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  1. What does that mean? I put in the title £5500, is it not showing?
  2. Full Toyota service history, 85000 miles, this car has never had any expense spared on it. Loads of paperwork to go with it. I have owned it for the last 5 years. New car forces sale. Come with Full leather interior with heated seats, electric Windows and folding mirrors, Sat Nav built in, reverse parking sensors, towbar with twin electrics as standard. Also has silver roof rails fitted, front nudge bar moulding and side running boards. Recently had new discs and pads all round, recent full prop shaft replaced, recent stainless steel exhaust from cat back with lifetime warranty (transferable) and has had the run flat bands removed and is now running on standard tyres. Generally in good condition for its age with the exception of a small dent On the near side front wing behind the wheel and some marks to the rear bumper one centrally and one to the off side corner. Great cat for the money with a huge spec to it.
  3. Hi, Engine light came on today and its giving me a code of P1271, has anyone had similar issues and know what the solution is? Its driving ok one minute but the engine light is on, then its in limp mode with light on, then vise versa. Car is a 07 Rav4 T180 Jason.
  4. I have a 2007 RAV4 T180, it has done 80,000 miles and has recently had a stainless steel replacement exhaust and cat fitted by Tony Banks exhausts, it's now started smoking getting progressively worse, mainly on start up and first 10 minutes or so but still get off puffs randomly on long runs, it does not seem to be using any oil or water and no performance is lost and mpg is the same as normal. Smoke seems to be part grey part blue. I do have a video of it that I will try and attach. It was doing the smoke prior to the exhaust being fitted but not as much or often, so not sure if that's the issue or just coincidence. Rav4_Smoking.mp4
  5. Just had the RAV in for mot and the prop centre bearing is shot, totally, £1100 for a new prop, can the centre bearing be bought and fitted separate as the prop is in good condition, found one on eBay for £50 but Toyota is saying they don't known if it can be changed without ordering a complete new prop?
  6. Today I am having the run flat bands removed along with the tyres. Therefore I will have 6 rings all in good condition and to my knowledge not been driven on flat, also I will be selling the part worn tyres. There are 4 tyres that have good tread (5-6mm) although one has a nail in, there is also another with about 3-4mm of tread. I'm open to offers on all of these if that's ok I'm here. Location is Kellington, DN14 0NL Jason
  7. I have for sale a spare alloy wheel rim for a Rav4 T180, it's in good physical condition ie no dents and runs true. It has some minor cosmetic marks but overall I would describe it as good condition. I also have a run flat band which again is in good condition, no marks or flat spots, would appear not to have been run flat. Lastly I also have a valve and sensor which has come off the rim for sale. In good used working condition and the code is still very much readable, I have seen a couple where the code has been rubbed off! Please email or text any questions or if you require any pictures. Rim £50 Band £25 Valve £20 07793037824 Collection from Kellington, DN140NL or I can post if required. Jason.
  8. Hi, There 18" wheels mate, you would probably be best looking for a 17" wheel. Jason.
  9. Thanks for moving this who ever has, surprisingly I could not find the for sale section.
  10. Ok you may laugh but I seem to have a collection of spare wheels if anyone is after one? I have 2 wheels that have just come off the car, wheels are in good condition but the tyres are virtually on the limit or maybe gone past. I have 1 wheel thats on ok condition, various spots of paint bubbling here and there, 3mm of tread but its leaking from the valve. I also have 1 wheel thats again has spots of paint bubbling here and there, 7mm of tread but its punctured, has a nail in it thats is in a place where a repair should not be a problem. Even then I still have another 2 spare for myself plus another rim only that I have just sold on ebay! Think I may have a hording problem! Let me know if anyones interested in any of them? Jason Will take pictures tomorrow.
  11. Does anyone know if it's possible to read the valve codes without taking the Tyres off? Thing is I took a spare wheel into toyota who coded it in in 2 minutes, no charge, great I thought. Now bought a set of T180 wheels with nearly new tyres on, took them in for coding and they need to take tyres off to get code, £50 a tyre, the spare wheel just happened to have the valve code sticker on so was not a problem. If it is possible, who by and where, somewhere in Yorkshire would be preferred. Jason
  12. Just to be clear, is the cat and dpf separate items or are they built into the same unit.
  13. I oil I use is castrol 5\30, I do avoid the supermarket's but unfortunately the partner drives it and pulls in anywhere! We're supposed to be taking the caravan out next Monday for first time this year So timing not exactly great, though it never is.
  14. Well I have just had to put a litre of oil in it, it's used that in about 5-6 months, average mileage will have to get paperwork out to check the dates and miles. Without having it in to toyota for a diagnostics, over the phone they are saying it will require a new cat, I am just about to sort our the wheels to by getting the rings taken off, I also believe it's ready for the brakes doing, best dig deep or its part ex time.
  15. The black circles site appears to me to be showing the T180 spec tyres.