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  1. I posted earlier on this but to expand. I drove my Aygo one week after getting it in 2011 on a 400 mile round trip. The car had 16 miles on it and had sat in the showroom before this. By the time I got there the paint inside both rear arches was gone and they were black. I mentioned it at the first service and was told "they all do that, the paint is thin". I asked again at the next service and a guy "inspected" it there and then and agreed to repaint it. When the car was in for repaint the garage asked me if black stone chip paint would be OK, and I agreed as long as it didn't spread to the s
  2. I have this problem. At my first visit I was told the "all white Aygos have the same problem" excuse. I told them on the next visit and someone inspected it, they then offered to paint it with anti-stone chip paint. That is also coming off but not as badly.
  3. De-rusted mine a few weeks ago with a dip, repainted with wheel paint (several coats), and put back on with covers. Used grease under the covers so they don't rust in place. Worth coppergreasig the part where the wheel meets the hub too.
  4. @daddyslap - snap with my experience of Skoda dealers. Had a Fabia VRS bought used with warranty and due for an MOT. Came back from MOT needing new front ARB (not a fail, just an note). They gave me a price straight away but were not happy when I reminded them about the warranty - took 2-3 weeks for them to agree it was a warranty item. The car came with aftermarket alloys fitted before I bought it and one day I heard a rattle from the front wheel. Took off the wheel nut cover and a locking nut fell out. Seems the previous owner had replaced the wheels and nuts but not the lockers and it would
  5. I've used that method before, it also shows why locking nuts are a waste of time too.
  6. +1 for the option of getting seperate units. I have the factory unit in my Go! - I wouldn't buy it if it wasn't there.
  7. Do you mean a panel filter (filter element replacement) or a kit of some kind ? I have the replacement element in mine and it makes no difference at all except for not having to buy a new one at service time.
  8. Try this link http://www.ultra-gauge.com/ultragauge/support/International_Shipping.html
  9. No problem at all - the skinny tyres cut through the snow nicely and as long as you take it easy and smoothly and don't rely on the ABS.
  10. 1 - normal driving is 84 Deg C on a run with no fan. 2 - it goes to about 93-94 in traffic on a warm day then the fan cuts in. Cuts out again once it is down to 86. 3 - Scanguage 2 is the one I have, looking to move to an Ultragauge as it is cheaper and newer - available in the UK (try their original site). Cheaper option is the Scanguage E which also includes very basic graphs.
  11. I know its an old post, but for comparison I replaced the flywheel and clutch on my Fabia VRS - cost was £1200 - thats ONE clutch replacement, not two...
  12. There are a few pics and instructions on how to soundproof online - try searching for the equivalent models - C1s and 107s as well as Aygos. Some have had decent results using felt underlay which you can get from ebay - buy the fireproof kind of course - 7mm seems to be popular and about 3-4 metres is enough for the whole car. Avoid areas like inside the doors where it can get wet and obviously sort out any leaks before fitting as it will trap the moisture. I plan to take this route when I have a weekend spare and its not raining, which as I live in Scotland is never. There is a guy on the C1O
  13. Being a 3 cyl it is unbalanced (in a 4+ cyl at least one is on the power stroke) so it will "pulse" at idle. Under 3K mine is silent, after that it gets a growing "growl". It isn't quiet above 3K but it isn't rough either, kind of 6 cyl smooth at that speed.
  14. The C1OC has a few guides about this. I got an aftermarket rev counter which was grey but my Go! has black surrounds so I removed and painted it - took about an hour with plastic paint from Halfords and looks pretty good.
  15. I have rattle in the passenger seat (the springs) but not there. Is is a common thing ?
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