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  1. Hello Tarquin, I lost my micro SD on my Land Cruiser 2013 and nothing work, radio, navigator. Msg on screen reads A program cannot be read...). Please assist. Thanks.

  2. Can’t remember now but as Dash said you hold the fob up to the start button but i think you then have to push the button to start the car with your foot on the break if auto David
  3. Hi David,

    Can you please send me loading file for TNS510 navigation (loading.kwi)? My SD card is missing. My e-mail: bartkus.stanislavas@gmail.com 

    Best regards


  4. Hi Tarquin, I understand you are the Guru when it comes to changing the dash lights on the IQ, I was wondering if this is a service you might be able to provide if I sent you my cluster. Obviously happy to pay you for the work and cover the expense of sending it back to me in Surrey. I would like to change the light to blue if possible. Be well and keep safe. Kind regards Dean

  5. Hi, Tarquin, I am a bit new to this, I am getting pretty desperate to get a "lamp assy telltale panel" toyota part  number 83950-74080 it is just to the right of the TNS510 sat nav. I am told mine needs replacing. the airbag warning is on and my car won't pass its MOT. you seem to be the expert, can you please help or advise where I can buy one if you don't have one for sale. Sincerely Josephine Martin.  

    IQ indicator panel.jpg


    toyota 83950-74080 pic.docx

  6. Hi Dawid ,i have trouble with navi, please send my SD folders for TNS 510, year 2007, on my e-mail adress :cristian_burcus@yahoo.fr.


  7. Hi,

    I' having an issue that Sd card isn't loading since I jump started my wifes 2011 Avensis, It starts to but goes black and says contact dealer. Can you help?





  8. hello

    i need your support with prius 2010 TNS510 loading.kwi i cannot find it anywhere and it is not working for 3 months 😞

  9. Hi David,

    I was wondering if you would be able to give me any advice on a problem i currently having with my Toyota IQ2 2009. The heater control assembly unit (55900-74010) has a blank screen and none of the functions for heater, A/C etc work with the exception of the hazzard lights. We have bought a replacement unit which hasn't solved the problem, taken the car to 2 garages (one being toyota) and they have checked the fuses, relays and were unable to locate the issue. The LED display screen lights up when turning on the engine however it is blank. 

    Any ideas where the problem may be coming from? In this weather i am unable to clear the windscreen so i am eager to get this problem sorted. Any help would be much appreciated. 

  10. Hi,

    i need your support with prius 2010 TNS510 loading.kwi i cannot find it anywhere and it is not working for 3 months 😞

  11. tarquin


    Hi i installed a aftermarket rear camera in my number plate. In normal operation, when reverse gear is used, a voltage it put to one of the pins in tbe Tns510 and switches it to A/V mode and it is displayed. There is also camera pins to consider. Thereis also a short window when the tns510 looks for video on its input. If it doesnt see vidio in something like 2 seconds then the blank video screen switches back to map so its best to have the camera with 12 v on it all tbe time the ignition is on. Then it will be sending video to the tns510 ready for when you select revers David
  12. Interesting. I was recently getting the good old whine from mine and got Toyota to change the oil. Made a great deal of difference for about 3 weeks then returned to the whine up hill. Mind you have done 130,000 in it now David
  13. tarquin

    Soeleys Iq

    Hi Mark Tried to Txt you but it seems it doesnt send so guess its been ceased. Its the one with lots of 2's in. Its been a long journey together since 2011. The Very best wishes my friend with your new toy. By the way your iQ looks immaculate as it did in that day in 2011. Tarquin David
  14. tarquin


    Excellent!!! David
  15. Hi all here is an Ebay link for it https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/152795446793  also think this is the one i purchased frim Aliexpress Look what I found on AliExpress http://s.aliexpress.com/JZVBvYni
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