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  1. @Oldpeddaller I took the bumper off to fit some HID's. Easy enough but to be honest. It'll take the same amount of time and you've gotta get underneath the car to undo the bolts. I wouldn't even bother. Just persevere
  2. My friend Mikey and I were debating that on the 18th (ish) will there be anything about at that time? Any tips for driving abroad?
  3. Clip

    Led Lighting.

    I've got some white CRE LED's on order as we speak for that exact reason. Took them out. They're kicking out 250 lumins which is very bright.
  4. No issues at all tbh. I'll see if I can dig out the spec I'm running I can't remember what it is.
  5. Heya Marii , my friends sister has an Aygo and she carries a board (or two) on it loads it's fine, just strap it down. She has a Toyota rack and hers is a 3 door, I run a Toyota rack on my 5 door with bikes on the top and they're fine too. :) HTH
  6. With three fat people and me in occasionally but only over stupidly big sleeping policemen and mad off camber switchbacks. With general road use. Nope. Oh yeah and its dropped 35 on the rear too ;)
  7. 195/45/15 here. They make a hell of a difference to the standard wheels.
  8. The connectors aren't needed as such but I would always fit them just in case you sell the car you can whack your old ones in easily.
  9. Yeah I'm sure I saw that too. Can't remember if he was on standard suspension though.
  10. Yeah I did think that. You know where you are with OMP. I have heard of weitech before but never used any of their kit. May still end up with front lower and rear lower from them and OMP for upper as it's adjustable.
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