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  1. ive followed this advice already by speaking to people on pistonheads. while checking the error codes i got a 54 which means intercooler fluid according to that site which im sure will be right. so i followed instruction and started the engine to begin sorting the intercooler fluid aswell, not that i think this would be the main problem i have, then while it was running in idle the engine just stopped turning, slowly ground to a halt. now i really am at a loss and worried about how much this is gonna cost me. any ideas??? cheers
  2. i recently bought a gt4 about 3 weeks ago now and after handing 3k over for the car ive went and had the rear arches rolled to sort the rubbing of the rear wheels because of the comically wide tyres the last owner fitted. other than the Axis deep dish wheels a HKS dump valve, a Nur spec R exhaust and a Starbo turbo timer the car is totally standard. up until today the car has given me no issues what so ever but after a quick trip out in the car and on down changing for a roundabout the whole car starting bucking, while nursing the car back to my office i found that it ran fine under the turbo but when driving within the turbo it kept boosting and then dropping off. this has worried me badly. ive had it suggested to me that the actuator may be to blame (best case) or the turbo is knackered (worst case) any other theories. or indeed help on how to tackle the actuator as i am to believe a monkey as idiotic as myself can be instructed as to how to check that isnt sticking... ????? thanks