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  1. Boy whispers to his mum at a wedding, "Mummy, why is the woman dressed in white?" She smiles at him. "Because this is the happiest day of her life." He thinks aboiut it for a while then pipes up again, "So why is the man dressed in black?"
  2. It's probably just complaining. Why would you want to rev a D4D to 4k rpm? There's nothing to be gained by doing so, the thing's redlined at 5k and you're way out of the torque band by then anyway. If you want maximum accelleration keep it in the torque band.
  3. Mine goes into 2nd but it's tougher when cold on a downshift. Just needs the driver to be aware that it's going to take an extra second or so to put it in second from third. Doesn't seem to be an issue on an upshift for some reason. Shouldn't be pushing the thing hard when it's cold anyway so it's not really a major issue for me, certainly not one that I'm going to mess about with oil changes over.
  4. I don't think modern Toyota's have the build quality of the older ones, even just a few years older. My two year old Verso feels flimsy in comparison to the 7 year old Prius I had. The plastic panels, inside and out, can be pushed around with a finger, there's an annoying intermittent rattle inside the car somewhere on the left of the dashboard, bits of external trim all over the car are not fitted as well as they were on the Prius. White the car is fine to drive and seems reliable enough (so far), it just doesn't have the solid feel of the older cars.
  5. I'd forgotten all about this thread. After a year or so my Verso started exhibiting the same symptoms. When I took it in for a service last month I asked them to look into the noise and the belt was changed under warranty without a quibble. Got to give credit where it's due, never had any problems at all with warranty jobs (or anything else for that matter) with Stephen Eagell in Milton Keynes.
  6. That's unfortunate. We have had some pretty grotty weather though so the charger wouldn't have had a great deal of direct sunlight. It's probably worth mentioning (though a little late now) that you could have opened the hatch. Crawl in through the drivers doors, lower the rear seats to gain access to the rear and you'll find a small panel on the inside under the tailgate. Behind that, there's a small lever which will unlock the hatch mechanically. I used to carry a 12v 7AH Yuasa battery in the centre console, fuly charged but not connected to anything. It was sufficient to get the hybrid system up and running on my 2nd gen Prius.
  7. I went to a disco last night. They played "The Twist". I did The Twist. They played "Jump". I jumped. They played "Come on Eileen". I got kicked out for that one...
  8. Some of the cheaper ones aren't geared up to handle *any* modifications at all. You can't afford to not tell them though...it's just not worth the risk.
  9. I would tell them about any change. They may just tell you that they don't need to know about such changes but why take the risk. Don't give them any excuse to deny a claim. Get it on their records.
  10. Could be a fuelling issue - changed the filter lately? Or maybe your turbo isn't building up boost quickly enough. If you've been having this issue since the turbocharger was changed, I'd take a good long look at that first.
  11. It's ridiculous to suggest it's normal for a car battery to be flat after a week. Sounds to me like they know there's a problem and are trying to make you go away till the warranty runs out. Having said that, keyless entry does put an extra drain on the battery. If I were leaving the car for more than a few days, I'd be inclined to turn it off.
  12. If the check engine light comes on, you should have a fault code stored. Getting that read (or reading it yourself) will help pinpoint the problem...without it we'd just be just stumbling around in the dark. Take a look at this thread, see if it helps: http://www.yotatech.com/f116/check-engine-light-codes-obd1-91186/
  13. The point of oiling the filter is that the sticky oil traps the dirt...
  14. I carried out a ritual burning of my old tax disk...they still take your money, of course, but I now have a nice clear windscreen. It's quite surprising how many people still show their tax disk though.
  15. That's a surprise to me. I've always found Toyota's to have a pretty harsh jittery ride. Admittedly, I've never been in a Merc so can't judge that. My 2nd gen Prius was not comfortable on poor roads and neither is my Verso. Neither are a patch on the comfort of my old Mondeo with respect to road noise or ability to filter out all those bumps and crashes you get on todays roads - especially in Milton Keynes!
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