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  1. Standard Toyota luck nuts they are as well
  2. Sooooo done a noob thing the other night. Done brake pads on the car and left the lock nut socket on the luck nut. Took the car for a spin and it most of came off lol.. anyone got a link to where i can order the luck nut key off cause I'm fairly screwed when it comes to changing wheels now.
  3. Hartman thank you for the info man. I'm going to look into getting a remap done
  4. That's a nice improvement in power. Was it noticeable.
  5. Good man.. I'll have a look into that as well.
  6. Heidfirst you are the man. That's what I was looking for. Thank you :)
  7. OBD map be better so 😊 Will look into getting it map
  8. 2013 estate facelift model.. got the boot liner and wind deflectors 2 months ago from Toyota. Told me all that's left to order is the spoiler and the chrome piece for the bumpers. But just looking to see what else is there like the lip for the front bumper and maybe skirts
  9. Just looking to see has anyone a list to what can be got from Toyota on the optional extra side of things.
  10. Well lads Have a 2013 avensis t27 2.0 d4d. Just looking into given the car abit more power. Has anyone use the race chip. 250euro it will give the car 31bhp and 71nm. Any other ideas will be great :)
  11. great fine lad thanks very much. i am off up to the yard now to start this
  12. yup the abs is in my way. so head light has to come out lucky me ha
  13. well lads feel like a right Tool here but i am going to change the light bulbs in my headlights but since i have big hands and the space is very tight i want to remove the headlight to make it easy for me. i took out the 2 screws that you can see but the light wont come out. Am i missing other screws Its 2004 Corolla T-Sport FL Thanks Tony
  14. thanks lad :D :D he did tell me it will need a air flow meter and co2 sencer. will the ones from a 1.4 vvti do
  15. just pop into Toyota see what they say