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  1. As above, the Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) became compulsory for all new vehicles from 1st July 2021 - so you really should have AVAS on a MY22. It can't be switched off! The wife's C-HR was registered in July '21 and I can hear her coming from about 100 yds away ... 😉 (The approach is a narrow single track country lane so the car will be going slowly enough for the system to sound and the environment quiet enough for it to be heard.)
  2. I doubt it - I can't see Toyota risking updating the DCM module OTA ... 😜
  3. It might be helpful to other bZ4X owners to get details on the communications module update - it doesn't appear to be on the list of updates reported by others as far as I can see ...
  5. That's a shame ... I'll have to stop hoping for a Corolla Cross PHEV as my next car (to 'downsize' my RAV4). 😞
  6. You have a two position boot floor - if you are at all concerned, rather than pack the space under the boot floor, simply move it to the lower position so that there is no space beneath. That said, I have the boot protector in place which wouldn't fit with the boot floor lower but have no concerns at all about the cars ability to carry 'normal' loads. While you might have a problem if you placed a large concrete cube in the centre of the boot, normal bagged stuff from the garden centre or DIY store can easily be distributed across the available floor space. And, in the grand scheme of things, horticultural bark isn't that heavy really. That said, it's an estate car rather than a pick-up and you shouldn't attempt to drive with an excessive load onboard.
  7. Does the app show your trip around the block? Comms between our cars and Toyota's servers seem to be getting 'flakier'. I'm currently missing both my trips out and back today (they may turn-up later); my car came home yesterday but apparently never went out; etc., etc.. It is probably just a temporary communications glitch ...
  8. I pretty sure that our cars do have a GPF - modern petrol engined cars do. But that is unlikely to be the explanation for your observation since, like DPFs before, regeneration is going to be performed when the engine is up to temperature and the car is running at speed for an extended period. (E.g. when cruising down the motorway). I strongly recommend driving your car the way you want to drive your car without paying too much attention to "Hybrid Coaching" ... 😉 And, yes, having the ICE run when you can't really work out why it should be is perfectly normal ... 🙂
  9. The price is perfectly reasonable. A good thing? - well it depends on what you want ... my first RAV had side steps; second and third haven't. They do look stylish (to me) and they function as 'full length' mud flaps reducing the amount of muck that gets spread up the side of the car. They are no help at all getting into or out of the car nor for those of us of shorter stature in reaching the roof - they are simply set too far in 'under' the car. And they are very effective in transferring the muck they collect onto one's trouser legs - if you are tall enough to step over them easily you don't need them in the first place. Very pretty though ... 😉
  10. OK ... 🙂 ... I simply reflected what it said on my most recent service sheet ... last September ... 😉
  11. Exactly so ... the cabin filter is to be inspected at every service (and the owner advised if it needs changing) and changed at a Full or Full+ service (so every two years).
  12. It's a common feature of Toyota hybrids and will be standard for EVs too. Our cars no longer need a starter battery - the traction battery deals with all that - but they do need a 12v auxiliary battery to keep the electronic systems alive while the car is switched off and then enable them to be turned on again. This is usually a relatively low capacity battery so it is fairly easy to 'flatten' it if you use 12v systems while the car is 'off'. The bZ4X manual doesn't appear to tell use what capacity battery they use but you would expect it to be sufficient for the car to be left for two weeks. If you left the car for six weeks you / we ought to expect 'trouble'. Many of us now carry a low capacity Li-Ion jump start pack to mitigate this issue - saves calling out the AA etc. If you had been using the car regularly beforehand it really should have survived a two week 'rest'. It might be worth checking that you didn't / couldn't have left any accessory switched on during that time. And, if not, it might be worth checking whether there is any DCM update pending for your car - over in RAV-land dodgy DCM software has been know to flatten the 12v auxiliary battery in quite a short time ... 😉
  13. For much of the second half of last year (2022) production was curtailed or non-existent. But as far as I can tell, Toyota (Japan) haven't issued a monthly Production Plan since March this year. And that's a good thing since the monthly production plan apologises for adjustments and indicates which lines aren't running. So, it's beginning to look as though things are getting back on track ... 🤞
  14. And that, indeed, is the normal state of affairs - it's what we would expect. But, as per the thread title, we also sometimes see "weird behaviour" where the ICE runs and we don't really know why. This is also 'normal' ... 😉
  15. Agreed ... I liked the Hybrid Coaching when I first got the car, but now would only use it for the Trip History - if only it worked reliably (my car went out yesterday and still hasn't come home!). But it is still a brilliant car, does everything that I need it to and I just drive it like a car. 🙂 So if the MyT functionality were to be withdrawn entirely I wouldn't really care. But that's for a HEV for which the app / DCM doesn't really promise much useful functionality. The case is a little different for the PHEV where the DCM is used for some "nice to have" features that owners would probably miss ...
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