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  1. Make sure they're Toyota approved. Some insurance companies would send you anywhere for repairs. Good luck with getting your car fixed :)
  2. Its got a vacuum suction mount. Could I attach sticky pads to it instead? Yes I did use the lever. I think my hands aren't strong enough. Would one of those dash mats for sat navs to sit on be any good? Even if I could get someone to attach it to the fuse box with a kit, would that not affect the Toyota warranty?
  3. Back again! I've been using it but found a bit of a problem. It falls off the screen when I'm driving. This is round the village at up to 30mph. I've it stuck to the glass behind the rear view mirror. I stuck it onto the black dots on the screen, and tried just on the plain glass, but it made no difference. Any ideas on how to get round this? I'd love to have it hardwired in, but I don't think any dealer is going to do that.
  4. Thanks very much for all your help everyone. I went out to Halfords this evening and got the Nextbase 402. All set up, I couldn't believe how easy it was.
  5. Thanks everybody for all your advice :) I think I'll go for the Nextbase 402G in Halfords. And sure I know where to come if I have any questions about it. I'll just be plugging it in. I don't like messy wires but I'm not letting anybody in Halfords hard wire it in. Its probably easy enough but I don't want to do anything that would affect the warranty.
  6. I'll not be wiring anything up to the ignition. What other easy way is there to connect it? Can you tell me more about the permanent loop? How would I know when the card is full so I can wipe it? Sorry for the silly questions, clearly a total beginner here :)
  7. Hi I haven't been on here in a while, as I've not really had much time to be on forums. Maybe some will still remember me ;) I'm looking for some advice about which dash cam to get. Or which ones are best avoided - don't want to be getting a rubbish one I want one that's easy to use and has a decent memory. Its just shocking the level of 'driving' that's actually on the road and the lengths some people will go to with lies to cover for themselves. Still I'm glad to have the Yaris back home in its wee spot in the driveway tonight.
  8. I took mines off straight away. It was great to get the nice clear windscreen :) Most other drivers round here haven't bothered taking theirs off though.
  9. I'm happy with my Touch & Go. I've never had any problems with glare on the screen. I haven't done any updates to it, might get round to that some time, though probably not. I had just the Toyota Touch when I got the car, but I got the Touch and Go installed later, for work. Its been very useful since that, for moving house to a totally new area. I wouldn't be without it. I prefer having it built in than having wires trailing round and I don't like things stuck to the windscreen.
  10. I'm getting my Yaris serviced tomorrow, so I'll get a chance to have a look at the new Aygo. Looking forward to it :)
  11. Yes they did sell the iQ. Though not in high numbers, only 12 iQs were sold in 2012, 1 in 2013, and of course none this year. http://www.beepbeep.ie/stats?sYear%5B%5D=2014&sYear%5B%5D=2012&sRegType=1&sMonth%5B%5D=&sMonth%5B%5D=&sMake%5B%5D=Toyota&x=30&y=5
  12. It'd be a shame for there to be a complete end to the iQ. I've always thought it was a lovely car, and was considering getting one the last time I changed, but went for another Yaris instead because there was no touch and go in the iQ.
  13. My Mum had a Ka from new and after a year, it had started to rust. The screws on the rear passenger windows had rusted. That was her last Ford, and she got Toyotas after that. Someone I know has a Yaris from 2000 and like the one your colleague has, its never let her down.
  14. Lorna2


    Are there any terms and conditions written into your finance that say that repairs must be carried out by Toyota? Just a thought seeing as they still 'own' the car until the final payment is made. What about insurance companies approved repairers using non genuine parts and the effect of this on warranty.
  15. Thanks for the reminder :) I got an email from Which about that and meant to fill it in, but didn't get round to it with so much else on these days.
  16. 2012 6 speed Yaris here and no gearbox crunch. Nice and smooth :)
  17. I never got flowers, and that is in over about 7 years of buying Toyotas. Never got flowers anywhere else before that either. I think it depends on the dealer. I always get half a tank of fuel though :) so that's better. I remember one time my parents bought a Peugeot years ago, and the tank was down to the red when they got it. As for Ford round here, I've never even seen so much as a vase of flowers on display in their showrooms, never mind giving a bunch to customers. What's your Yaris like?
  18. I like the sound of the alloy wheel protector
  19. Well a quick search of EU Toyota websites shows this not to be entirely correct; http://www.toyota.no/own/for_toyota-eiere/garantier/generelle_garantier.tmex Norway even sees fit to offer a 300,000km warranty on taxis. Good idea. Might explain why you see many Prii taxis in some Countries, yet other places turn their noses up at them. Sure the French website reveals a 5 years 60,000 mile warranty, but you can count on one hand the number of Toyotas in France. Maybe there's a connection? http://www.toyota.fr/service/eurocare.tmex But the 5 year warranty in France is only on the hybrids, the rest of the range still only gets 3 years
  20. I just got my winter tyres put on the normal alloys.
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