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  1. philip42h

    New 2019 RAV4 HSD fuel economy ?

    I thought that it was supposed to be shorter that a 4.4? Or at least that's what I recall reading in one of the earlier announcements ... but checking you are quite correct: 30mm longer, 10mm wider and 15mm taller it would appear. But we really need to see the two parked side by side - things do look huge in the showroom. Still no sign of demonstrators in my part of the world. Still not expecting to see AWDs before May. And I'd be pretty sure that they'd all come by sea ... Google suggests 6 to 8 weeks door to door plus paperwork time. I suspect that Toyota have the later pretty much off pat so, maybe, not too much to add ...
  2. philip42h

    Replacing '07 2AD-FTV engine with later one

    There was a post from Devon Aygo back in 2015 that may (or may not) be useful - it identified which engines went into which RAV4 model years. I'm no mechanic so take anything I say with a pinch of salt ... I'm pretty sure that any of the engines will physically fit - it's just a case of how many ancillary components you'd need to 'upgrade' at the same time. The only real "straight swap" would appear to be a 2.2 D4D 136bhp (called the 2AD-FTV) engine from 2005-2009. A 2.2 D4D 148bhp 2AD-FTV from a Manual transmission RAV4 from 2009 / 2010 might be a viable alternative having neither DPF nor D-CAT (DPNR) emmissions reduction technology added though I've genuinely no idea what other components may need to be swapped. Anything later will have DPF or D-CAT.
  3. philip42h

    New 2019 RAV4 HSD fuel economy ?

    Well there you go - last time I looked you couldn't even build and price the AWD version! (Yes, you can now.) I enquired at my local dealer on Thursday last when they expected to have a demonstrator in and they just didn't know - April or May they thought ... Do you have a delivery date? Do let us know what you think of it when it arrives ... 🙂
  4. philip42h

    New 2019 RAV4 HSD fuel economy ?

    I think, maybe about a 10% chance of my being correct, that Toyota offer both hybrid and non-hybrid petrol models in the US. And while the hybrid has an electric motor rear drive, the pure petrol has a "traditional" all wheel drive system ...
  5. philip42h

    New 2019 RAV4 HSD fuel economy ?

    I must admit that I thought that was almost the point ... 🙂 ... the addition of the electric motor(s) to a petrol engine provides the sort of torque (acceleration) and economy that a decent diesel has in the first place (but with potentially reduced emissions - less sooty emissions in any case). You can't really trust the sources of Honest John's data - it comes from the general public and isn't 'validated' in any way - but it is reasonably indicative of peoples experience - namely that actual experience falls some way short of the official test data. Beyond that we need to try to compare "like with like" - as far as that is possible. I have a D-CAT Auto 4WD and get around 37 mpg against the official 42.2 - so around 90% of the 'target' value. And I know from experience that the 'per tank' figures vary considerably (between 31 and 44 mpg) depending on the profile of my journeys and how I drive them. The 4.4 hybrid is an auto so you can't really opt to change up particularly early and the system will let the engine rev freely if you attempt to accelerate quickly which means at one level it is reasonably comparable with mine. If the HJ figures are to be believed in 4WD form folk are getting around 42 mpg - which is around 15% better than mine (more than 10%, less than 20% better). But I'm prepared to bet that mine will win hands down on a long "high speed" run while the hybrid will absolutely crucify mine around town. You pays your money and all that ...
  6. philip42h

    New 2019 RAV4 HSD fuel economy ?

    While we don't have any real world data for the Rav 4.5 yet, it's hybrid engine is 'merely' a refinement of that in the 4.4 hybrid.Honest John's Real MPG suggests that achieves around 80% of the claimed economy. So in the absence of better data I'd expect a similar result, giving economies in the low 40's ...
  7. philip42h

    Can you tell which trim level

    Overview of the 2018 RAV4 trim levels in the UK here on Toyota media. Available trim levels were Icon, Icon Tech, Design and Excel. You may be able to find a Swedish equivalent ...
  8. philip42h

    Can you tell which trim level

    I don't think the 2019 model year specs will help that much since that is a totally different model but your comparison does suggest that Sweden and the UK may not be too far apart. Going back to the 2018 model year, IIRC the top of the range Excel trim came with full leather seats which I don't see in your picture so it looks more like Icon or Design but I can't think how you might be able to distinguish between those two just by 'looking'.
  9. philip42h

    Can you tell which trim level

    From the pictures I can deduce that it is not a UK spec car - the steering wheel is on the wrong side ... 😉 Are those Swedish plates? If so you will need someone who knows the Swedish market to advise further. It is also clearly a hybrid. In the UK the hybrid was sold in two forms - front wheel drive and all wheel drive - the later having an additional rear electric motor; both variants were available at the same trim levels (so trim level isn't necessarily sufficient to discriminate). That is something you may want to clarify before buying.
  10. philip42h

    Newish stereo old car

    Is this perhaps what you need? Halfords again, but definitely only guessing now! 🙂
  11. philip42h

    Newish stereo old car

    On the other hand you may be able to simply pop to Halfords ... is this perhaps what you need? 🙂
  12. philip42h

    Rav4.2 Trim Clips.

    You can also get them on the bay - search for RAV4 battery cover trim clips ...
  13. philip42h

    Rav 4 2.2d4d 134bhp dpf?

    It is ... all 2.2 diesels between 2006 and 2008/9 have that potential issue but the numbers / percentage affected are 'small'. You can check with a Toyota dealer to find out whether a specific vehicle has already had an engine replacement.
  14. philip42h

    Rav 4 2.2d4d 134bhp dpf?

    As I understand a DPF has been fitted as standard since 2010. Between 2006 and 2010 only those cars with higher emissions were fitted with a DPF - this includes the T180, SR180 and as well as those fitted with an automatic gearbox, Such engines are designated D-CAT rather than D4D - so a 58 plate 2.2 D4D should be DPF free ... I'm now on my second D-CAT - no problems at all with either ... 😉
  15. philip42h

    D4D, D-Cat And D Engines What Is The Difference

    Is it two or four wheel drive? Is it manual or auto? IIRC 30 mpg is par for the course but check your exact model on Honest John's Real MPG site for some comparison figures. I don't believe that you can remove the D-CAT "system" technically (the more mechanically minded might know better) but it certainly would pass the current MoT if modified in such a way. No, it's still got 4 cylinders ... 🙂 ... there's a fifth injector used to insert fuel into the exhaust system to be burnt as part of the cat regen system - the regen happens periodically