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    New Cts

    the newer version from the performance view, its lowered 2 cm, and has a faster steering ratio... if there is any expert on this subject that could tell me the name of the part I have to buy so I can order the part to install it in my 2002 CTS...
  2. Bobby


    ANYONE willing to see SOME badass Front wheel drive cars drifting please let me send you a video... you will need winzip to see it... just e-mail me at pro_cariota@hotmail.com
  3. I dont know why imek is having so much trouble... my CTS has the same specs as yours... and mine fitted just fine... believe me, you have make a bigger hole to get the pipe through .... I'll try to give you another picture of me cutting the car hahahaha my car barely had 2000km at that time, and I was already phucking cutting it hahahaha
  4. the aire blower, that blow hot air from the header to your intake is to warm up the engine faster... it only blows HOT AIR, dont confuse it with an EGR system... so if you experience any freezing temperatures during the year, you shouldn't take out the blower!!! well, I cut a little area of the chassis so I could get the CAI through it... because the hole the car brings from the factory is made for the plastic tubes that carry the air from the blower to the intake... I have an INJEN RD CAI
  5. the sportivos in OZ are not the same as a CTS, they have some differences, specially some clearence differences in the headlight and front bumper section... the cai for the XRs fits ok in our UK Corolla TS... I didnt have any problems with the installation... maybe some peeps need help, maybe someothers dont... Only a stupid person would try to fit a celica's gts cai in our cars...
  6. Bobby


    use the 0w-30 of GERMAN Castrol!!! verify that the bottles say MADE in GERMANY in the back, for me thats one of the best 0w-30 oils out there...
  7. True Spwolf, that's the only believable story it could've happened...
  8. but HOW tha HELL were they able to bypass the inmobilizer if they didn't have the info on the microchip of your keys??? please, come on, you can't just steal a car with a sophisticated inmobilizer by just bypassing it, That is stuppid!!! seriously!!! It just couldn't being stolen by simply bypassing it, any 14 year old kid with basic knowledge of electronics can make a bypass .... remmember our sophisticated inmobilizer needs the password from the microchip in our keys in order to start the engine!!!...
  9. please any info will be appriciated, I need to tow my go kart !!!!!!
  10. I said that any inductionkit for the Matrix XRS should fit 90% on any Corolla TS, you only need to do some mild modification in order to install it... well at least I managed to get the injen properly installed , I dont know if the TRD one would fit, but I assume it would also fit, but with some mild mods to the chassis too!!!... If you want pictures of me installing the CAI please send me an e-mail to Pro_cariota@hotmail.com, because I dont know how to post pictures here properly yet! the 2 only major mods I did to my Corolla TS so the CAI could fit was to remove the Hot air blower, and cut a bigger hole where the plastic pipe of the blower went through...
  11. Does anyone know if Toyota makes a hitch for the Corolla T Sport??? or if theres a compatible hitch from another brand that can be used on my Corolla TSport???
  12. tengo fotos de cuando instale el CAI en mi Corolla T Sport, si las necesitas, me mandas un e-mail a pro_cariota@hotmail.com
  13. como que no cabe en tu Corolla T Sport??? aqui en Panama todos los t sports les ha cabido perfectamente en CAI de INJEN para el XRS, ahora no se si el de TRD sea igual que el de injen, pero la cosa es ke el de injen cupo perfectamente en mi corolla T sport, solo hay que hacer unos peque;os ajustes, para que encaje 100%... yo pense que en costa rica no habia NINGUN solo T Sport, CUantos Corolla T Sport hay alla en Costa Rica???
  14. so did you made the remapping to your ecu or what??? show me the dynosheet please!
  15. Ofcourse theres a CAI for our car, the problem with you guys in this FORUM is that you guys dont phuckin research about the aftermarket parts... theres a CAI that INJEN makes for the Matrix XRS that fits 95% to our car... the other 5% you just have to make some custom adjustments and that's it, I installed mine, and I've got pictures while installing it... my e-mail is pro_cariota@hotmail.com
  16. where is that gallery you guys are talking about??? HOw I upload it to the gallery ????
  17. Yes, I know, but when I reset the size it cuts a part of the picture it doesnt actually reduces its size without just erasing some parts...
  18. I've got Mspaint, but dont know how to resize it...
  19. does anyone know what Software I can Use to post the pictures of my car??? because this page has a limit of 700kb or something like that to post a photo...
  20. VTEC IS VVTLI ... The thing is that Honda claims having a vtec in variuos cars but they all dont work the same... One vtec works like the vvti and the other kind of Vtec works like the VVTLi, the problem is that Honda calls Vtec to those both Technologies....
  21. I dont know where to find the Exact Wegith of my car... its a 5 door Corolla T SPort the simple model without leather nor SAT NAV
  22. damn, At least Im not the only onE
  23. From 1 to 2 I've landed to 6300rpm, from 2 to 3 I've landed to 6000( sometimes 6050rpm) ,and from 3 to 4 like 5700rpm or something... It's TRUE!!!
  24. I think realistic power to the wheels on a stock Corolla T sport should be from 150hp to 165hp
  25. I dont have any problems with my car so far, just a bad quality window plastic frame that comes off everytime I open the window, that's awful, I bet it was because of those !Removed! british manufacturers Toyota contracted to build that frame... peace...
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