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  1. Hi all, The bonnet release cable has either snapped or come adrift of the catch on my 2007 Yaris. Is there any other way of opening the bonnet?. I realise this is a public forum so if anyone can help please drop me a pm. Many thanks Deerhunter
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, After checking numerous fuses without finding anything I took the car to Mr Toyota.As suspected they said with a smile😀 "it's the switch and we can give you a price to fit a new one".My reply, Haha sorry mate check the paperwork it's under warranty with an even bigger smile😋.Part on order.👏👏
  3. Hi all, I have an issue with the electric mirrors on my 2009 Avensis,they will heat up,fold in but neither side will electrically adjust. Is there a separate fuse for this,and if so could anyone tell me where it is please. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply Frostyballs,there are no outstanding recall issues on the Yaris. If your information is correct then it is within Toyotas oil consumption tolerances.I have owned several Toyotas most had 140k plus on when sold and I have not had to put oil in any of them in between services thus the concern with this one. It is on a Dealer oil consumption check from a refill every 1000 miles at the moment but it looks like it will be a case of regular top ups then.
  5. Hi all,my wife's 2009 1.4 diesel Yaris has 41k on the clock and It has full dealer s/h.I have had to top the oil up twice due to the oil light coming on.It used approx 1.5 ltrs in 4000 miles.It has been back to the dealers twice and they say it's within Toyotas usage limits.My Sons 2007 Yaris diesel with 135k on the clock uses no oil.Does anyone else have this issue with their Yaris as it seems very high to me.
  6. Thanks Konrad much appriciated
  7. Hi,could anyone tell me where the starter motor is located on my 2006 avensis 1.8 petrol is please. Or better still a pdf file.
  8. Hello all, How difficult a job is it to remove the starter motor on a 2006 Avensis and once removed how do I check its working/returning correctly. TIA Deerhunter
  9. Thanks for the replies folks, As the noise happens when the car is moving slowly it sounds like it could possibly be the ABS which is making the noise. I will try turning the traction control off before I move off in the morning and see if that makes any difference.
  10. Hi Leeroy, In an attempt to stop this I have fitted new discs and pads, greased the pins etc and the wheels spin freely.but it is still happening. The sound only happens when moving forwards and is more of a clunk than an expected bang of sticking pads. It almost sounds like something is locating itself, if that doesn`t sound stupid.
  11. Hi all, I have a 2006 Avensis 1.8 t3x and over the last couple of months I have noticed a strange clunking sound which seems to be coming from the front. I have fitted new discs and pads and had a good look around but the noise is still there. This usually seems to happen when starting to move forwards first thing in a morning or when its been stood for a long period. If I start the car and don`t move it,it doesn`t happen. Has anyone else had this or can identify it please.
  12. Help, Can anyone tell me where on the engine the egr valve is on my wifes 2007 D4D Yaris is please. Also a pic of what it looks like would be even better. Thanks
  13. Hi Adam thanks for the reply. Just spoke to my mrs and she said that she dropped into 3rd gear and revved it hard,it coughed kicked out plenty of smoke and shot off. The oil and coolant levels are all ok and next job is checking the egr valve.Is it an easy job to do this?
  14. On a couple of occasions My wife's 2006 Yaris diesel has suddenly lost power while driving.The car has kept running and one time there was a bang,lots of smoke and then it was ok. I have put diesel additive it in and it was ok for approx 4 weeks before it happened again. I would welcome any advice before I line Mr Toyotas pockets. cheers.
  15. Thanks fella,my Son will have to invest in a manual and bushes and we will give it a shot.