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  1. Well allready made a boob by posting this in workshop sorry folks, ;) 1.8vvti petrol 85k Symptoms are car starts ok runs for 3-4 seconds dies, never missed a beat until lastweek so we have done few things so far had fuel pump checked all good ecu was sent away check out ok cost few quid££ but what can we do? So had codes read cylinders have codes p1300,p1305,p1310,p1315 ignitor circuit failed? but it runs for few seconds so can it be stick coils or? LOOM cant see any probs with wires or plugs at all. Have cran sensor out @ mo to check just in case!! We maybe hink imobilser timing out but just clutching @ straws really. Anyone have any pearls of wisdom or ideas greatfully recieved,Thanks lou, mark.
  2. Hello folks well we are new here so be gentle. our little vensis is poorly just would,nt start one day last week and we are @ a loss as to why?? It is 1.8 vvti manual ecu been sent away and now checked out ok many£££ that was fuel pump works fine turns starts for few seconds then cuts dead we code read and it says igniter circuit failed code (p1300,1)(p1305,2)(p1310,3)(p1315,4) but can,t see that is coil sticks as itruns fine for few seconds then dies??? The alternator puts out 13.8v when running and we have pulled cranksensor and going to get that checked. Any ideas imobilser maybe strange to just fail isnt it. Do those stick coils just pop as a set or one @ time? why would it run for few seconds and then cut out. Any advice greatfully appreciated @ this time as were looking at going to main agent is soo dear with this times an all.
  3. Hi folks, well we have had a fair ole' time of late with news of another little un on the way and redundancys @ work!!! But hey hoe at least we have our health and warm house and great car! Well that was until last week its a 2002 avensis now poorly but sure she will be fine again soon we have had many Toyota,s over years celicas supras very good dependable usually. Great site been really helpfull with hints tips superb will air our tech probs in appropreaite section. cheers Lou, mark.
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