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  1. Hi Derdave, Just tried it and shipping comes out 20 pounds... not really worth it for a can of something. I would expect fiver tops But thanks for the input
  2. So I installed Windows 8 as a dual boot with my current win 7. After few hours of usage I already feel that my brain cells are dying from its simplicity. But on the upside , it seems faster

  3. hello fellow Toyota users I have simple question . Does anyone know where to buy bg244 in Ireland or in UK but with decent p&p? Ebay and Amazon don't seem to offer shipping to Ireland . I found one UK shop with Google but they quoted neatly £30 for shipping.... thanks in advance
  4. yeah my clutch pedal squeaks as well, although not as bad as in the video . I thought that it is internal so i tried bit of wd40 but no avail. Havent tried the method in the video
  5. maybe lets not narrow it down to the engines only - there are other issues that people may want to know but they are not about engines. eg. All models between 2003-2005 (pre face lift) - issue with front headlamps. The H7 bulb housing melting. What do you think?
  6. Well i was ment to report back , but completely forgot I guess better late then never.... Anyways it came out that coils on the alternator have fried . Mechanic told me it can be regenerated but the coils will be 150 euro , or he can get 2nd hand alternator and fit it for the same price. So I went with the latter option. All works fine now BTW Toyota has placed alternator in the most awkward place possible
  7. So I'll dig up this old thread Has anyone done this after all? Any pictures What wonders me is what type of SMD LEDs are used there, i think they are 0603 but could someone confirm?
  8. So you all probably know texts from dog. if not go here: http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/Otherwise, it seems that the dog has become quite a celebrity, heres an interview with him in the Guardian:http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/jul/06/text-from-dog

  9. Any talktalk heads that would like to try to apply for a PRSI refund, pm me, I'll send you the form. I got 500 quid back ( and that was the time I worked in talktalk). Its perfectly harmless as if you wont be eligble then they will send you information . Only downfall is that i had to wait 6 months for that refund , but hey worth a wait

  10. Just got refunded the healthy levy . Handy 500 quid . Couldnt be a better time for it. ubik YEEEEAAAH!!!!!

  11. 180 euro to have a car towed from cork to waterford. Not bad me thinks.

  12. ubik. My car died. Seems that some electrical problem as before it died it was doing weird stuff with onboard computer and has lit up most of indicators on dashboard. The only problem is that it died as I arrived to Cork airport so now I'm not sure how am I going to go back to waterford. ubik

  13. Thanks Igor, much appreciated Will have to get mechanic to do it as I do not know enough to do it myslef. Will update when I'll know something
  14. Hi Igor. do you mean alternator belt?
  15. Hi All, I have 04 d4d t3x 116bhp. This morning when i started the car i heard troubling squeking noise - like some sort of belt slipping- but she has done that few times and then it always went away. so I drove off to work (80 miles) and the noise was comming and going for about half of the journey . When i nearly arrived (i was about 2 miles off my workplace) my dashboard lit up like christmas tree. Oil, coolant and battery indicators came on at the same time and then after a while also the ABS indicator lit up - although it was coming and going. When i arrived , I switched off the car and tried to switch it back on but it wasnt starting - like the battery was dead. So i have tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect to reset it but no avail. Also the battery indicator (on the battery itself) show as green. Any ideas? TIA
  16. not bad eh? BTW that starting issue was a one time thing. She starts like a beauty. But sill gives some smoke when i press the pedal bit harder tho ( but not as much as it used to)
  17. Okay wierd thing has happened. I've cleaned the egr on saturday. Was working fine on saturday. Drove the car to shop on Sunday. Fine as well. Today as I tried to start it in the morning it bearly got going. I had to keep the key turned good while before it started (no acceleration used). The temperature outside was around 2 degress. Maybe it was just a hickup but if not could anything go wrong while I was cleaning that egr that would have impact on the engine starting. Must admit that once started it was going fine and no power losses nor other effects.
  18. thanks cmia I did so but instead of using diesel on parts mentioned i used that crburattor cleaner. Hope it wont do any damage. And of course i had to drop one nut in the engine block so ittook me an hour to find it. Anyways took it now for a spin and no black smoke comming out of it on heavy acceleration so I'm happy. Cant tell about mpg as i only done it today. Thank you everyone for all the info
  19. Thanks CMIA, but i was asking about those holes: Also whats the story with the gasket. Replace it or the one thats there is ok?
  20. I would like to join that question as i will need to replace my nearside lamp as well ( due to the same probolem of melting h7 hood). Anyone done this? I have mailed few sellers on ebay and all of the lamps come without a motor
  21. reviving old thread (but very informative at the same time). When you are cleaning the egr do you also clean the intake and outlet (i mean the holes that egr is fitting onto like in the picture:
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