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  1. antiroll bar and greenstuff pads have arrived! havin a pretty.good day :-D

  2. when you go from 205 40 too 225 45 and have to raise your car 35 mm at front and 10mm at the rear! drives nicer though! more bits on the way :-D

  3. thanks to everyone who came was nice and chilled ! next time ill get bbq coal hahaha

  4. when your woken up by somone moving bins at 6:45 , get up to look and no ones there .. dammit!

  5. when you've bin up since 6 and now cant sleep lmao great...

  6. whats people up tonight?

  7. Sat infront of the fire cba to move ! :-)

  8. 62 quid to fill from near bottom lets see how many miles that is ! 25-30 mpg ftw

  9. hey everyone ,just got off the rollers and pulled 206 bhp at the flywheel and 147 at the wheels ,so since my last dyno i gained 24 bhp and only 5 to the wheels :-/ surely thats not right ? cheers S c o t t y
  10. Cant wait for payday next month! Hehe 300+ miles a week to work and back ! Ima need a !Removed! good wage

  11. Last shift at mcd's over with , may pop in saturday to say bye properly :-) cant wait for monday!

  12. My fish has layed some eggs yay haha :-)

  13. I could write lyrics to sad songs ,but the people who know me ...you already know im dieing inside..

  14. Atleast the rains stopd!

  15. This weathers !Removed! depressing!

  16. The beginning?or the end? Who knows

  17. Feeling **** , decision to make :-/

  18. Best 2 minit phone call ever! The 30th cant come fast enough!

  19. Loling when a superbike.looses his bottle at 135 ... Thank god my limits 140 haha counts as a win even.if he cant ride

  20. sorry guy i know this will have been gone over and over but im post it anyway i want to run a set of Rota grid drifts in 17 x 9 , what et should i get so that they fit without rubbing at full lock? if they can even fit currently have rota subzero's 17 x 7.75 but i dont know the offset or how much the extra 1.25" is going to change things cheers S c o t t y
  21. Wish me luck :-)

  22. Anyone got any spare rc drift wheels i can have?and velcro.strips for shell? Decided to tinker with my crappy old rc haha fount a shell its an old bigfoot shell lmao

  23. Sent off legal stuff hopfully hear back soon ! Maybe work at the week end!

  24. Anyone got a canister filter for fishtank or know anyone witg one ?

  25. another CTS or any car? should be a CTS realy i guess :( , im trying to get my mate to dyno his anyway since he's on 90k miles and has k&n typhoon with sports cat and cat back exhaust so time will tell with his result i guess , if his reads higher at the wheels what could it be ? worn fly? clutch ? need new gbox fluid?
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