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  1. Ian Nicoll

    Mr2 Skirts

    Hi everyone, does anybody have any mk2 rev3 side skirts for sale
  2. That's great, thanks for your reply, am I right in assuming if I need to top up my coolant, I top up the overflow bottle or do both get topped up
  3. Hi can anyone help, I'm totally new to owning an mr2 never mind a mid engined car, I'm not entirely sure where to check my coolant levels and where to top it up, please can anyone help
  4. Hi, I've just recently bought a 1994 MR2 and have never owned a mid engined car before and I'm not sure where to check my water coolant level or how to top it up, please can someone help, I know it may sound a stupid question but having never owned one never mind had to check it levels Id rather ask than damage it
  5. Thats the fellows, what are they called
  6. Hi, hopefully someone can help, I have just bought an L Reg MR2 and had a look underneath the engine and noticed what I think are called support brace arms have rusted, can you help me with the proper name of the parts and if they are easy to get hold of
  7. Hi, I have just bought a L reg mr2 GT and I need to change the bulb in my front fog light, can anyone tell me how to do it
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