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  1. It's been a long time since I've been on here, and not sure if some of the old folk are still around, but good to see the site still going. I'm clearing through my garage and found the Eibach Sportline (-25mm) and Eibach Pro-kit (-40mm) lowering springs for the Mk2, Rev3 MR2. I had the Sportline on the car first, then the Pro-kit, until I replaced it with the Tein fully adjustable coilovers. The Pro-kit is in better condition that the Sportline, but both still very good. Completely open to offers, but you'd have to come and collect or arrange shipping. PM me if you're interested. I live in Bedfordshire. Photos attached... open to sensible offers. Admins... if you wish to move this to the 'for sale' section, then please do. I wanted the MR2 folk to see it first. Thanks.
  2. Hahahaha... LMAO!!! I'd personally not bother getting one. I've had mine for 9 years now, fresh from Japan, and never had it covered. Keep it waxed. Blast it with a hose before washing it though to get the loose dirt and dust off... otherwise you'll scratch the paint. If you get a cheap car cover you'll end up getting condensation under it too, which really isn't good for the car.
  3. Thanks for your advice, Dawsey. Where would I import the TD06 kit from? It seems too cheap to include turbo, manifold and wastegate! I assume the downpipe I have would be no good now either?
  4. Jesus

    Body Kit...

    I like what those small front and rear skirts/spats look like on the S2000. If they did them for the MR2 I'd do that... but they don't and I don't fancy fabrication right now!... although looking at them again it doesn't look like they'll need too much modification. Back to the toblerones... any idea where I can getthem now though? Nothing on ebay. Couldn't work out Japanese Yahoo Auction!!! I tried... I really did!
  5. OK, fitted it tonight. Getting the old one off was hardest. Turns out the HKS Super Drager isn't in bad condition and can be repaired easily, so I'm going to do that and get the centre repainted. The centre section is stainless already anyway, which is mint. The Aussie downpipe has a crack around a couple of welds, but again they're easily repairable so I'm going to do that and either have it as a spare or put it back on the car if I prefer the old one to the Berk Technology one. The Berk Technology one fitted very well. The biggest problem I had was the custom 60mm stainless intercooler pipes I had made up for my HKS intercooler and relocated BOV. Will post photos at some point. I had the pipes custom fit when I had the Aussie downpipe on. The lamda sensor on the Berk Technology downpipe is in a different position, which required some minor modification to the intercooler pipes. Not the challenges you need as light is running out in the evening!!! Anyway, the exhaust system is on and it looks and sounds lovely. The tips are a little smaller than the Super Drager, but it looks right. I have attached a photo of under the car and will try and take more photos this weekend. Took it out for a run and it goes really well. I can hear that I've got a small boost leak though, so have to go over all the intake system again which I took off to fit the exhaust. I did overtighten a couple of the hoseclips to the point they popped, so I need to replace them.
  6. Took the intake pipe off earlier and there is slight oil coming off the crank breather... so good call Dawsey. Shaft has no play. How much am I looking at for the GT35 or the Greddy TD06-20G? What else would I need? Are you saying to run standard internals with either of these if I keep the boost down? Even though I don't necessarily need a turbo now, it's got me looking...
  7. Yeah, thanks mate. I was going to allow about 400 miles or so.
  8. I know mate, but I can't justify doing bottom end work, etc. etc... as much as I'd love to. This will be £1000 plus my time... that's it. I'm going to come nowhere near that with a GT35! I would have love to have bought Earl's car, but never got round to it. The hybrids are definitely a compromise, but better than replacing it with the stock item, which is what my realistic alternative was.
  9. OK... so upon taking the intercooler pipes off I could see that the turbo is starting slightly to leak a bit of oil. Nothing bad at all, but it means it's on it's way. The turbo has been running at peak of 1.3 bar settling at 1.2 bar anyway for some time now, so not unduly surprised. Still pulls like a train, but tempted to change the turbo. I was going to replace it for a standard CT20b, so it's like for like. Didn't much see the point in that as I won't see any gains for my money and it will only end up failing again within 20,000 miles (the car has still only done about 67,000 miles). Instead of the standard replacement, I have looked at the stage 2 CT20b from Fensport... The spool time will be slightly slower, and therefore a little more lag (1 bar boost at 3200rpm instead of around 3000rpm), but otherwise a good improvement without the need for bottom end work, new manifold, external wastegate and other mods associated with fitting generic turbos. I'm aware that the Garrett GT28 has an internal wastegate, but still not sure if I need to go as far as this. I'm happy to get my car up to 350bhp and no more as a daily driver. Will list current mods if required... or just visit my garage. The stage 2 CT20b is an exchange unit. They send away the CT20b and have it rebuilt to spec. It then gets sent to me as a direct replacement for mine, which I send on to them. I don't want to go mad and have the bottom end rebuilt, so thinking this could be an ideal upgrade route. Spoke to the guys at Fensport, and they reckon with my current mods I'd notice a significant difference over the standard CT20b. In parts alone it will cost me about £1000. Thoughts? Thanks. :)
  10. Cheers Fizz. Hopefully it will sound good too. Have listened to plenty of sound clips and it sounds good... but so did the Aussie downpipe and HKS Super Drager combo...
  11. Could be worn syncros. Do a search on this forum for 'gearbox', 'syncros' etc. You should get some results back. I remembered a thread from a while back and Dawsey also quoted... "could just be the clutch dragging, possibly sorted by pedal adjustment. i wouldnt trust toyota dealers to diagnose a lawn mower!!!! if it crunches into reverse it is most likely that the clutch isnt disengaging, as the reverse gear does not have a synchro. is it hard to get into gear whilst stationary? "
  12. Jesus

    Body Kit...

    Thanks Charlie. Can you buy the clear toblerones and red US spec tail lights or are the toblerones still a homemade job and the tail lights a tint job over here? Hi Andy... I do like the Border/Toms combo. Thanks for your unbiased input! ;)
  13. Exhaust turned up today. Pictures attached...
  14. Jesus

    Body Kit...

    Thank you guys. I appreciate the comments. Really not sure what to do then! I've always liked it as it is, but then always been tempted by the Border nose, and the rest of the Toms kit.
  15. Jesus

    Body Kit...

    Just adding picture of car (not good quality) so people can see it right now...
  16. I have ordered the Berk Technology downpipe and exhaust. Just got to wait for t to turn up now. Have been taking apart the HKS and Aussie today. It all looks like it can be easily repaired, so will probably do that, paint it up and keep it as spare or put it back on if I don't like the Berk Technology one. Thanks for all your help and input. ;)
  17. Jesus

    Body Kit...

    For a long time I've considered fitting the Border nose, Tom's skirts and Tom's bumper to my car... and now there's a company selling this combo. .: Clicky :. Thoughts on this company or recommendations where I can get these parts individually. I want it to be as good quality as possible. Also, will need recommendations for decent bodyshops in the Bedfordshire area. Considering painting the car satin black or gloss dark grey... but I do love the colour as it is. Thanks people. :)
  18. Hi Jerry, Good to talk to you again, mate. It has been a long time. Thanks for your input into the exhausts. I'm not sure whether to get the Aussie downpipe welded or whether to replace it with the Berk Tech downpipe. Not sure what the flex section does to the gas flow. A guy has offered me his second hand Departure II exhaust for £125. The centre section needs sorting though. Again, mild steel like my Super Drager, so susceptible to rust. Not sure if the cans look too big for my car.
  19. Also... thoughts on their downpipe? http://www.gtschris.com/store/comersus_vie...sp?idProduct=13
  20. Anybody had any experience with Berk exhausts? http://www.gtschris.com/store/comersus_vie...p?idProduct=143
  21. Thanks Charlie. I'll end up bidding on the eBay downpipe too. See what it goes for. Have sent a question to confirm what revision engine it would suit... i.e. number of bolts. I may be tempted to go for the NUR spec. There don't actually seem to be that many options for the MR2. I love my Super Drager. It's pretty quiet until you open it up. Again, being mild steel it sounds smooth.
  22. Love the car Ben. Didn't know Charlie even had that. Good luck with the wedding. Thought you'd have been there by now... but then, time is absolutely flying. I think I still have my old cat anyway, so I could drill it through I guess. Fizz... great to hear from you mate! Glad to hear you've got yourself another tubby. I was heartbroken when the blue one went! The new one looks very nice. Thanks for the recommendation on the exhaust. I really am stuck. What do people think to the Mongoose system?
  23. Thanks Ben. Been keeping well. Just got back from a three week trip to the US... business though. My brother-in-law took it for an MOT while I was away, hence needing a new exhaust... but I have had that one for a while. Front btake pads were the only other thing, which I've ordered... but that's it! Not bad for a 15 year old car. Still looking after it regardless of expense. Hope you're keeping well. It has been too long. Any more plans for Australia? Thanks Charlie. The car's still in great condition. Can't bring myself to getting rid of it. Still so much fun and very, very quick. Nearly bought a 2007 Audi RS4 Avant (I know, I know...) recently, but recent relationship... er... issues... have made me hold fire! I'll take a look into Gruppe M. Any other thoughts? I do like the thought of the Nurspec, but would rather twin exit. Not sure whether to get a Super Drager again if I can find one. Thoughts on the downpipe? Spoke to Fensport earlier and they told me Aussie have stopped making them... He didn't know what to suggest instead. He did say I could get it welded as it's only mild steel... didn't fancy it though. Thanks for your input. :)
  24. Not posted on here in quite some time, but I still have the tubby... For those that didn't know, the current exhaust set up is as follows: Aussie downpipe HKS Super Drager with original mild steel centre section replaced with Hayward & Scott stainless section. Essentially, the car was MOT'd and they'd identified the backbox has rusted through and the downpipe has a crack in it. I would like recommendations on both downpipe (still tempted with Aussie, but disappointed this one cracked) and also on cat back system. Ideally I'd still like the dual exit, but doesn't need to be too lairy. Was thinking of getting Hayward & Scott to fabricate one for me TVR style with the slash cut tip to follow the profile of the rear bumper. Thoughts please. Thanks.
  25. Still got mine... albeit tubby. ;)
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