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  1. The normal first step advice would be to change the fuel filter if that hasn't been done recently. It can't hurt and may resolve the issue.
  2. philip42h

    TPMS woes

    OK, I never had aT180 so I'm not going to argue ... 😉 It certainly was there on my 2009 SR180 (and took me an age to find) and in broadly the same place on my 2013 4.4. It's disappeared from the 4.5 - it's now one of the many settings that one can access via the steering wheel controls.
  3. We are talking pure EV range here rather than the appearance of the EV indicator or 'green' traces on journeys recorded in the app. For your PHEV the literature quotes something like 47 miles and "up to 80 mph" (but not both!). For the HEV I've seen claims of "up to a mile" and "up to about 25 mph" with the strong caveat of "under appropriate conditions" (i.e. you stopped with a pretty much fully charged battery and everything else is going your way) - I've never seen anything formal or greater than those. Which is just fine - it's a hybrid; it's not an EV. And as others have said, HEV owners can use pure EV mode "under appropriate conditions" to move the car short distances (yards not miles) without requiring the ICE to fire up.
  4. Does one post, perhaps, explain the other? 😉
  5. Apparently, some folk have exceeded the 2000 event limit in well under 3 hours. But the limit is 2000 events, so if you have an "uneventful" journey it could, potentially be many, many hours long. Events include EV on, EV off, hard acceleration and hard braking. But if you just cruise along in hybrid mode (after you've used up you PHEV EV range), the system will rarely switch-off the ICE - it will either be used to drive the wheels or generate electricity for later - so there will be relatively few EV related events ...
  6. philip42h

    TPMS woes

    ... oh yes they do ... 😉 The TPMS reset button is positioned on the cowling beneath the steering column - you'd need to be a contortionist (or have a small mirror) to see it but it's not so hard to find by touch once you know exactly where it is. All that does is tell the system that all the tyres are at the correct pressure - you'd still need to program in each of the new TPMS Ids as you have done. Well done!
  7. Second silly post of the day ... typically when we go to France I set up the navigation for the next leg of the journey while waiting to board the shuttle. This means that the sat nav has a brief "wtf moment" when we exit because we've sneaked across the channel while it wasn't watching. It is perhaps unusual to move the car with the 'engine' off. But it normally doesn't take too long to sort itself out ... This last week when we return, it continued to display navigation through Calais (I think) while we were heading up the M20 before eventually positioning us somewhere mid channel (it was all blue all around on the screen) and showed now sign at all of sorting itself out. No matter, I thought that it was about time I tried Android Auto and Google Maps - I had the route running on my 'phone anyway. It's probably worth noting that my wife was driving so I was free to concentrate on the system! Anyway, it wouldn't switch to AA until I "switched the engine off and put the handbrake on" - I think that was the message. Is this 'normal'? Can one not switch between navigation systems while moving? So there we are, adrift in the English Channel (on the M20), with a dysfunctional sat nav. I tried to change our destination - why not? - but none of our saved destination were 'useable' ... I think that it was telling me that there was no route from where we were to where we wanted to be. And it took me quite a while to work out how to get out of that particular hole - I must be getting old - but you can "push and hold" the power button on the infotainment system to switch it off completely - just pressing the power button turns off the audio but leaves the sat nav just as confused as before. When I turn it back on again all was sweetness and light (apart from a little message in the corner reading "who? me?") I've used Toyota's built in sat nav for many years now and, while the routing is sometimes 'interesting', I've only once before known it be just plain wrong ...
  8. Hence my original question ... 🙂 But, as others have pointed out, it does work, and change system behaviour, if you just want to shuffle the car around a bit and don't want the car to decide to start the ICE just to warm it up a bit. I'm happy now. The big EV Mode button isn't entirely pointless. And I'll just go back to leaving the in Normal 99% of the time and letting it do what it thinks best ... 😉
  9. Yes, that works - after reading these posts I used it this morning for a little "shuffle" ... 😁 and then switched it of again to go where needed to go!
  10. Exactly so ... the MID contains an indicator (rather than setting) that shows "EV" in a 'green car' when the car is in Ready mode and the ICE is 'off'. Below that is an indicator that shows "EV MODE" in green when EV Mode has been selected by pressing the EV Mode button! 😉 (That is for the digital speedometer display 'cos that's what I use. The same indicators and info are display in analogue mode - just is slightly different positions.)
  11. It's the Multi-Information Display ... 🙂
  12. I mean pushing the large button labelled "EV Mode" adjacent to the drive selector and just below the Eco / Normal / Sport knob: Labelled G above. I'm not aware that there is any setting that I can apply via the MID to switch the car into EV mode - it would be rather redundant given the large button described above.
  13. I have an HEV and drive in Normal mode 99% of the time. The system works flawlessly and I'm very happy with it - the ICE runs and provides power, generates electricity or simply switches off exactly as it should (as far as I can tell). On a recent trip to France I suddenly thought the EV Mode would be ideal for parking the car within Le Shuttle, and I've got EV Mode so why not use it? There's no sense in adding more exhaust fumes to the compartment. Both on the way out, and on the way back, the system said "no chance, you don't have enough charge in the traction battery". And on both occasions I'd arrived at the terminal after driving for well over an hour, but, admittedly, there had be a certain amount of low speed shuttling through passport control etc.. So, after 18 months or so, I have still not found a situation in which EV Mode would be useful and available. What is the experience of other HEV owners? (PHEVies need not apply, 'cos EV Mode obviously works well in a PHEV! 😉 )
  14. I'm not sure that I'm following this ... MyT shows the odometer reading as the 'Mileage' - they match exactly and, I assume, the car is sending both the mileage and fuel level to Toyota for this to function. Either way both are correct even though some 'trips' are missing. Are you adding up the distance travelled in each of the recorded trips? Or is this something else?
  15. philip42h

    My T App

    Yes, the My T app seems to have lost the plot recently. Many trip records are being delayed and some are not appearing at all. There's discussion and multiple reports on the RAV4 forum. All we can do is wait until the Toyota IT bods sort themselves out ... 😉
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