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  1. Nop i don't know butt i will check it now... please edit your post to everyone understand please. Thks m8!
  2. My 2cents is that the admission is the same...but cannot confirm that!
  3. Nice to see a portuguese around here, and with a toyota The link that corsol post seems nice and easy to do... U could give it a shot :) Cya!
  4. General view of the induction kit. The air sensor of the original filter fit perfectly on this new one (left on the filter) The air conduct is at the bottom of the pic air conduct at the front of the car...under the front bumper...doesn't seems from the picture but u can't see the air entrance without going under the car ;) I'm thinking of making a homemade "box" to involve the filter to only get air from the tube what do u think guys? p-s - yeah i know i need new tyres toyo proxys 205/55/15 on the way...
  5. Well i've just finished the installation of the kit, take a little ride to see...and sound's great, really cool indeed...i will post pics later! i recommend the kit!
  6. Well the induction kit is in da house finally... going to mount it...hope sounds good :P Cya m8's
  7. 1st off all thks for the replies ... About the efi mod, you're correct james, what the mod do is cheating the ecu by giving the wrong value of fuel/air... Dunno if i am going to try it, i will install the induction kit tomorrow then i will give feedback about it... Thks once more
  8. The induction kit arrived today...maybe tomorrow i will fit it and report differences ... Guess nobody tried already the modification posted in the post above... :(
  9. Hi guys... It has been a long time without coming here to the forum but i hope to "stay" now Now the question is...anyone already tried this ? Any info about someone who tried? Gains? Problems? btw i ordered this induction kit in portugal, anyone try it already? seems nice cuzz brings the place to fit the air sensor like the stock one... Sorry for the bad english once more ... Thks in advance!
  10. I sent annaconda guys yesterday an email asking for the rear lights (lexus type) for corolla e11... This was the answer... "Hi, we still didn't decide to produce the lights or not. Regards S.Lehmann" C'mon guys, send emails asking it to convince them to produce the rear lights
  11. Any news on the rear lights (lexus type) for the e11 corolla model??? THKS
  12. The pic isn't too great cuzz the sure it's red ferrari (the paint looks new ) doesn't have a single scratch ;) I will go for a ride now ;) Cheers m8's
  13. Yep, that's true m8's... Finally i have a G6R... It's red, it's awesome and the best, is totally mine ;) [i'm having some problem's uploading images so see if u guys doing copy paste of the url can see the pic. http://www.geocities.com/sharkaralho/PIC_0069.JPG I'm so happy :P :D
  14. Of course knowlson, let me contribute for the gallery :D ... This model of corolla is very rare in portugal...until today i only see 2 in portugal, both were in 2 toyota stands, the other one was black like yours. Let me take care of the sound first...then the rest... Any news on the back lights like lexus for the rolla???? btw i ask before but no one answer to my question...wich are the size of thr front speakers of the rolla???? Cheer's m8
  15. Hi guys i went to the stand today... There it was...my g6r all painted (spoiler included, the color is red ferrari) and it's awesome in my opinion... ... I will get it this saturday cuzz friday i don't have time to go there...one more with 24h very long lol. I will put pictures here as soon as i have it... I'm choosing a radio for it now...what do u think guys of the Kenwood Kdc-W8027 Cheers m8's
  16. I will have it day 30 of this month... Right now i'm choosing a radio with mp3 and speakers for it (front and back)...btw wich size are the speakers of the front??? I will put pics after i have it of course ... Thks guys! Cheers
  17. Yep...i assume...as soon i see him i couldn't resist anymore... After a ride of approximatelly 30min...what else can i say??? I'm in love... Just need to wait now... Another rolla on the road ;) !!!
  18. I drive it! Damm! I'm in love :D ! Everything seems great in that car ;)!
  19. I will drive the corolla today... Let's see what think of it... In performances i guess both with no modification... the g6r can reach little bit higher speed... The both are very good cars indeed but i love the instrumental panel of the g6r, that red makes me crazy LOL... I see u have one e11 m8, what do u think of it??? Goods and bad's??? Let's see m8's let's see...
  20. So what i guess of this all is: Yaris is faster accelerating... Has more modifications... Corolla is faster... With that 6gear should force less the engine in higher speeds...maybe consume less? Is there any lexus rear lights for corolla??? I guess that an engine with 80000km in a toyota has a lot to give yet...dunno m8's both are from a toyota stand...the same stand... What about engine modofocations??? Wich one has more to give ;) ??? Dunno really dunno m8's...
  21. I've found this... "Technical Data Model: Toyota Corolla 1.6 G6 (1998-2001) Body:3-doors compact E11; Length/Height/Width: 4120mm, 1385mm, 1690mm Weight:1180 Kg Engine type: 4A-FE, R4 1.587 cm3 DOHC Bore x Stroke 81,0 x 77,0 Compression ratio: 9,5:1 Max power: 81/110 kW/HP Max torque: 145 Nm Gearbox: 6-Speed Max Speed: 197 km/h 0-100 km/h: 9,7 sec Brakes:front ventiled discs, rear discs, ABS Average fuel consumption: 8,6 l/100 km Front & rear suspensions: Independent suspension, McPherson shock struts, gas pressure shock absorber, stabilizer Wheels: 6x15" alloy wheels Tyres: Dunlop 195/55R15 " Is this correct ???? Cheers and thks
  22. This is an easy question to do but maybe a question with a difficult answer... I can bought this two model's... Toyota yaris T-Sport 11/2002 with 30000km and Toyota Corolla G6R 5/2001 with 80000km Wich will u guys buy if were u m8's???? Yaris is 5000€ more expensive! Love the two models, g6r has a 6gearbox, yaris don't, maybe yaris is faster in acceleration but in top speed maybe the contrary???? Im a little bit confused m8's... Can't find any details on the performances of the g6r :( please Cheers Vortan
  23. Nice T-Sport m8, very nice indeed... Loved the sound of that engine :P ... That rear spoiler is awesome...do u have link for it?
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