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  1. Hi, my 11 plate verso is just over a year old with 9k on the clock at has this same problem. I notice it when I'm cruising at around 40 to 50. I'm interested to see what Toyota makes if it. Matt
  2. I've been running mine on 99 since new so may take more than a few tanks to adjust. It was a significant change as soon as i had used the 95 and also noticed a power difference too. Needless to say i've gone back on the 99 with similar results. I'm Milton Keynes the difference between 95 and 99 is only 5p so that doesn't make much difference.
  3. My one has done about the same and no probs for me either. Nice little solid car and getting nippier every day. I have been running it on Tesco 99 fuel and been getting about 320 miles to the tank but on my last fill up the tesco garage i filled up at didn't have 99 so i stuck standard unleaded in it. I only got 280 miles out of the tank till the light came on so if you do the maths its well worth paying the extra for 99 as you get another 40 miles for £1.50 extra on the tank.
  4. I have a friend that is the parts manager at our local dealer and he said july but not heard anything yet. Due to the earthquake situation i would hold your breath for anything to happen fast.
  5. No idea why but they have missed the boat on a few things, one of them being the keyless entry system which is mentioned in the manual but not an option in the UK. You would of thought that would of been included on the T Spirit.
  6. CG74

    Rear View Camera

    I can see the face of the plate but not the edge. Maybe your plate is sticking out more than mine as my plates are screwed right against the paintwork with no spacers behind. i can see the bumper but i think its supposed to be that way as thats the bit you don't want to hit when reversing.
  7. Hi Just thought i would share a little tip with the reversing camera fitted on the boot lid. I found that when driving in rain the lens becomes obscured by water droplets. I applied RainX on the lens and the water runs off nicely, otherwise the camera is rendered useless in the rain. Hope this is useful Matt
  8. I noticed that and expected the run in to take a while. I'm also running Tesco 99 to try and get a few more miles out of the tank.
  9. I made the same inquiry to the parts department at my local dealer and they said the same. I will be buying this when it comes out as the built in screen makes it so much better than sticking a Tomtom to the screen everytime.
  10. Nice one, we currently have a 09 Yaris SR and it think its great on the motorway. The 6th gear makes a real difference. Managed to get to Brighton and back (Bedford) on £25 a few weeks ago. We go to the Isle of Wight next weekend and can't wait for the extra room for the camping equipment. I have just sold an 2006 Honda S2000 for this car because i am thoroughly p'ed off with paying out ridiculous fuel costs. Roll on hydrogen power. :D
  11. I'm just waiting the delivery of my T Spirit Verso S on Weds so would like to see a Verso S forum please.
  12. CG74

    New Owner Here

    Thanks, My S is 3 years old this August and has 11k on it at the mo. It is my summer car so its locked away for 6 months of the year because it is wasted in the winter. I'm a big perfectionist when car cleaning is concerned so the scratching of the paint is very minimal hence the reason why it's so shiny. :D I do have more pics of the SR. B) I am really a VTEC rather than a VVTi person but the Yaris impressed me more. :D Got a few more of the S too. I work with carbonfibre so i made a nice little Sparkplug cover for it. ;)
  13. CG74

    New Owner Here

    Hi I've been registered on this forum for a while now as the missus had a 05 plate Yaris T2 but we have just upgraded the car to an 09 SR. We were going to buy a Jazz but we prefered the Yaris over it mainly because of road tax prices, you can beat paying £35 a year. :D It makes a difference as i pay just over £400 a year for my S2k so it balances things out a bit. All i can say is this a is a great little car for the money, i love the 6 speed gearbox they now fit as the car doesn't have to scream down the motorway anymore and the optimal drive system is an ingenious idea for saving fuel. It's a bit weird putting the car into neutral at traffic lights and watch the car just stop, but just press the clutch pedal down and the thing bursts into life again. Here's a picture of our little beaut (with my S) andi look forward to racking some miles up in her over the coming summer.
  14. I hope that they were prepared to state that in writing........................Just in case of any future brake problems. Did Steven Eagell give you any idea when your brake fluid should be changed? I ask this because you previously said - "What i'm annoyed about is that Steven Eagell said the only thing that is physically done to the car is an oil change I really don't think that garage knows what its doing to peoples cars." It seems that your original statement might be correct They told me that Toyota recommends a change every two years but that is at the discretion of the owner and it was an additional £70 for the fluid change.
  15. Well, managed to get Steven Eagell down to £150 for the service and they agreed with me that the brake fluid didn't need changing either. Just shows you don't have to pay the over inflated prices that some dealers charge, a bit of friendly persuasion goes a long way. :D