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  1. Great, that sounds what I was expecting.
  2. I run my first mile each day like that (well, a bit less than that actually - you'll be lucky to get a mile in anything other than perfect conditions and a fully charged battery in the green to start with), which gets me off the drive and out of the village before the engine starts. Thank you, so in the current weather conditions, does the petrol engine cut in to provide heat? also once you use the charge, how long does it take to charge fully again?
  3. Thankyou for your quick reply, I appreciate it is not an electric car as such, but does it not run in electric mode at low speeds in stop start traffic?
  4. I am considering a Prius, either late gen 2 or early gen 3 (if I can get one with 5 year warranty at a decent price) I have no experience of hybrids, but for my current use/driving style, they would appear ideal but just a couple of general questions though, After running in electric mode, how long does it take for the battery to recharge fully? I live approx. 1 mile from a dual carriageway, so potentially could run in EV mode, till I get their, but how does the heater work, will it run the engine just to provide heat?