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  1. Hi guys, Ive got an 03 corolla and its got the standard cd player in it, I was thinking of getting a decent corolla specific fit aftermarket dvd gps radio, i had one specific to my corsa and i thought it was great, it even worked with the steering controls. I was wondering if anyone fitted one of these and do you get them with a feature that still enalbes you to see the avg. mpg, speed etc? Im not too worried about that but it would be nice to keep those features. also my car is the base model and doesn't have steering controls. thanks guys
  2. Hi, ive got a march 2004 toyota avensis spirit with sat nav but its not the color lcd type its more the dot matrix orange backlight type. ive been looking at two parrot iso adapter leads for my car. will i need any special adapter or will either of these do: thanks