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  1. I get 2 rapid bleeps telling me that there IS a speed camera coming up. The spare wheel disappeared, So did the manual handbrake. Manual control of auto headlights also gone. If these were put back on the Corolla it would be a half decent car.😁
  2. My Fathers Kia Ceed 19 plate turbo diesal has not been used for the last 2 weeks. Went to use it to get his Covid jab this morning. Guess what. Flat battery. Had to use my Corolla instead. My neighbour's BMW is used daily to go 2 miles to work and back. Went to use it in the snow last weekend. Guess what. Flat battery.
  3. Thanks for the link Graeme. It looks a nice bit of kit and I will keep it in mind. Hopefully I won't have to resort to a charger as I've never let the 12v battery get so low as to use one yet.
  4. I have had Toyota Hybrids for the last 5 years and I make it my number one priority to not let the 12v battery go flat. I have never entertained the use of any of these fancy so called 'intelligent battery chargers'. I will not use such a thing a £30,000+ vehicle even if they do work. It's just my personal opinion but you really don't know what harm is being done on these high tech vehicles. Toyota's recommendations is what I use. Ready mode every time and regularly. Never had a problem.
  5. Yeah. The TS looks great in white. Mine is silver but I'm going back to white next time round. Enjoy.
  6. Hi Louie, Just letting you know. You don't have to drive the car to charge the battery. It will happily charge up stationary if you are able to do this. I always do this if I don't fancy a drive. Give an hour at least in ready mode once a week. This is what I do and is also Toyota's recommendation. Handy if the weather is bad on the roads.
  7. That's interesting because when I use the 12 socket to power my tyre compressor unit the door is open and I don't get beeping.Vehicle is in ready mode by the way. I think the fact you can't select audio when reversing is a safety feature so the the rear camera view overrides any other viewing mode on the infotainmment screen.
  8. Our police force do a good job generally. It's when cases like this get to court it becomes a farce regarding punishment. They will just get a slapped wrist and told not to do it again no doubt.
  9. Starting to go off topic now (my fault) but it got me thinking that in hot temps tyres expand so the circumferance increases there by giving you an added boost to better mpg. So the more air volume your tyre has, the better mpg in summer. I'll get me coat now.
  10. Hi Joe, So what you are saying is that the rolling circumferance of a 15,16,17,or 18 inch wheel/tyre combination is much the same, so the vehicle speedo will be very similar what ever size you choose?
  11. Just out of interest. When swapping wheel and tyre sizes does the speedo then correct itself to the new size these days or do you have get the vehicle re calibrated as changing sizes will not gave the same speed that your vehicle was travelling at before the size change. I'm thinking this may be a concern with speed camera's everywhere these days and you could get caught out thinking you are innocent? I know speedo's always show you going slower than you actually are. Mine seems to be around 3/4 mph slower than the local electronic speed sign that flahes at me as I approach it on a regular bas
  12. Hi Richard, I test drove both the 1.8 and the 2.0 Corolla. And the 2.0 is significantly better on performance if power is what you want. It will not return the mpg of a 1.8 though. Depends on your driving style but the 2.0 will not leave you wanting. I can honestly say it's the best Toyota I have had so far and I have been a Toyota convert for 10 years now. Great ride, very smooth and quiet. I have 17 inch wheels. 64 mpg max in summer. Around 48 mpg at this time of the year. I have averaged 58 mpg over my first 4000 miles. I couldn't get that with my previous Auris 1.8 Hybrid TS and that
  13. Hi Alwyn and welcome to the forum. I have bought Toyota's from Fish Brothers Swindon and had service and recall work done there in the past. To me they are honest and reliable and I would highly recommend them on my personal experiences. Never used Motorline so cannot comment on them.
  14. bigblock

    Mud Flaps

    This is how you can get caught out unfortunately. What's ok for one insurer is not ok for another. Always ask your current insurer to be clear on anything you change or add to your vehicle. It's a mine field these days. Even adding a space saver wheel. It's getting stupid with some insurers.
  15. As with AKLZ, I too would like to know why the 12v battery keeps going flat in the first place. Can you explain more please Flekuon?
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