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  1. there are unfortunately times when you have to treat your family or friends like a pet when they are ill, by ordering them to sit/stay/lay down so they can actually recover. pride within them is strong, but priorities a big scewed

  2. even in the dark my neighbor noticed my beard had gone before anything else lol

  3. mums just had a ing from me. i don't like doing it, but there are rare times when stupidity delays their recovery

  4. on this day i reached my target and dropped 3.6863 stone since the heaviest i weighed @ 23.6059stone 11 months ago #weightloss success

  5. feeling a bit lost just now, so gladly watching a few vids about helping those less fortunate. those situations are not the first ias ive done it myself many times.

  6. 3lbs to go motherubikers #weightloss thats just body weight, but fat % ive likely gone well past what it would have been

  7. hey folks, right been given dimensions for bushes (not sure if they are fr the front or back) have also been told by them that the carina cdx e has rol bar bushes on the rear as well as the front. so need help to know what the dimensions are for the rear and front heres the dimensions they have given me Anti roll Bush sizes are: Internal diameter 20mm; Outside diameter 29mm; Length (total) 38mm
  8. hey Stephen Marshall since i havent heard from sonic at all for months. if i get my site as far as i can get it. would you be able to deal with the features etc that im unable to do myself?

  9. facebook is trully messing up at the moment, im getting ubikign facebook posts from 20 hours ago that i should have gotten BACK THEN and not just now

  10. came across a 6ft8 svelte women today in tesco's, she get over it

  11. you know you have watched a lot of "adult content" when you can name a person within seconds of seeing a picture ;)

  12. oh well thats £130 labour costs and aroudn the same for the lowering springs, both wasted. now im stuck with the hard ride and spongy suspension untill i come up with the money for a correct setup. and then be prepared to cry whilst i see money down the drain from trying to sell the springs i was badly adviced to get in the first place

  13. with the story of the poor girl being killed by bit bulls etc, i have to question to whether or not the dogs had actual been fed over a period of time

  14. Ok folks, back last September i had advisorys that the orignal springs were corroding and therefore needed changing. So i gained advice via a ebay seller whod been in the motor industry and performance parts for many years. under their advice i bought spax lowering springs. they explained its better for performance, better in the corners and fuel consumption. Brilliant i thought, the cornering with the original springs was very spongy and i hated it. Now with the new springs, (and im just middle of 22 stone. ive noticed the car is much better when accelerating, better at cornering. but my issue now is that its seemingly TOO hard of a ride, and the exhaust seems to be scrapping if the car goes over 60mph, and scraps on speed bumps such as those at tesco's. So i need your advice. what setup should i actually have which give fairly similar cornering benefits, but its lowered and isnt a hard ride. by the way the car is a toyota carina e cdx 2.0i
  15. Mason Storm isnt the real mason storm page