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  1. Yesterday it was the first time I've seen another RAV4 "in the wild", in the same car park as mine! It was an event I won't forget very soon :) Nice color as well
  2. Has anybody ordered the white/silver interior? It is very nice looking! I will treat it with a Gtechniq coating to keep it pristine for longer.
  3. 111 days (3 months and 22 days) between order and delivery.
  4. 16/02/19 first test drive - at that point target delivery was 3rd of May 19/02/19 ordered: AWD Excel, white, white/silver interior, with towbar option - target delivery changed to "18th of May" In April: target delivery changed to 28th of May 25/05/19: the Altair Leader and Daedalus Leader ships, inbound from Nagoya, arrive in the Avonmouth harbour (Bristol) and unload 31/05/19: car confirmed at dealer, requiring PDI and roof wrapping (we like the Dynamic look) Today 10/06/19: car collected (finally!). It could have been a week earlier but I was away.
  5. Well... it's finally here, and got 62 MPG on its maiden voyage of 7 miles, through the city, to work:
  6. My Rav4 arrived as expected (last weekend); currently doing the PDI and registration, I'll collect it in a week as I'm away. Exciting times! 🙂
  7. I happen to live nearby, and like to fly drones; so here are some fresh pictures. Cars are unloading as we speak.. Hopefully ours are here somewhere 🙂
  8. Great! I also ordered in Feb (19th), and was told the delivery will be in May/June; the date in the system is next Tuesday 28th so probably (I hope!..) my car is on the same boat! I shall monitor its position from now on.
  9. I got a call from the dealer today, they received the number plate and VIN their system so.. Shouldn't be long now! 🙂
  10. Impressive! He's saying in the video comments that it's the FWD model and the fill-to-fill real life is only 4% worse. Presumably on a city commute in eco-driving. (i.e. driving like a nun! :) ) He has another video where he's comparing the RAV4 with other SUV's in various driving modes - here's the RAV4 figures: 68MPG eco-driving (city) making the most out of the EV mode 54MPG at 56mph (constant) 40MPG at 75mph (constant) 32MPG at 87mph (constant)
  11. When I test drove it on 17th of Feb the system showed a delivery date of beginning of May, and when I ordered (AWD version) on 19th of Feb the order "est del date" was set to 23rd of May. I asked the dealer if there is any change/update a few times already, they always say the dates haven't changed and there is no further information they can provide, currently the system says "may-june" 2019.
  12. Hi, I've been looking to replace my A6 Avant with something taller (my wife likes SUV's) and for the past few months we were constantly looking out for what's available on the market. Recently (last Friday) I've seen an online ad for the new RAV4 and got an instant like of the new shape. We called the Bristol Toyota and they said they just received one for drive tests, so we booked one for Sunday. I had to admit, I was a bit skeptical regarding the overall interior look and feel, and the quality (coming from the Audi) but it's not bad at all. We drove a Dynamic 2WD and the lea
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