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  1. A year on and I'm loving the Leaf although I confess the build quality and handling isn't a patch on my Prius. Interesting reading the older comments in my original post and wondering if peoples views about BEVs have changed at all?

    Still no BEV in Europe from Toyota although they have said they will have a BEV in 2020 and 10 models by 2025. Toyota pushed forward their plans to have a BEV from their initial 2030 date.

    Toyota have turned to China to make their first BEV and currently a version of the C-HR is available in China. Toyota feel that China are one of the fastest growing markets for BEV's. I'm guessing this will be the first model exported to Europe. I have not seen any details about Battery size or range.

    According to ZapMap, Electric Charging station locations now outnumber petrol stations, so the infrastructure is getting better plus 90% of the time you charge overnight from home. As for standardisation, a new government rule has (or will) force charging companies to make all chargers take credit/debit card payments. The two common standards covering fast charging are the Japanese CHAdeMO and the European CCS Combo systems. 

    Something to keep in mind for the future is the UK government ban of new petrol and diesels in 2040. Many owners are trying to trade in their dirty diesels for Hybrids (often buying Toyota) and residual prices for diesel cars are dropping fast. But something to keep in mind is that ban may also include some Hybrids. Although the government has confirmed that hybrid cars will be excluded from its 2040 ban on petrol and diesel car sales, the small print says that they must come under the category of ultra-low-emissions vehicles (ULEV). This means they must produce less than 75g/km of CO2. Even the Toyota Prius currently produces 84g/km of CO2 and most other Hybrids from other manufacturers don't come anywhere near that figure. Only a handful of Plug-in Hybrids currently meet this requirement. So as we creep closer to that date, values of second hand Hybrids could do the same as diesel are doing now. There is also the possibility that the 2040 date is bought forward to 2035 or even 2030 as in some other countries.

    I am a Toyota fanboy and I really hope that Toyota gets its act together and starts producing a BEV for Europe pretty soon. An all electric Prius would be fantastic but I can't see that happening anytime soon. Most BEVs are standard steel construction, so with heavy batteries are very heavy cars. If Toyota made a BEV similar to the Prius with Aluminium body parts, it could prove extremely economical with a longer range than its competitors.

    I know it was an old slogan, but I remain sceptical that 'The Car in Front is still a Toyota'. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Heidfirst said:

    To give you an idea, Nissan in 2017 sold under 17,000 Leafs (Leaves? 😛) in the whole of Europe. Toyota sold 12,000 Yaris hybrids (& another 11k Auris hybrids, another 11k CHR hybrids etc. etc.). in the UK alone in 2017.

    That was based on the original Leaf. The new 2018 model Leaf 2, Nissan says they have sold 37,000 cars in 8 months in Europe. I don't know if any of these buyers were hybrid owners.

  3. 13 minutes ago, BhxTrev said:

    Hi Paul,

    I've been thinking the same! I'm retired & do just over 9,000 miles like you these days. I'm very interested in an EV & I guess the Nissan Leaf with the larger battery would suite my purposes, admirably. I've always appreciated the reliability of my Toyotas & the Gen 4 Prius Excel I've had for the last couple of years, has been a great motor. However, how short sighted could Toyota be not to realise that EVs really are the future. Even if they decide to produce EVs in the future, they're so far behind the competition, even in Japan, that it's hard to see that they could compete now. Shame really because I've always been impressed with the build quality & excellent reliability of the Toyota marque, that it does make me wonder who the hell has made what potentially is a bad decision not to invest in EVs much earlier, when it was blatantly obvious that that was going to be the future? 

    I wonder how many Hybrid owners will do as I've done as EV becomes more mainstream. I guess for some it will be a logical move.

    In my neck of the woods, in my own town and the next largest town, the Toyota and Nissan main dealers are run by the same company and where I purchased mine, both are situated on the same site and share the parking. I am sure it helped with the PX rate that I got for my Prius.

  4. After being a very happy (and loyal) Prius owner for near on 8 years (Gen3 and Gen4), I have retired now and have decided to become a full EV car owner which will meet my requirements for 95% of the time (I do very low mileage these days and I've only clocked up 9000 miles on my Gen 4 Prius). Unfortunately, it looks like Toyota is possibly 2-3 years away from releasing their first all electric vehicles, so I have placed an order for a new 40kHz Nissan Leaf. There is currently a 5 month lead-in time due to their popularity. 

    I'd like to thank everyone on this forum for your help and support. I hope you found my input useful too.

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  5. I give Toyota top marks for recalls. My 86 year old father has a 10 year old Yaris and still gets notifications of recalls by letter. Last one was 2 years ago (air bag connection I think), but it amazes me that they still support such old models. It is immaculate still.

    Looks like my Prius is included in this one but it seems a voluntary recall, so assume it doesn't need immediate attention. I can wait until the next service.

  6. I found that some cases work better with the Prius than others. I bought a black solid plastic wrap around case that is very thin and it works perfectly. I have used more chunky cases, rubberised cases and transparent cases and had similar issues. What you need is a thin flat case with no patterns embossed on it.

    I did have issues with a very old Samsung phone due to its small size it would roll about in the Prius QI charger and it would loose connection, but my S7 Edge fits perfectly.

    It will be a matter of trial and error with the cases. I bought several before I found the right type.

    The Prius QI is considerably weaker than some of the chargers I have at home. 

    This is the type that works in mine...


  7. That does seem strange especially on a car of that spec and a car which I assume is based on the Prius hybrid. I see in the 2017 brochure it says "All speed  dynamic radar cruise control" so maybe being able to set it for all (any) speed, you can set it for 5-10-20 mph and it will keep that speed unless a car is detected in front of you going slower than 10mph. Would that be the same as using a speed limiter? I confess, I've not used the speed limiter on my Prius, will have to give it a go...

  8. I use it on A-roads that are known to be reasonably straight. On twisty country roads I want better control of the car. It works very well.

    If I had to find a fault, it is if somebody turns off that the car is tracking, the car slows down OK, but when the car is no longer in front of you, it can be a few seconds before it starts to accelerates back up to speed. Not a problem for me, but the impenitent driver behind you thinks your messing about... 

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  9. On ‎8‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 2:44 PM, PeteB said:

    I bought one of these:

    It's not very useful in the front lighter socket because of it's location on the Gen 4, but I pop in the the rear socket with the car in ACCessory mode, and it gives a voltage readout.

    Hello PeteB,

    What kind of voltage do you get in Accessory mode? Mine starts at 12.0v and drops to 11.7-11.8 in about 45 seconds. But when I turn the Start to ON I get a steady 13.8v

    Reading on the web, it says a healthy Battery should output 12.6v in accessory mode and anything from 13.8-14.7 when running. Would you think my Battery is a bit on the low side?

    I've made a little clip and uploaded it to youtube here. The text tells you what is happening (no sound). 


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  10. 1 hour ago, PeteB said:

    I bought one of these:

    It's not very useful in the front lighter socket because of it's location on the Gen 4, but I pop in the the rear socket with the car in ACCessory mode, and it gives a voltage readout.

    Thanks, just purchased one!

  11. 16 hours ago, PeteB said:

    Yes, this happened to me last year in May/June when the car was almost a year old and the 12V battery was failing.  The car was at 14-15,000 miles when it happened.


    Hi PeteB,

    Just an update, I drove to the Toyota dealer this morning, on the way I noticed all the warning messages had dropped off apart from the Anti-lock Brake warning which was still showing when I parked at the dealers. I turned the ignition off, waited until the screen went blank and started up. No errors. So got to think this may well be what PeteB had said on the forum 🙂

    So, I went round my parents and offered to take them out for a drive (with the intension of making sure the 12v Battery got a good charge). I covered 45 miles with no problems at all. We stopped off for coffee, I spent an hour round their house and then drove back to mine. No sign of any warning lights.

    So, I thank you very much indeed. You have saved me an unnecessary time wasting visit to MrT's. Who knows how many days they would have kept my car trying to track this issue (going on their previous track record).  

    If it ever happens again, I shan't be so alarmed and will look at the Battery first. My fault for not driving my Prius enough and only doing a few very short journeys. I shall tell my wife, the car is telling me I should get out more!

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  12. I had driven to Tesco, a journey of about 2/3 miles and sat in the car park for about 10 mins before the warnings sounded. I just pulled up and left it in 'P' with the engine cutting in and out. Although I had not driven the car for 3 days.

    I think it is a problem with the brakes as the foot brake doesn't feel right. It is very hard at first but then sinks to the floor when I put my foot on it. Driving home it seemed to work as normal.

    Turning the ignition off and back on did clear the warnings on one occasion, but then came back on after 2 mins or so and now seems to be on permanently. I'll see what it is like in the morning.

  13. Sitting in Tesco car park waiting for my wife and the following alerts flashed up:

    ICS Malfunction - Visit your dealer
    Anti-lock brake Malfunction - Visit your dealer
    Lane Depart Malfunction - Visit your dealer
    Pre Crash Malfunction - Visit your dealer
    Breaking Power Low - Visit your dealer

    These have remained displaying. The brake pedal does feel a bit odd when pressing it to start the car.

    I've checked the brake fluid which is on the MAX line (That wasn't easy to get at hidden under the wiper housing).

    Anything else I should check before taking it to Mr T?

  14. This is just something I have noticed recently.

    I know the figures car manufacturers put out about MPG are usually on the high side and not normally achievable (except in perfect conditions), but when I purchased my Prius, the stated MPG for the version with 15" wheels was 97mpg. I am sure I remember seeing a giant sticker over the windscreen of a Prius in the showrooms saying 97mpg.

    Has something happened for this to change? Only looking on the Toyota website now, it says 'up to 83.1mpg (combined)'. Has the way Toyota calculated the mpg changed or has the Prius changed and is now only achieving 83.1mpg?

    I just wondered if anybody knows what has caused the change. Has some EU rules altered the way car fuel use is calculated?

  15. On ‎5‎/‎29‎/‎2016 at 11:14 AM, PeteB said:

    Until my test drive, I was dreading the Prius Gen 4 indicator click being as nasty as some other Toyotas I've driven recently, and that would probably have been a show stopper if it had been as bad.  Thankfully, it wasn't!

    The indicator click is adjustable with the Carista, low, medium and high. So the click must be electronically created and not the click of the actual relay as on cars of yesteryear. 


  16. I have not driven a Hybrid Yaris (Isn't it an always on hybrid not having EV mode?), but I've owned the Auris and Mk3 and Mk4 Prius and the same goes for the Auris. I think it is down to the fact that in a way, the Yaris and Auris are both standard cars that were adapted to also include a Hybrid version. Whereas the Prius has only ever been designed to be a Hybrid.

    I know the bonnet on the Auris was immensely heavy compared to the Aluminium bonnet of the Prius.

    I was also aware that the underside wasn't as sculpted as the Prius. I sold the Auris mainly as although it was a very nice car to drive, it just didn't feel like a Prius in terms of being a true Hybrid. Yet it had the same 1.8 engine.

  17. Nope, I can't see the point either. The apps in general are a bit lame. The petrol price app is always out of date. The parking app is OK but again, prices are often out of date or have question marks. To think, I bought a Samsung S7 to get full compatibility with the car then discovered most of the apps are pretty poor. Aha radio is OK if you want something obscure like Hawaiian Steel Guitar music or Alpine Volksmuik. 

    I won't be paying cash for these apps when the free use runs out...

  18. I wish the HUD on the Gen4 also had a left/right control as well as up/down. Mine isn't perfectly central, it has a slight bias to the right and it goes out of sight in one eye. If I sit slightly off central to the left side, it is perfect. I manage with it.