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  1. Hi just thought I would ask if you know about the TN510 (fitted to an IQ) ....

    1) it keeps loosing positing against the map even after re cal to position I have 2017/2018 map card and has done this for 18 months.. any ideas?


    2) Ive been trying to find out from local & toyota Uk the part nos for the RHD JBL upgrade but they say cannot find, do you recon the LHD one will fit, im assuming the amp goes under driver seat (on rhd) rather the driver seat on LHD car as per instruction on AIM? Any thoughts.


    Thanks in advance if you can help/reply :-)




    1. tarquin


      Hi Paul

      Firstly the Tns510. The GPS receiver module sits on a "shelf" behind the Tns510 under the dash board. Check you have not obscured it byplacing things on the dash behind the Tns 510. If the area is clear then you may have a faulty GPS receiver or it has become detatched from its position facing the sky. You will have to remove tbe Tns510 to have a look. 

      Secondly, the JBL kit. I would assume the wiring kit that comes with it would be customized to fit whichever kit you would buy. So may not fit the other side. It may be worth contacting dealers in Europe as they are more likely to stock LHD. You must also take into account that the iQ model is disscontinued si may be difficult to source



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