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  1. Have a iQ2 CVT since 2013. Never had any problems yet. Transmission is pretty smooth. Best: 50mpg, Worst (when wife drives 😂) : 30mpg
  2. sushd

    iQ wheel alignment

    Hi, Any recommendations for wheel alignment around Milton Keynes / Aylesbury / Leighton Buzzard / Luton / Hemel Hempstead / North-West London suburbs? Need someone who knows what they are doing ..... and not too expensive (heard of places charging 200)!!! 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment for IQ? Thx
  3. Getting 175/65/15/ 84T on all 4s - GoodYear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 (C, B, 68dB) @£55 each. Would have preferred Michelin CrossClimate+ XL but they are out of stock at Costco (@£58 each) with no visibility on re-stock.
  4. Hi, Any recommendations for wheel alignment around Milton Keynes / Aylesbury / Leighton Buzzard / Luton / Hemel Hempstead / North-West London suburbs? Need someone who knows what they are doing ..... and not too expensive (heard of places charging 200)!!! 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment for Prius? Thx
  5. Well, the only reason is that I can't find a premium all weather tyre in 175/ 65/R15 size with a Fuel eco: B and Wet grip: B label! The best ones - Continental All SeasonContact, as per AutoExpress - with Fuel eco: B and Wet grip: B labels are only available in 185/60/15 (-0.91%) or 185/65/15 (+2.09%) sizes with the latter being slightly cheaper. I couldn't find a retailer who can source a Continental AllSeasonContact 175/65/R15 88 T XL - they are the only ones with B B label Other alternatives, Michelin CrossClimate+ and GoodYear Vector 4 Seasons Gen-2, in standard 175/65/15 size, have Fuel eco: C and Wet grip: B labels! Thx
  6. Is it okay to get 185 / 65 / R15, which fall out of the -2.0% to +1.5% tolerance (compared to 175/65/R15 standard), at +2.09%. Will change all 4. Any potential issues with insurance / sale? Thx.
  7. Try to get the dealer to include "free MOT for 2 years" on the £516 offer! When I renewed 2 years extended warranty last year at my local Mr T, I asked for a price reduction (as I always did and managed earlier) I was told they couldn't reduce the price on the "offer" but that they would include free MOT for the 2 years! BW
  8. Two years hence: I had installed the battery in May 2015, and the economy improved significately during the summer months touching 60-62 mpg (actual) gradually reducing to mid-high-50s as it became cooler. The lowest I got was 48 mpg during the following winter. By the time the battery was 1 year old (and since then), the highest I have achieved is 55-56 mpg and the lowest about 46-47 mpg ..... which is similar (or marginally better maybe) to what I was achieving with the original battery that I had binned. The (big) improvement in economy lasted only a year, sadly!! Do take into account that our Prius doesn't get around much ... about 500 miles a month, with a daily short commute 5 miles from home to train station and vice-versa on weekdays. BW.
  9. Had a full service done last week but no HHC certificate was given. When I asked I was told by the service adviser that it is no longer issued! The invoice doesn't mention HHC being done as part of the service. Don't see it mentioned online on "My Toyota" -> "Service Details" either (the service adviser told me that that is where I should look). So, how do I know for sure if HHC was done? Has anyone been issued HHC certificate recently .. when the car was serviced? TIA
  10. Okay, let me put the issue in a different way! After replacing the 12V battery last year, my "actual" MPG had jumped from between 45-50MPG to 60-62MPG. These actual MPG figures are about 2-4MPG lower than the MPG readout that the system generated - so inline with expectations. But since the last 5 fuel-ups, my "actual" MPG has fallen to 48-52MPG whereas the system generated MPG readout is about 10MPG higher everytime, in the range 58-62MPG. That means for every tank-full I "actually" drive approx. 100 - 120 miles less than before as a matter of fact (the real problem and issue here) - irrespective of whether the system generated MPG readout is accurate or not. Now, 1. Assuming the system generated MPG readout is accurate - what is causing the 10MPG reduction in actual and why is the system is not capturing the true picture(e.g. - leakage in fuel tank or somewhere in the line but before the point the system uses to measure MPG, system fault that has resulted in more fuel consumption but this is not being recorded by the system)? 2. Assuming the system generated MPG readout is inaccurate then there are two issues: a) what has caused a sudden fall in "actual" MPG from 58-62MPG to 48-52MPG all of a sudden?, and b) what has caused the system to report MPG figures inaccurately at the same time (never had inaccurate MPG readouts before)? I feared that the 12V had gone flat because the MPG figures were just a little bit higher than what I used to get with the old battery but given the voltage reading mentioned above the 12V battery doesn't seem to be cause. Such a huge difference in MPG can't be because of under / over inflated tyres but that is also the cause as I check the tyre pressure on a regular basis. Neither the driver has changed nor the way the driver drives. So what can it be ... ? Maybe I should have titled the topic differently .... but what I've stated above is the real issue I am facing.
  11. Having rested the car for 24 hours, locked but with bonnet open, the multimeter shows 12.44V at the jump posts in the engine bay. The multimeter shows 12.29V at the battery terminal (keyfob used only to unlock doors to access 12V battery).
  12. The MPG readout and the "miles" readout on the MFD automatically reset to zero (on their own) every time I fill up. Never had to use the reset button (is it just my prius??). Also, I always reset one of the two trip meters - that I use to calculate MPG (manually) - every time I fill up. I photograph / note down the system MPG readout, miles done on system MFD, and the trip meter, before I open the fuel cover lid. Then I fill up the tank (always to full). And finally check both MPG & trip meters are set to zero before I put the car in "D" before driving off. Old habit!!