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  1. Had a similar issue last year. Give Toyota UK customer services a call on 01737 367000, they should be able to help if you can give them your VIN number
  2. Got a 2002 T-Sport with a squeak that is coming from the passenger glovebox area. The squeak goes away once the car get warmer inside, pretty noticable on the current cold morning. Is there anything that is prone to squeaking worth taking a look at
  3. Thanks for the replies chaps, may try to take a look at one on a forcourt
  4. Still thinking of getting a MR2 Roadster/Spyder to replace the 2002 T-Sport Yaris I have had for a few months (Finding it hard to like the Yaris) Anyway thinking of going for about a week to France in the Summer with the girlfriend. I know the MR2 has neglible boot space, mainly a couple of cubby holes behing the seats, but how much can you squeeze under the front end? a> Leaving the sparewheel in place? b> If you leave out the spare a take a can of tyreweld ? as per Elise's VX220's Thanks,
  5. How replacable are the rear bushes where the torsion beam mounts to the chassis? Or is it a case of a new rear beam?
  6. Could try this site and see what it comes back with http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/q.html
  7. The speedo in my T-Sport over reads. Checked it against my Sat Nav and when 70 on the speedo it was about 65 on the Sat Nav. What I also did was repeat the speedo check, but instead against the digital trip meter. The T-Sport trip meter has 3 modes Current MPG. Average MPG, and Average MPH. The second 2 modes listed if you hold the button in, it will beep and reset to 0 MPG or 0 MPH, then after a couple of hundred yards update to show a new average MPG or average MPH. So on a flat straight bit of motorway late in the eve, sat the Yaris at 70 mph on the speedo holding it there, pressed the reset for the average mph, drove a couple of hundred yards then glanced at the new average MPH which was about 65 same as the Sat Nav.
  8. There are four on ebay being broken for spares currently search on " toyota yaris t sport breaking " Hope that helps
  9. Thanks for the reply Davy, did reply a while back but it couldn't have posted. Are the facelift models also 6 speed boxes? If so what is 6th like. A cruising gear so to speak, or just a 6th in a close ratio box?
  10. How noisy are the Yaris gearboxes/clutches normally? Have owned a 2002 T-Sport for a couple of months and I would say the gearbox makes a shuffly sound when in gear on the move, dip the clutch and the noise goes away. Seems to come after the drivetrain has warmed up. My local Toyota dealers took a look a it and they didn't notice anything. Doesn't seem to affect the running of the car just seems noisy to me.
  11. Well the noise is still there after replacing the nearside rear shock top mount assembly where noise is coming from. The shock absorbers itself seems OK, manually compress its piston/strut and it extends itself back out to full length quite quickly.
  12. I'm considering buying an MR2 Roadster in the next few months. There are the upto to 2002 models and the facelift from 2003. Are the facelift models any better handling wise? The MR2 Roadster have a good reputation handling wise in the dry, but reviews I have seen based on the earlier roadster says they can be a bit twitchy in the wet, are the facelift models any better in this respect?
  13. Thanks for the reply. It has got a rear anti-roll bar now after I fitted one week or so back, it's not that though as it was making the noise before. Checked the rear springs and both look fine. Went to Toyota today and ordered a new shock absorber top mount and the plastic shock absorber shroud assembly today to see if that cures it. If it's not that I guess it may be a wonky shocker.
  14. Got a knocking sound coming from the rear of the 2002 Yaris I own, happens over small bumps/holes at lowish spead. Have investigated and can't find any obvious wear in lower suspension bushes, the shocker top mount seems ok with no movement. The plastic shroud covering the top of the shocks does seem floppy and can touch the shocker body, what sort of movement should be in the plastic shroud ? If not thinking it might be a shocker on the way out.
  15. Thinking of buying a engine code reader, to use with my Yaris T-Sport, manufactured in late 2001. Are they EOBD compliant?
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