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  1. Hi, On reflection, it is. I didn't really think about it when I wrote the post but I've taken it out twice now from a cold start and the problem is apparent. Thanks for the reply. Andrew
  2. Hi All, I've got a 2006 Tourer (pre-facelift) that I bough approved used with 38K. It's now on 44K and I've noticed for the last few thousand miles that I have a 'flat-spot' somewhere between 2000/3000 RPM. I just get no gas for a second or so then power delivery resumes. I've got no warning lights on the car, fuel usage seems normal (~28MPG urban) and the car will usually pull all the way to 80MPH (although I don't get much after that). Is this a known 'feature' of this engine, is the VVTI design? It feels a bit like turbo-lag but a bit more extreme. It's under approved used warranty but all the dealers want to charge me diagnosis fees, I don't fancy paying that just to be told there's nothing wrong. Thanks Andrew
  3. A wide range of advice there so thanks to all who replied; I was erring on the site of caution, but, I'm also habitually lazy. I bought an ODB reader just to check what code was coming back. I thought if I got something really obvious I would leave the kit in, if I thought it was going to be a difficult one, I'd take the kit out. Got a result of "No error codes". This started me thinking the the warning lights were trying to indicate a common fault, rather than indicating that one of these components had failed. I did some research and it turn out if you have two brake lights out the car will indicate with this combination of warning lights. Sure enough, two brake lights out. Three things I've learned 1) Rear lightbulbs on an Avensis estate are a pain in the hoop unless you've got seriously disfigured hands (luckily after an hour at it I now have disfigured hands so next time should be a breeze) 2) The service departments I've spoken two at two different dealer groups must have come across this a million times and were still going to take £50 fee charge from me so I need to find a better one. 3) The toyota warranty I spent so much money on could lead to more problems than it's worth. If the engine blows up I'm probably alright, but, as I have to pay a diagnosis charge to the dealer before the warranty claim can be made, I'm better off with a warranty direct warranty. The same rules apply but it's massively cheaper, and, I can use any VAT registered garage rather than paying Mr T's rates. Thanks again all, and, if you get combo of VSC / TRC-OFF / ABS - check you haven't blown two rear brake light bulbs. Andrew
  4. Hi, I've got a 2006 Avensis Estate, bought approved used 6 months ago. It's got a full three year warranty (one year approved-used, two additional years paid for at point of purchase). Last week I fitted an ipod/handsfree car kit. Installation was straight forward and I've successfully used both the car and the car kit every day for a week. Today when pulling away from the petrol station the ABS / TRC OFF / VSC lights remained illuminated. I pulled in, stopped the car, off then on, lights did not clear. The ABS appears to be working, the TRC won't toggle, I was unable to ascertain the status of the VSC. Seen as I have a substantial warranty package, I've no problem taking it to the dealer, however, should I first remove the car kit? To me the two items are unrelated, I used the supplied cd-changer harness to plug in to the back of the head-unit, I didn't touch the wiring loom or the fusebox. The car also drove fine for a few hundred miles since the install. I'm worried about getting in to an argument about the cause of the fault, I know nothing about cars and I'd feel uncomfortable trying to argue with the dealer should they try and reject the warranty claim. Any advice/ thoughts? Thanks Andrew
  5. I've never seen a car where the cabin lights were adjustable. Panel lights, yes & the Avensis (at least mine) has this. Got to agree that the mirror & window controls could use illumination. Quite correct, I was indeed referring to 'panel' lights. Although my interior cabin / door lights are also pretty poor tbh. Andrew
  6. I couldn't agree more, I keep looking for a dimmer switch. Every other marque I've ever had as had adjustable cabin lights, this this T-Spirit model doesn't. I find it very hard to find the wing mirror adjust controls in the dark, no illumination at all. Andrew
  7. Thanks for the advice; contacted Canada on NYE and they responded overnight! Turns out I had to 'cut the blue wire' exciting stuff. All fitted now, as you said void behind/beside the head unit. I've left the cable going in to the glovebox though, I ended up making a small hole in to the rear of the box with a dremel then fitting a rubber grommet. The bluetooth extension cable comes as with your cable down the back of the glovebox and is tucked between the carpet and the plastic of the transmission tunnel. I managed to feed the mic lead along the the steering column plastic fascia (behind the airbag) and up the A pillar. There was sufficient gap to feed the cable in without removing it. Thanks again Andrew
  8. Thanks for the reply. Any chance of a pic of where the cable comes out? I think I understand, but when you say seat belt bracket, do you mean the receptacle for the seat-belt near the centre console, or the feeder unit on the passenger door pillar? It's all a bit of a moot point now tbh, I did the work this afternoon and it didn't go as planned; the grom unit controls the ipod as it should but every time I plug it in to the wiring harness it mutes the headunit, no sound on any input source, FM,CD,iPod etc. I'm hoping it's just a duff unit but we'll see in the New Year. Thanks again for the reply. Andrew
  9. Hi, I've purchase a Grom Audio iPod adaptor. It's a small box not much bigger than an iPod. It has a wiring harness to the back of the headunit and then a dock cable to the ipod. I know how to remove the stereo and I know how to wire it all up, I just need a suitable location for the dock cable. I'm not interested in having the ipod on display, I just need it somewhere I can get to whilst parked. I was thinking the glovebox but when I've taken it out, there's no punchout holes, I'd have to dremmel something myself. I then thought about running the cable up in to the bottom of the armrest. It seems accessible from under the gear lever (it's manual). Anyone ever done something like this, have an opinion on where is easiest to get to? Thanks Andrew
  10. I got a good deal on 4 215/45/17 Falken FK452 (which I've used before) so I've fitted them. I'm really happy with the grip so I'll have to live with the less than ideal ride quality. Thanks for everyone's input. Andrew
  11. Hi, I need to put 4 new tyres on to a 2006 T-spirit I bought 2nd hand in the summer. It's got a mix of branded economy tyres at the moment, I'm looking to put four premium on. It's currently 215/45/R17, but, I don't have the manual and I can't confirm that's the tyre that was fitted originally by Mr T. I've seen mention of 215/50, I believe the two are interchangable but I'm ignorant as to why? I'm looking for grip and comfort, and want to make sure I get the most suitable size. Thanks for any advice. Andrew
  12. Hi, I'm confused about the Toyota iPod link. It's something I want for a 2006 Avensis Tourer (pre-face lift, no nav). It's currently got a combined radio/tape/single cd. I got a quote for the Toyota link kit which will give me a dock connector in the glove box (or perhaps a USB socket, I didn't ask) but how does it integrate with the head unit. Does it pretend to be a CD Changer and then allow me to select playlists in place of disks? Or is it something better? I've got a Grom Audio device in my Lexus which works brilliantly, that works in place of CD Changer, if this is all the Toyota one does, I'd rather just stick with Grom, it's much cheaper and I'm happy with it. If the Toyota gives me better features, then, I'll go with Toyota. Thanks Andrew
  13. Hi, Yeah, I think it's the right choice. Ultimately I'd be constantly worried about it packing in. Nobody wants to spend time at the dealers even if the car is getting repaired for free and the they're the nicest people in the world. I've just done the deal on 2.0 vvti with 38K. Hopefully it's going to be reliable, but, I backed it up with a 3 year warranty. I just want something that will truck on for the next 60K and not cost me anything. Thanks Andrew
  14. Hi, Obviously you're all a bit more au fait with these issues than myself or the dealer. I didn't realise that there was an acknowledged design fault with these engines that had been assessed and remedied by Toyota. I was under the impression that Toyota acknowledged that these engines weren't acceptable and were repairing them under warranty to the original standard. I was happy that Toyota would repair these items, but, I was concerned if they were simply repairing / replacing with original parts the problem would re-occur (possibly whilst out of warranty). The dealer didn't tell me "There's a common fault that we've repaired and prevented from occurring again", I'm going to see a petrol model this evening, I'll make a decision from there as whether I should pursue the diesel or not. Andrew
  15. Just had an update from the dealer; it wasn't the fuel pump it was the water pump. The dealer was pretty honest, it's had a water pump, piston rings and a new head gasket. It's also had the EGR replaced. The fault was 'black smoke' coming from rear. I've decided to walk away, it was a nice car at the right price and miles but I'd be forever kicking myself. Until I'm told that Toyota have a fix for these seemingly common diesel problems that can be applied under warranty, I'd rather spend my hard earned on another car. The dealer has to live with it for year, I'd have to live with it until it blew up. Thanks for everyone's advice. Andrew
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