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  1. Happy Birthday Big Peter!

  2. 2 weeks ago we purchased off our local Toyoya Dealer a 6month old 10th Anniversary Prius with 3500 miles on it, it has only been used by the dealer as a potential customer test car. That evening I went out to drive it and it wouldn't go into READY mode. I contact AA through Club Toyota and was fixed with seconds of the AA guy arriving. He used the jump connector in the engine fuse box and said expect it to happen again as once it goes a new battery will be required. I contacted the dealer the next day and informed them. With 1 week it happened another 2 times, I just used my battery booster to charge the battery. I complained and they fitted a new battery at the dealer within 2 hrs of me "talking" to them down the phone. They got one send down from up the line VERY fast as they had no stock. They also said this was rare, but after readign on PriusChat Forum there seems to be an issue with these batteries and LOTS of owners in USA are fitting Optima batteries to them as they actually do a direct replacement battery for the Prius, but its about £!30.
  3. I used to own a 1996 Volvo 850R, it had a fair few modifications on it, stock it was 250bhp, had been re-mapped so supposedly had 305bhp, ram-air induction kit etc etc and when running 99 octane from Tesco. Its range used to say straight away 400miles. Then if you put 95 in it it would run like a pig, but would say 250miles on the range. I noticed when running ours on 99 and 95 they both say 360mile range and never really noticed much difference. Maybe need to just keep using it!
  4. Worked a treat, looks nice with the LED, also got them in the front side lights, look real nice white/blue. Guys, what LED bulbs did you get? I'm looking to do the exact same thing, but I can't find information that doesn't conflict somewhere else, so totally confused! What LED type are they? If you go to E-Bay, type in item 270551558384, you get 2 in a pack so if you want to do the front dipped lights and the rear licence plate ones your need 2 packs. Pretty easy to do, once you you put them in make sure they work, if in the wrong way around they won't work if I remember correctly, so you need to pull out and put the other way around in the bulb holder.
  5. Mine going well also, no problems! Getting the Touch and Go fitted tomorrow, at last in stock!!! Interesting info about the Tesco 99, done a few tanks with it but have never seen any milage increase and about 7p more a litre than Asda 95 so.............
  6. My father has inbuilt in his Citroen C5, is MUCH better than separate. Plus has the connect stuff so............. more to play with!
  7. Worked a treat, looks nice with the LED, also got them in the front side lights, look real nice white/blue.
  8. Ok i'll have a go thanks! Not sure what a flat screw driver is though?
  9. Just spoke to my local dealer, they are now telling me September!
  10. We paid the extra £500 when we purchased the car as we were told they expected it to cost £750 when was readily available. Thats Toyota Plymouth.
  11. I have some white LED lights that I wish to put in the rear license plate light units, anyone know how to remover the plastic lens cover, the manual is rubbish and doesn't seem correct!!! Why can't they have the usual small screws! I took them off my old Aygo when we traded it in for the Verso-S. I had a set in the front daylight and a set in the rear license plate lenses, looks great as very white and draw less watts. Any help much appreciated.
  12. Took delivery of our Verso-s on the 25th June, paid the extra £500 for the Nav, but still waiting for the dealer to say the nav pack is in and ready to be fitted, anyone had theirs fitted yet??? Was told July, but still waiting.
  13. Done the RainX, works a treat!