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  1. philip42h

    Reverse sensors

    I believe, and Heidfirst's attachment suggests, that the reversing sensors are wired in as an adjunct to the reversing light. So if the reversing light comes on, the reversing sensors should be activated and vice versa. The switch in the boot is there to disable the sensors if you are towing or similar so that should be 'on'. Again, as suggested above, the beeps are independent of the audio system and sound perfectly well when the audio is powered off.
  2. philip42h

    RAV4 wheels for winter tyres?

    As above, winter wheels should have the same specification as your current summer ones. But, dependent perhaps on quite how worn your current set of tyres are, a simpler and potentially more cost effective option would be to fit a good set of all season tyres. These are now readily available and available with the same "mountain and snowflake" markings as any cold weather tyre. I've got two sets of tyres - one summer and one cold weather - and swap them onto the same set of rims dependent upon the season. But, as and when I wear them out, I will switch to s single set of all season tyres instead (these simply weren't available 5 years ago!).
  3. philip42h

    Rav4 Rear end sag when towing

    I don't tow and have no experience of the subject but understand that one doesn't want too much weight on the nose / tow point. Have you tried reversing the car onto the trailer to alter the balance point? Maybe that's a really stupid suggestion but ... 😉
  4. philip42h

    Radiator top up??

    What Nick says is very true - provided that the level does not exceed the maximum mark when cold, coolant should not be expelled as the temperature rises. That is, after all, precisely what the expansion tank is there to do! Being pedantic, when cold the level should not exceed the maximum mark nor fall below the minimum mark - any where in between is just fine. Folk do at times get rather obsessed by filling to the max which isn't necessary at all. There is some anecdotal evidence of diesel RAVs finding a natural level that is some way short of the maximum mark. Quite why, I don't know - possibly the cap doesn't seal as well as it should. Repeatedly topping up to the maximum mark can prove self-defeating. Topping up with water will progressively dilute the coolant. It goes without saying that one should top-up with a correct coolant mix.
  5. philip42h

    Radiator top up??

    If required, you would top-up the coolant via the cap on the expansion tank - it then flows through the engine, water pump and radiator etc.. Don't top-up the coolant unless it is below the minimum level when the engine is cold. Topping up to the maximum mark may well be self defeating as coolant may then be forced out as it expands when hot. If it has found a comfortable level between max and min it's probably best left well alone.
  6. philip42h

    RAV 4 Hybrid Consumption

    It may be worth looking at the Honest John Real MPG figures for the Hybrid RAV4 ... these suggest that folk are getting between 34 and 50 mpg with an average around 42 mpg. So your experience is not far off par for the course. As well as varying significantly with journey type and driving style it's worth noting that fuel consumption can only be measured with any degree of accuracy using the brim-to-brim method and even when you have taken great care measuring your own consumption figures you can't always be sure the same is true of figures reported by others.
  7. philip42h

    Parking sensors don't like rain

    That's annoying ... on mine there's a switch on the centre console, just forward of the gear selector which is very convenient though I suspect that this may be the result of having the parking sensors fitted after import. I couldn't live with my front sensors being 'on' all the time - they'd alert every time I approached a roundabout (due to the cars in front) and have a perfect fit driving along the narrow lanes around home. Oh, and, just for fun, that switch is illuminated when the parking sensors are on (and gets rather hot if left on for a long while). 🙂
  8. philip42h

    Parking sensors don't like rain

    Do you not have a handy switch to control whether the front parking sensors are active? I've found that they are best used only when parking else they will tell me when I'm driving alongside a hedge, pulling up behind the vehicle in front etc. etc..
  9. philip42h

    Door Mirror Control illuminated?

    A question that has been asked many times by many RAV owners ... why oh why don't Toyota provide some form of illumination on all the switches on a RAV? No, it's not a fault on yours specifically, it's a common 'fault' / feature of them all ...
  10. philip42h

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    The 5-door RAV 4.3 isn't as big on the outside as it may first appear. It's really very manoeuvrable and easy to park so you shouldn't really have any trouble with one ... 🙂 Like most cars, the RAV has tended to get a little larger with each version - the current 4.4 is just that little bit bigger than the 4.3 and next years 4.5 will be that much bigger again! And while Toyota did drop the smaller 3-door version they did introduce the (short lived) Urban Cruiser (which might not be a bad choice but you'd need a 1.4 diesel in order to get 4WD) and now have the CH-R which while 5-door has the look of a 3-door (and can be had in 4WD with a 1.2 petrol engine). But I suspect that you will rather like the 5-door RAV 4.3 ... 😉
  11. philip42h

    Wires hanging out the back of RAV4

    Since they are zip tied to a Curt trailer hitch they are probably associated with whatever accessory the previous owned had there / towed. They are almost certainly aftermarket connections rather than Toyota OEM and, at a wild guess, the connections for a lighting board for use when the existing licence plate is covered by whatever is being towed / carried.
  12. philip42h

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    I was having trouble believing what Frosty was saying but he is perfectly correct ... the likely settlement figure will be at least what you could have got for your vehicle before the accident - so somewhere between the trade-in / WBAC value and what you might be able to achieve through a private sale. If you haven't already, use Autotrader (or similar) to work out what those values are. The settlement figure won't be sufficient to replace your car with a like-for-like vehicle at a dealer - this seems rather cruel but that is the way it is. Look at it this way ... if you wanted to trade-in your car for something new you would expect to receive a trade-in value for your car - the settlement figure should be a 'generous' trade-in value so that you are not out of pocket on that type of deal. I don't understand why you haven't claimed on your own insurance. That way, you'd get you settlement figure relatively quickly and with far less hassle on your part. They would then claim from the Royal Mail or their insurers. As they have admitted liability and your insurance company are not out of pocket it would be a "no fault" claim and your no claims bonus would be unaffected. As things stand, you are paying for insurance and doing their job for them!
  13. philip42h

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    Sentimentality doesn't count for much in cases like this. Since the Post Office has accepted that their driver is at fault you should receive a payout equivalent to the lower of the cost of a professional repair or the replacement cost of the car. Looking at the number of damaged panels and the age of your RAV is is going to be touch and go which is the more economic route for the insurer. If you had your insurers dealing with this for you they should have their assessor and repair centre determine the cost to repair. If you want to handle it all yourself you will need to arrange to get a fully cost to repair to support your claim. You should at least get a valuation of your car (in good condition) - what is the market value for your RAV (cost to buy from a dealer)? And what are they currently offering?
  14. philip42h

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    In a word, 'no' ... 🙂 The outstanding question is trim level - is it an XT2 or an XT3? (I think that those are the trim options available at that time). As I understand, you are looking for a fair price for a private sale. Autotrader gives the following private sale prices for an RAV of that age and mileage: XT2 = £2,100 XT3 = £2,620 In both cases I've assumed that it is a 2003-2006 model year car - i.e. new rather than old stock when it was first sold in October 2003. The value will be somewhat less if it is an earlier 2000-2003 model year car. You do need to check for yourself. The Autotrader valuation site is here. There are, obviously different prices depending on whether you are buying or selling. Evans and WBAC are giving trade-in prices which are the absolute minimum that a seller can expect to receive. The car will then be turned around and sold through a dealer with some form of warranty at around £2,000 more.
  15. philip42h

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    Auto Trader will give you a valuation if you put in the full details - make, model etc. etc. Guessing the pieces that you haven't given, such as trim level and exact date of registration, gives a figure of £2,100 for a private sale; £2,590 - £2,860 from a dealer.