a new stick the first time I use it and forget any unused space?
  6. Good idea. I hadn't thought of that. Do you mean just save the playlist from iTunes to a USB stick or the actual files themselves?
  7. My Auris is the Auris 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid (MY13) Icon. I'm off on a jolly tomorrow to the Big Smoke so I thought I would burn an iTunes Playlist or two to a disc to listen to on the journey. I have plenty of DVD-R type discs but only one CD-R. So I wonder if it is okay to burn to a DVD rather than a CD? I used to have a Nissan that had a CD player instead of a Tape deck. It couldn't read DVDs of course. But that car was made in 1999 and in-car entertainment tech in those days wasn't very advanced compared with nowadays (no iPods then). My previous Auris SR (2011 model) I only used burned CDs in as far as I can remember. So I'm wondering, if I burn a playlist to a DVD-R, will it work in my all singing/all dancing Auris Hybrid (my first car with that really useful reversing camera I've often hankered for)?
  8. Thought I'd let you know that the upshot of all this was that I have discovered that nothing more than a piece of kitchen towel or a paper hanky will do the job of cleaning the rear view camera admirably. Doesn't even have to be damp. Now all I need to do is to work out how to clean the camera lens when I need to most, when the road has been wet and I'm about to reverse into a parking space, rather than at the earliest opportunity afterwards. I'm sure someone out there will know what I mean.
  9. That is a picture of your rear windscreen washer jet, the camera is lower down under the Toyota Emblem where the boot release handle/button is. Ahhh! No wonder it wasn't getting clean. I was dousing the wrong bit! I think I must be going senile. Thanks guys. Thankfully it turned out to be something simple in the end - even if it was me!
  10. Sorry mate, what was I saying? I seem to have forgotten. Never mind - it's me turning senile
  11. Here's my photos. As you can see, the lens is definitely button shaped.
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  13. Now that would be the ideal solution, but for me it would have had to have been pre-installed. Even if I had the technical ability to do that, I'm sure that it would invalidate my warranty. I would love to have that hooked up to my rear screen washer though. Can't quite see but it looks like the lens on the car in the vid might have a button shaped lens also.
  14. Does yours feel like a flat lens or more like a button?
  15. That's what I expected mine would be too. I don't use my glasses when in the car (only for reading, close up and the computer monitor). So my close up vision these days means I can't see it too well - especially as it's a small black object in a black hole. I tried the thumb suggestion already, hence I know it's not a flat lens. Good point though. I will contact my Dealer, after I have taken the photo. They may confirm what you say as correct and be able to fix it.
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