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  1. Hi We have a old 2003 Toyota Hi Ace with D4D engine and almost 200k on it now, over the last few months its started to blow white smoke out when its starting up in the morning but its not every day it occurs one morning its fine then another its back It always runs fine and levels seem fine so bit random how it happens one morning and then next its back, this isn't just since sudden cold weather has shown up....... Any ideas as to what could be the cause of it ?
  2. Hi I have a Toyota Corolla 2003 Reg and I've had problems with the headlights, did various tests found it to be one of the 15a fuses and a spade connector that had lost its grip so i think i have the lights running okay now 😊 During looking around and sorting the electrics i noticed that the long fuse box that sits behind the battery had a space empty for a 40a main head fuse, usually I'd assume it should have one yet it only had one male spade connector with no missing/broken looking one there and the lights appear fine now. Should it have a something in there or is that common ? 😕