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  1. So I installed Windows 8 as a dual boot with my current win 7. After few hours of usage I already feel that my brain cells are dying from its simplicity. But on the upside , it seems faster

  2. So you all probably know texts from dog. if not go here: http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/Otherwise, it seems that the dog has become quite a celebrity, heres an interview with him in the Guardian:http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/jul/06/text-from-dog

  3. Any talktalk heads that would like to try to apply for a PRSI refund, pm me, I'll send you the form. I got 500 quid back ( and that was the time I worked in talktalk). Its perfectly harmless as if you wont be eligble then they will send you information . Only downfall is that i had to wait 6 months for that refund , but hey worth a wait

  4. Just got refunded the healthy levy . Handy 500 quid . Couldnt be a better time for it. ubik YEEEEAAAH!!!!!

  5. 180 euro to have a car towed from cork to waterford. Not bad me thinks.

  6. ubik. My car died. Seems that some electrical problem as before it died it was doing weird stuff with onboard computer and has lit up most of indicators on dashboard. The only problem is that it died as I arrived to Cork airport so now I'm not sure how am I going to go back to waterford. ubik

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