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  1. Hi Maurice, 2019 v2 is your map version. The latest version is 2022 v1. The v stands for version. To update you need to go on the My Toyota website and follow instructions. As said by Ian, it's a case of downloading to a USB stick and plugging into your car. There are help topics on this forum on how to do it.
  2. Do you have a dash cam running. I believe some can upset the dab signal.
  3. Sorry but I don't agree with that. Tyres will loose a little pressure over time but dealer should not be saying this.
  4. The golden rule on checking tyre pressures is always do it when tyres are cold. Also reset the TPMS when tyres are cold too. My 2.0 TS Design tyre pressures are 34 psi all round and it's super quiet and smooth should any one wish to experiment on a similar model. Tyres are the factory fitted Falkens. On last service the technician set tyres at 32 psi all round by the way.
  5. I have used Chipex for many years. I have become quite an expert at using it now. It works really well on stone chips.
  6. Drive sensibly and don't tailgate helps alot too.☺️
  7. I had Toyota insurance offered when I bought my 16 plate Auris 1.8 hybrid. It was a good competative price so I went for it. But the second year renewal quote was off the scale like twice as much so I declined and they even had the cheek to ask me why I didn't want to renew. I just don't get it. They certainly don't 'get it' either.
  8. Well done Jon. I am very pleased for you. Just remember what you have done for future map updates.😉
  9. That's looking better. Your on the right track now. Be patient as this part takes a while as you can see. Windows is un zipping the big download now. You should end up with a single FMU folder on USB drive E:/. If all goes to plan the USB stick will be ready to take to your vehicle. Fingers crossed.
  10. I see your concern Martin. That's why I want to see a screen shot of that USB drive once the FMU folder is dragged into it. Download size is correct at over 12gb. It should be just the USB drive letter in the top window pane with only the FMU folder in the main window.
  11. Your nearly there now Jon. Just drag that complete FMU folder that contains the 6 files to your USB stick. Make sure that nothing else is on your USB stick. Check that your USB stick is only showing the FMU folder and nothing else. Please show a screen shot of your USB drive when you have done this.
  12. Hi Jon. This will not work. These files are inside the FMU folder. Only the FMU folder must be showing on your USB stick. Look at the pictuer Big D has posted. If you double click the FMU folder you see the 6 files within it. But the files must be inside the FMU folder on your USB stick and not exposed like you have done.
  13. I agree with your thoughts on this topic. I coudn't put it better myself.
  14. 2.0 variant is alot more powerful than older 1.8 by a country mile. 180bhp against 136bhp off the top of my head but fuel consumptoin very similar suprisingly. Going from my old 1.8 Auris to a 2.0 Corolla is a world of differance in terms of power take up. But I did like the Auris alot.
  15. I had a 16 plate Auris 1.8 Hybrid Excel TS which was a damn good vehicle by the way. So I tried a 1.8 Corolla test drive and certainly noticed a lack of go when taking off. But the engine was less noisy when revving which it did alot on hills. It was an ok vehicle but when I test drove the 2.0 Corolla it was just on another level. So smooth and refined with effortless power. The engine was very quiet on the same test hills and very little revving in any situation. 1.8 Corolla is a better all round ride than Auris was and a smoother engine. Just down on grunt if you need it, where as the Auris did have a nice power reserve when required. That loss of 14bhp is very noticable as far as I am concerned.
  16. That's my understanding on the new info system too. But I don't have a MY22 Corolla at present.
  17. Hi Jon. I think I might know where you went wrong. I am using Windows 10 by the way. Now once you have the downloaded file on your computer it should be one big FMU file. What I did next was plug in a USB stick to computer and format it to FAT 32. Then drag the entire FMU folder to the USB drive in one big lump. Then windows automatically expands the folder and splits it into the 6 files. When finished you will have one single FMU folder on the USB stick but it will have been expanded by windows. Plug USB into vehicle and wait for initialization to complete. This can take a 2 or 3 minutes. You will then be asked for the activation code then the installation will begin. You do not need to connect to the internet by this method. But keep the vehicle in 'ready mode' as it will take around 1 hour 20 mins to install. Hope this helps Jon.
  18. It's the welcome pack I am refering to. It doesn't confirm the start or expiry date. But I do have the email confirmation when I paid online which as you say does at least show the start date and reg number. I miss the little card they used to give you.
  19. I renewed recently for £76. Got reminder in post. You don't get a little card with a membership number and expiry date on it anymore. Just a covering letter telling you you are now covered for the next 12 months. No mention of a start and expiry date on the letter either. I am waiting a reply from them on this as it's not really good enough proof that you are indeed covered in my opinion.
  20. That's very interesting. I can't see how the 12 volt battery has improved things as it's only supposed to start up the hybrid system and then the main traction battery takes over and powers all functions while the vehicle is running. Maybe the hybrid system was having a hard time trying to re charge the faulty 12 volt battery while driving which was causing strange things to happen. Very interesting stuff.
  21. Sorry to hear about your problems Louie. It's a right bummer this 12 volt battery issue. I think that Toyota should have some warning in place to tell owners when the 12 volt battery is getting low. My Father's 68 plate Kia has this warning if he leaves the radio on too long. It's not rocket science. Ready mode for an hour is all well and good if you have a healthy battery to start with. But as flash22 has pointed out, it's not very effective when the 12 volt battery is starting to loose it's voltage doing short drives etc. Then Ready mode doesn't appear to help much and then it's too late to revive the battery. Not good Toyota. Get it sorted please.
  22. There is plenty of video's on you tube on this very subject.
  23. 'Ready Mode' 1 hour a week and the problem will not exist. The Toyota advice works.
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