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  1. bigblock

    Car washes

    I was the same at first and refused to believe it would not damage the paintwork. But I tried the Williams F1 and was impressed with it. I looked carefully at the painwork and no scratches or swirls anywhere. I have used it ever since. Amazing stuff and Williams F1 would hardly endorse a product that is going to cause damaged. Just make sure you use good quality microfibre cloths and it works a treat.
  2. bigblock

    Car washes

    Meguires Swirl Remover might be worth a look at. Had a Decuma Grey auris many years ago now and it improved some patchy swirls on the bonnet very well.
  3. bigblock

    Car washes

    I have used 'Williams F1' waterless wash and wax for the last 4 years and would never go back to a bucket or hose pipe etc. Never had any scratches using it and it's quick and leaves the most incredable shine and also protects the paint from birds muck etc. The more you use it the less you need as it builds up a layer of protection over time. Great if you can't use a hosepipe as well.
  4. Getting good mpg is all about the right foot and reading the road ahead. I bet you have been working the engine too much which is understandable with it being a new experience for you. The power from the 2.0 litre engine is sometimes irresistable and you just want to see what it can do I'll bet. I have the 2.0 Litre Design TS and have had my best mpg fill to fill at pump to date. How does 62.2 mpg grab you. I have done 2000 miles so far. Worse has been 48 mpg and that was when I first had the car new and it was winter time. Be patient and a light right foot should see the mpg rise.
  5. Do the Toyota dealers go round all their used hybrids that are sitting on the fourcourts for weeks on end and start them all in 'ready mode' and leave them running for a while?. Do they keep an eye on the situation with 12v batteries going flat on the forecourts?
  6. Louie there really is no need to go looking for an instant charger or anything like that. The golden rule is always have the vehicle in ready mode when parked up then you can listen to the radio and have the aircon on all day if you want. It's that simple. You can't drain the 12v battery and infact it will get a charge when required if you wait long enough when parked up.
  7. My Father has a Kia Ceed and if the radio is on with ignition off it will come up with a message stating battery is low please start engine. This is only 5 mins with radio left on. Surely Toyota should have a similar system in place for hybrids with a little 12v battery by now.
  8. Sounds like the dealer's got it right. Not sure about answer 3 as I would not entertain a solar trickle charge myself. If you only drive short journeys constantly then maybe a Toyota Hybrid is not for you. It's a known fact the 12v battery will get weak if the engine is not in ready mode when parked up with things turned on. I never do that.
  9. If you have the aircon on but set the temperature to 20.C then you will not get much chilled air. The system is trying to keep a constant 20.C inside the cabin. The aircon light coming on and going off would suggest this is exactly what the system is trying to do ie, keep a constant 20.C May I suggest you set the temperature to low with the aircon on. Go for a drive and see if you get very cold air coming through the vents. The aircon light will stay on all the time with this setting. If the aircon light goes out when set to low then you may have a fault.
  10. I also have the Nextbase 422GW with rear camera add on. Fitted by Toyota dealer and hardwired into the system I know not where. No problem at all with it interfering with other equipment in the vehicle. A very good dashcam too.
  11. Going back to the original question. I have done 2000 miles. I keep a record of tank to tank fill ups and so far I am averaging 53.1 mpg. Normal driving and not trying too hard for top economy. You are not going to enjoy the 2.0 ltr power if you constantly drive for economy in my opinion. However it compares very well with my old 2016 Auris Excell TS which over 23000 miles I got an average of 55.5 mpg. So the move to the 2.0 ltr Corolla with it's considerably more power and no revvy engine noise any more, I am very pleased so far. When I fill up it's always to the brim and get a tank range reading of around 560 miles. But this is range is governed by how you use your right foot obviously. With the warmer weather now I get mpg dash read outs of up to 65 mpg but that is a very ball park figure and not really telling the full true story. At least it's a guide as to how well you are driving at the time I guess.
  12. On my last service for my Auris Hybrid (this is before I got my Corolla) the service included a fuel cleaning additive. I asked why this is done. They said it will keep the engine running at it's best. It was an extra £10 to include in the service so I said ok. I would think it's probably worth it but then again is the dealer pulling a fast one. I will see what happens when my first service for the Corolla comes round. Anyone else been offered a fuel additive as part of a service?
  13. I would be very interested to know how long you had left the car parked up before your battery went flat. Could be a useful warning for other owners.
  14. I used to own an Auris 1.8 hybrid 2016 model estate and found the power of this car very good (136 BHP) but a bit revvy on hills and when needing to acellerate quickly. So when I test drove the Corolla 2.0 (180 BHP) over similar terrain and when acellerating quickly it was obvious the Corolla engine was so much more responsive and effortless with so much reserve power and much less revvy it was a no brainer for me that I had to go for the 2.0. I then test drove a Corolla 1.8 and for me it failed on all counts and not even as powerful as my old Auris. But this is my own personal experience and as previously stated it's what your priorities are when choosing the 1.8 or the 2.0 Corolla. I only do around 8000 miles a year so the mpg is not a major factor for me but I am getting a constant 51/53mpg right now which I am very happy with. I rarely got much over 58/60mph with my old Auris 1.8. anyway.
  15. Excellent bit of info.Just what I was after.Thanks a lot Si.