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  1. It is inspected and replaced if needed. Much better to go to Europarts and get a Bosch one for about £10, about the same for the pollen filter, which on my last visit Toyota wanted about £38. Both jobs take 4 minutes to do.
  2. Two of my last 4 services have had the oil overfilled. I was told that a 'computer dispenser' puts in 'just the right amount'. Well I said, it clearly is the wrong amount. I suspect it is laziness in that the whole amount is shoved in the car. The correct approach is to put 3+ litres in. Start the engine, run for 3 minutes. Leave switched off for 5 minutes, and then progressively top up to 3.7 litres so it is 3 mm below maximum. But who is going to do that, unless it is your car?
  3. Brake fluid change at Toyota's is £39.
  4. MLW2233

    Engine Oil

    It has happened to me twice out of 3 services in London and Cambridge. I have been doing oil changes for over 40 years and I cannot explain why they keep getting it wrong. I was told it is 'all computer measured.' Well I said, the computer is wrong. I suspect they just pour in a load of oil that 'should be OK'. It is all very simple. Fill it up minus half a litre. Start the engine for 2 minutes. Let it settle and top up conservatively till the level is 2-3 millimetres below maximum. Is it really that hard?
  5. That is cheap. Toyota's of Cambridge said they had never done one. It needed 'special' fluid (I know it is just ordinary ATF WS) and would be £163!
  6. MLW2233

    Prius Tyres

    If you could have a free set of tyres you would choose Michelin Energy +. Just get them, they are brilliant.
  7. Can't argue with that, but does this approach make customers warm to a dealer. I watched my local independent do an MOT on the car infront of me. It failed on a brake light bulb. 'One sec', the guy said. Popped out and got a new one which he fitted it in one minute. Just 50p he said, and a pass. Why do I always go back there?
  8. Had a major 60K mile service on my Gen 2 prius recently and I thought the service list said replace key fob batteries. It actually said replace key fob battery. One letter - one battery. So I thought why not get both done if it is free and included in the service. The cost was £9.48P! I did both of them last November with 4 for a pound batteries at a £1 shop. Took about 2 minutes to do, and worked perectly. My fault I know, but they could have said when I took them in, 'Do you know these are nearly a tenner each to do'. As usual they also overfilled the oil. Why do Toyota always do that?
  9. Replaced my GEN 2 with a Bosch S4 2 years ago and never looked back. Car starts first time often after 5-6 days of inactivity, and 'feels strong'. Toyota battery £99 and 3 year guarantee. Bosch about £55 and 4 year guarantee!!! It fits in the car easily. You will need to carefully 'shave' the Toyota vent pipe with a Stanley knife to make it about 1 millimetre or so slimmer, but it is easy. Get the Bosch. That company know batteries and make good ones.
  10. MLW2233

    Clock Problem

    GEN 2 While adjusting the clock on a very cold day, I pushed the button a bit too hard and the right side of the clock went in about 3-4 mm. What I want to do is get a finger behind it and push it back flush with the dashboard. Knowing that taking a dashboard to bits is a nightmare, is there and easy way to get a finger behind it, perhaps via the glove box or radio?
  11. I was thinking of doing this also as my mpg have dropped a bit since the cold struck. Am I right in thinking you can block some of the top grill on GEN 2, and the bottom on GEN 3?
  12. Sorry, it was a CD-R
  13. I have a new one hour commute and downloaded about 20 BBC radio programmes onto a blank DVD disc in MP3 format to help with the journey. It plays OK on the desk PC but not in the car. Can the car standard player not do MP3 or am I doing something wrong. Any help would make my commute tolerable.
  14. At the 40k service my Toyota garage said my GEN 2 discs needed replacing soon. At the 50k service they said discs and pads had loads of meat on them?????
  15. Just checked, for a GEN 2 and 3 Bosch do a 4 year guarantee one (they do two types) at £47.40p at Europarts. The Toyota one only has a 3 year guarantee. When you get it there is a little plastic plug (blue I think) at the side of the battery facing the front of the car when fitted. Take out this plug which is about 3-4 mm wide and there is a vent hole. The black Toyota rubber pipe fits into this to vent gasses away. The problem is that this flexible rubber pipe has a hard plastic end tube attachment to it which is about 4-5 mm wide, so it is too big. The very simple solution is to get a sharp Stanley knife and carefully shave it down till it is a tight solid fit into the vent hole. Take it carefully and take off as little as you can. Constantly check it as you can shave more plastic off, but can't put it back (like a haircut). I slightly overdid mine, but checking it this morning while checking the spare tyre's pressure, it is still firmly attached, nearly two years later. It is just a push fit. Since fitting the Bosch I have never had any problems, even though the car use to be left for 5-6 days without driving it.
  16. Given that this problem arises again and again and again, I am amazed that Toyota still can't get it. That 12v battery is rubbish. In a normal car a battery will last 6-10 years. In a Prius it is almost always the problem when things 'are just not right'. You would think any mechanic reading this web site would know that. Pleased it is fixed. All that stress and worry for a simple £55 fix.
  17. Like a SAAB they lock the gearbox. Without the key fob in the dashboard I can't see how you can steal one.
  18. MLW2233

    Door Key

    UPDATE Got a pack of batteries from a one pound shop. Replacing the battery was very easy about 2-3 minutes. The 4 Phillips screws are very small so get a good small screwdriver. I had a good one from Maplins. The screws are easy to get out as they screw into brass threads, all very high quality. There is a rubber seal that is a rubber ring a tiny bit bigger than the battery size. Make sure this is located in the indentation located around the battery. Next time I'll do it every 2 years to avoid the panic of no locking.
  19. MLW2233

    Door Key

    One thing I was thinking of, if I locked the car and double clicked it to set the alarm etc, and when I returned the fob would not work (flat battery), what then? I thoght open the door mechanically with the key. The alarm will go off, but when the fob is put in the dashboard the alarm etc should go out as the car recognizes that it is you. Then start as normal. Is this correct?
  20. MLW2233

    Door Key

    Thanks, for those comments. It looks easy. I planned to do my fob, wait a week till all is well, and then do the other. Is 2 years a fair lifespan for a battery? Just a note, faced with not being able to lock the car, I pressed the internal door lock with the drivers door open. Everything locked bar the drivers door which I then locked with the mechanical key. It woorked fine and saved the day. When I returned the fob actually opened it normally. I assume the battery has 'rested' and had enough juice to operate.
  21. MLW2233

    Door Key

    Today the door key/modum would not look the car. As the battery is about 3.5 years old, I assume it needs replacing. Have seen the guide in the car manual, but I was wondering are there any pitfalls to doing a straight battery swap?
  22. Ah, 2011 = about 3 years old. That is a bit young for a battery to go, but not unusual. Mine went wacky at 4 1/2 years old . Locking goes from chunck chunck (hard sound) to choose choose (soft sound). Wipers and windows goes soft and flabby. Simple solution = Europarts = Bosch Silver 4 year guarantee battery = £55 = peace, life, and no stress. Or, get Toyota to replace it because it should never have ever been on the car in the first place.
  23. I'm not sure. Bosch Mann and Hengst are all top makes ......and who makes Toyota filters .... well.....
  24. I live in London/Essex hardly the end of the earth......or maybe it is!
  25. Replaced both filters today as it is going in for a service, and I resent paying £39 when a Mann filter (top quality) is just £9.02p. What surprised me was that both were dirty after only 10,000 miles. It reinforced my view that the normal service intervals on these are far too long.