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  1. On my last service for my Auris Hybrid (this is before I got my Corolla) the service included a fuel cleaning additive. I asked why this is done. They said it will keep the engine running at it's best. It was an extra £10 to include in the service so I said ok. I would think it's probably worth it but then again is the dealer pulling a fast one. I will see what happens when my first service for the Corolla comes round. Anyone else been offered a fuel additive as part of a service?
  2. I would be very interested to know how long you had left the car parked up before your battery went flat. Could be a useful warning for other owners.
  3. I used to own an Auris 1.8 hybrid 2016 model estate and found the power of this car very good (136 BHP) but a bit revvy on hills and when needing to acellerate quickly. So when I test drove the Corolla 2.0 (180 BHP) over similar terrain and when acellerating quickly it was obvious the Corolla engine was so much more responsive and effortless with so much reserve power and much less revvy it was a no brainer for me that I had to go for the 2.0. I then test drove a Corolla 1.8 and for me it failed on all counts and not even as powerful as my old Auris. But this is my own personal experience and as previously stated it's what your priorities are when choosing the 1.8 or the 2.0 Corolla. I only do around 8000 miles a year so the mpg is not a major factor for me but I am getting a constant 51/53mpg right now which I am very happy with. I rarely got much over 58/60mph with my old Auris 1.8. anyway.
  4. Excellent bit of info.Just what I was after.Thanks a lot Si.
  5. Now that many of us may not be driving on a regular basis due to the coronavirus, my question is how long could you safely leave the vehicle parked up before problems may arise due to the small 12v battery losing it's charge and thereby not able to start the vehicle? I see that there are instructions in the manual if this should happen but I'm thinking would it be better to occasionally go for a short drive to keep the little 12v battery healthy. But over what distance and how frequent? I seem to remember there was a problem with the first run of Auris hybrids where people were leaving their vehicles in airport car parks for a 2 weeks holiday abroad and finding on return the 12v battery had gone flat. I believe the fault was later discovered to be a fault in the hazzard warning switch circuitry draining the power down. Any comments most welcome.
  6. How long will the dealerships stay open if service items begin to run out. Do they rely on the factories for general sundry items like filters, oil, tyres, etc.
  7. Hi Tim, I could go on and on how good the 2.0 Corolla is but to be frank you really must test drive one for yourself to get a real feel how the power is delivered. I know this doesn't help you much but compared to the 1.8 Corolla it's mighty quick off the mark and very very nice ride. Enjoy.
  8. I have done 300 miles since delivery and getting 46 mph and the fuel tank is now 1/2 empty after starting with a full tank on leaving the dealer. I'm in normal mode and aircon is always on. Getting eco scores of 85/90 on my journeys. Being the Design version the wheels are 17inch and tyre pressures are 34 psi front and 32 psi rear. It really is all about the right foot and reading the road ahead. I keep to the speed limits. Eco icon is on a lot and battery charge is showing close to full.most of the time. Enormous power reserve with the 2.0 lltre engine so I'm only feathering the throttle most of the time. It really is a fantastic car. Just watch that right foot.
  9. bigblock

    Map update

    Success. Found a wifi hotspot and did as you said. Was able to get the device id code and successfully registered my system on the My T website on my PC. Many thanks for you help Devon Aygo.
  10. bigblock

    Map update

    I have Android auto/Apple car play. Only have a bluetooth phone connection for making/receiving calls. It's not a smartphone for internet connection. I don't need the internet when I'm using the car. I hoped I could find the Device ID code as I did with my 2016 Auris as it was listed in the system info listings. I have since discovered that I need to connect to My Toyota Services from the cars system to get the code using a WiFi hotspot. Is this correct? If so my dealer should be able to retrieve the Device ID. Once I have the Device ID and registered my infotainment system on My Toyota, will I be able to download future map updates in the normal way via my home PC and USB stick like I did with my Auris?
  11. bigblock

    Map update

    I can't register my sat nav on the my toyota site because I can't find the device id anywhere for my sat nav. It's not shown in the system info.Been through the whole menu and it's not showing the device id. I know how to do map updates as I had an Auris previously, but I need to register this new Corolla satnav first. Any advice please.
  12. I ordered a Corolla TS 2.0 Hybrid Design on Oct 17th 2019. First told it should arrive at the end of the year. Then got a firm date for 2nd January 2020. It didn't arrive, but now showing to arrive on 16th January 2020 according to dealer. I'm not too optimistic to be honest but we will see.
  13. bigblock

    Prius+ Recall

    Had my 2014 Auris Hybrid Icon done a week ago. I got a recall letter to flash the ECU's for motor/generator and hybrid control. Took just an hour. No change to performance. Did not alter my customised settings either. All seems fine. As you were so to speak.
  14. Took my Auris D-4D to the dealer today for the recall and it only needed an ECU update which they did while I waited an hour so I'm pleased about that. Mine is a December 2013 registered car so I guess any Auris younger than this will also just need the ECU update.
  15. My Auris is booked in for the recall to see what parts are required. I thought Toyota would already know that? Has anyone had the 'mod' done on a 1.4 D-4D Auris yet? Any problems occurred after work has been done?