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  1. Godyear Excellence - just had them put on earlier this week wen to carlisle on tuesday and back - and it was heavy rain and hte tyre did really well :-)
  2. all the moronic corsa and ford and BMW lovin folk at work just had to read and weep while i was walking proud chest puffed out head high whislting as -1 degrees temps up here and my baby startingup first time while sem folk were struggling :-) luvin it!
  3. the rears are bigger than the front ??? Does anyone have the acutal size in mm diameter of the rears - weather is peeing it down right now so cant measure it
  4. OK im sitll having problems with black diamond giving me the wrong size of rear discs, the machanic fititng them says that hal the brake pad hangs off and they are too small - the fornt ones fit like a dream. I get on to Toyota and they tell me the rear brake disc size is 275mm - i get back onto black diamond and they send me a reply saying thats the same size as the fornt and no way. Can someone give me the size of the rear disc pls?
  5. Cool had my fornt brake discs fitted and all the ebc pads and it is awesome but the rear discs black diamond sent are too small, but querying this with them they have advised thay are the rights discs - when placed on the car the brake pad is half off and half on the disc - anyone had any isses for the rear discs getting the right size and if anyone knows the correct size would be of much great help?
  6. Which race track is that on? Lol its not on a race track - its a road that cutts off the main dual carriageway and ever since i have fitted my strut brace i love this corner - Have had Triumphs over a golf GTI , Type R and recenlty i caught an Evo 4 on the corner but as soon as the road straightened i was toast lol!
  7. Got my black diamond discs and EBC Grren stuff delivered on friday - getting them fitted on tuesday - thanks very much guys :-)
  8. I seen this 2wice now. If you stop and switch off completely then back on everything is fine. Mr T did a full system check no problems. Iv found that these lights come on especially if you bit a bump quite hard.
  9. COme on son letting the side down, ok the induction kit gives the type R a bit more bite, but dont be disheartened, if you get a typhoon induction kit that you back to nearly level - i Have yet to have a Type R Beat me, we have a corner up here called the Bridgestone Corner - i raced one thorugh this corner and he had the lead and i pulled out a car length after the corner and then there was the straight, i reckon it also depends on your gear changes and as soemone mentioned earlier the engine temp but have not had any difference in power from engne temps - also if your cars fully brimmed wont be as quick with a half tank :-) or is that just me lol :-p
  10. I think i have something similar, friday night got a squeacking and grinding noise coming form the back left and front left, goes away when i ttap the brake - i think one of the brakes is slightly sticking, needs replaced this tuesday coming
  11. ouch sorry to hear dude if you catch them do what any proud corolla owner would do to them, im sure the content of that thought will be too violent to write in this
  12. Welcome - - Shhhh its not a hot hatch......:-s lo!
  13. how much are the springs to buy? and from where?
  14. Gotta say as a few people have said destroying typre Rs and golf and arrogant BMW drivers - but i love how the car can be conevenient for family and have the boot space and all - drives like a smooth car feels all swavsay :-) then when you want it can become a mean machine - summer mornigns with the windows down a nice mellow sound track on and the lift and and the breeze!!! Iv had the car for one year and still aint any where near being bored! Uncles jealous that i get an eternal buzz off my car and he cant find he gets one with lol!
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