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    Hi i installed a aftermarket rear camera in my number plate. In normal operation, when reverse gear is used, a voltage it put to one of the pins in tbe Tns510 and switches it to A/V mode and it is displayed. There is also camera pins to consider. Thereis also a short window when the tns510 looks for video on its input. If it doesnt see vidio in something like 2 seconds then the blank video screen switches back to map so its best to have the camera with 12 v on it all tbe time the ignition is on. Then it will be sending video to the tns510 ready for when you select revers David
  2. Interesting. I was recently getting the good old whine from mine and got Toyota to change the oil. Made a great deal of difference for about 3 weeks then returned to the whine up hill. Mind you have done 130,000 in it now David
  3. tarquin

    Soeleys Iq

    Hi Mark Tried to Txt you but it seems it doesnt send so guess its been ceased. Its the one with lots of 2's in. Its been a long journey together since 2011. The Very best wishes my friend with your new toy. By the way your iQ looks immaculate as it did in that day in 2011. Tarquin David
  4. tarquin


    Excellent!!! David
  5. Hi all here is an Ebay link for it https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/152795446793  also think this is the one i purchased frim Aliexpress Look what I found on AliExpress http://s.aliexpress.com/JZVBvYni
  6. Many Thanks Chris. This an Excellent very detailed write-up David
  7. Hi can you explain in greater detail your problem David. Not sure what a Binnicle is David
  8. Try this https://bigupgadgets.com/uk/toyota-portable-obd-canbus-speed-lock-car-safety-door-lock-unlock-obd-module-06-cms2522.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw08XeBRC0ARIsAP_gaQA53xNrTa3fz8Z8C-TNspIBO5ZWKad8SsJQkO7xFS0Q3F0ewvylBhsaAqNKEALw_wcB £14.22
  9. Sorry the above one failed as well go to Ebay and search for Toyota auto door lock module and you should find it David
  10. Try this one this is the Yaris one https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/152795446793  i am not sure how you would wire in the one you found on Bangood
  11. Hi Matt you can get a generic Toyota OBD plug in for your car. I am using one on my iQ here is a link https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/152795446793 
  12. Hi all i have not left the site i did put a notice on here that i can no longer supply the Loading.kwi file for the Tns510. But i still keep getting unindated with requests for it. Sorry to all. Your best bet is to go on Ebay and search for TNS510 and you will find map memory cards at reasonable prices. This will restore the unit and give you tbe benefit of Satnav David
  13. Mark I think you can turn off the keyless entry off with Techstream David
  14. I had lots of paint missing off mine but put it down to stone chips due to going down a dark lane after it was resurfaced. I have changed it now forva Black one David
  15. interesting mine was regular but suddenly stopped a few years back without any intervention!! David
  16. Hi I am sorry to say this is a known problem. It was first thought to be that the drain pipe was too short under the car and water was blowing back into the car. People were fitting extra piping onto the existing one in an attempt to cure it. It was later discovered the water ingress is where the A/C unit goes through the bulkhead of the car and the seal is leaking.There was someone on the forum who had theirs re-sealed but was over £700!! Mine does it intermittantly but has been ok for some while now. David
  17. Hi Peter you have set yoourself a bit of a task. Parts for the iQ are very costly, assuming some of the Tns510 parts are still about. I have done many modifications associated with this unit. Brackets, covers, wiring harness are a fortune. I sold my one complete a few yesrs back when i changed it with a Tns 350 ( European one) i wish you the best. Worth a check on Ebay both UK and German site Good Luck David
  18. tarquin

    Echo Dot

    Hi All I have just fitted a Amazon Echo Dot into my iQ. the hardest part was finding somewhere to put it so the 6 microphones can hear me and that I will be able to hear it!!!! I have it also connected via Bluetooth to my TNS350 which used to be a TNS510 but the 350 has more options like Road speed indication USB and 3.5mm jack. Its quite a useful gadget now mobile phone holding is a problem. I can get upto 40million song tracks to my car by simply asking for them. I can stream thousands of radio stations also which I can't pick up locally and now 4G is more widely available not had any drop out yet. Another good feature is home can "Drop in" on me and like wise I can do the same by simply asking "Drop in on home" Power for it is behind the scenes with a little 12v to 5v converter @ around 2A. Obviously, I am using my phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot but may get a stand alone unit if the price is good. Weirdly, I don't feel alone when out driving by myself. David Camera picks up every bit of dust!!!!!!
  19. hi sorry I took a while to send a photo of the Flow Sensor, I had problems uploading it. the photo is taken of my new Compressor which I didn't need to fit because my problem was a worn out Magnetic Clutch and it was easier to replace that being one bolt and a spacer washer than to replace the whole Compressor and Re-Gas it. Hope it helps
  20. I was told back in 2013 that there was a problem with the manual gearbox/clutch by the service manager of my local dealership who knew me due to various mods i had done to my iQ. He said that a number of dealerships has reports of Juddering and vibration in 2nd gear and that there may be a Bulletin released about it. He told me as he had forgotten mine is a Auto and was just trying to give me the heads up on it. So it may be that you can approach them and make them aware there is a known issue. David
  21. The trouble is the hysteresis. Nothing hapens in real time. I can remove my airbag alarm and it takes up to 100mtrs of driving for it to re-appear. You mechanic should be able to get a fault code from it and pretty much tells you the location. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. David
  22. This can be a costly diagnosis. Where abouts do you live? If you were near me i could check for fault codes for you for free and pretty much diagnose the problem. Dont know whst the cost is now a days but used to be £70 just to look. I know my local dealer has had problems with theseplug and sockets and have ended up cutting them out and simply soldering the wires together which is what i might do when it gets warmer. No idea if it is a Squib ( airbag near your sholdet when sitting in a seat) with out the fault code and no idea how to replace it if it is or cost as ifbits the original fabric seats they are glued on to the mouldings. David
  23. I thought it was seatbelts you were talking about but SRS is airbag. Mine has a driverside squib short according to the Techstream software. A short occurs when you unplug the seat cable as by default when the Airbag cable under the seat is disconnected, a short is applied th top accidentally triggering. With this kind of fault, when you start the car it can appear ok but after a short journey the light comes on after the ECU has scanned all systems. Sometimes people take their seats out and damage the plug and socket trying to get them apart David
  24. The manual key in case of failure of the battery in the fob is in the key fob. You need to remove it to operate the switch i mentioned earlier. Its difficult to compair with my iQ because i turned off the nagging beeping when the seatbelt isnt requined as in private ground ( boat yard) David
  25. The manual key in case of failure of the battery in the fob is in the key fob. You need to remove it to operate the switch i mentioned earlier. Its difficult to compair with my iQ because i turned off the nagging beeping when the seatbelt isnt requined as in private ground ( boat yard) David
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