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  1. It wasn't for th sake of it, but because of the increasing mileage. But I spent some looking at autotraders and pistoneads and I couldn't see anything I could replace it with ( with sub 59k mileage ) under £7k. That's interesting bout the Auris, I didn't know that. One thing I found from my brief look at alternatice cars is that cars seem to be getting slower (it could just be that my price was realstic though!). Where are good places for pattern Corolla parts? Any thoughts on the suspension struts? >no centre digital dash, no sliding rear seats, no sunroof, tyres costmore than double,
  2. My car's coming up to 70k so I've been thinking of moving on. I say this because I've found with several cars that bits start dropping off at 90k-ish. But on looking around, up to about £7k I can't find anything reasonably performant sub-50k miles and reliable looking. It's not the fastest car, it's a bit detatched from the road and 6th gear is pretty pointless, but one of the things I like about it is that I can have fun with it, I love the sound of the lift, and yet I'm not actually going that quickly. Plus it's practical. So I'm going to keep it. I've still not made it on to a track but
  3. Thanks FoxX, that was very interesting. How can I tell if the engine is on the sports cam, or does that happen at around 4k?
  4. It's struck me recently that most of the time I'm driving really sensibly. Sedately in fact. Maybe I'm just getting old. My previous car was a Mk2 MR2 NA and a Mk2 MR2 V6 (an engine swap job). The pair of MR2s, together, was my 'sensible car', but I wanted something peformant and yet sensible in the sense that I could carry a decent amount of luggage (although a MK2 MR2 isn't bad, it's the Mk3 I think it is not so good in that respect). So I looked at various options (before the MR2s I had a VW VR6) including the Honda Civic Type R. I then had kind of settled on a Seat Leon, test drove o
  5. Hi Phil I comment on whether it's common, I would find it hard to believe it was. I don't remember hearing of a drive shaft just breaking on any car, what did the RAC man say? You have me worried now, as mine is at 55k! Marc
  6. There's a piece on batteries in the Jan Practical Performance Car. Best buy is Varta Silver Plus, below that the Varta Silver, then Exide and Halfords. The editorial on Varta mentions Bosch, is Varta part of Bosch? I think the battery on my 2005 T Sport is probably the original, so I'll need to change it soon I would imagine, is it easy to do, no gotcha around radio/alarm codes? Marc
  7. Thanks for this thread. I've spent a good hour searhcing and reading about headlamp (main beam) bulbs but still don't know what actual bulb I need for my 2005 T Sport? I can see I'm in for fun ...
  8. I went to check the coolant for the first time recently, took the top off the reservoir, and was baffled to see, rather than an open tube and the coolant easily visible, the filler tube is baffled with plastic. I've not seen this before on a car. What is the reasoning behind this arrangement? How does one get a tube into the coolant to check the percentage mix? Marc
  9. Oh. If it doesn't have much torque, then that sounds a bit of showstopper!! I would be surprised if you could tow anything wit the amount of torque 2ZZGE produces ;)
  10. Hi, I've just been looking at some old threads and I see various types of Corolla used for towing. Those of you towing with T Sports (mine's a 2005), what make etc of towbar are you using? Was any cutting required? Marc
  11. Lovely under bonnet harwood, thanks!
  12. Hi Leo I just bought my Sport a couple weeks ago and am looking to get a service done. Do they come new with oat 'for life' type coolant? Doesn't it last for 5 years rather than a mileage? Marc
  13. Thanks minidoughty. Can you tell me what paint and laquer you used?
  14. We've just done a return trip Brighton to Poole, only our 2nd longish trip in the car. First time I've worked out how to get t'computer on mpg and pleased to see I could get 37 (80% motorway / dual carriageway driving). Unfortunatly I also discovered 'lift' today, so that won't do much for the mpg. Great Jekyll and Hyde car! :)
  15. I haven't heard of wrapping a gear knob before, where would I get that done or is it diy? Marc
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