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  1. If I remember rightly if was about £90 for the battery and that included fitting.
  2. Uncle_P

    Uneven Idle.

    The idle is still occasionally dropping too low even after removing the MAF and giving it a good spray with some electrical cleaner. I'm beginning to think that it might need the ICV cleaning or replacing. Maybe after Christmas I might get around to it. Are there any other common causes of a low idle? Mostly it's fine at around 800 rpm, but sometimes seems to miss a few beats and drop too low. Sometimes it recover by itself, sometimes it needs a blip of throttle. It's a small fault, I just don't wanting it turning into a big one! Ever since I've owned it, when coming to a halt and putting the clutch down, the revs fall to about 500 and immediately bounce back up to a steady idle. Is this normal amongst other 2.0 petrol owners?
  3. Years back I had a 96 primera petrol. I bought it with 20k on the clock and sold it as a runner with 160k miles. When it got to a hundred thousand miles, I stopped spending any money on it. It was dented and cosmetically rough by this age, so not worth anything as part exchange. In it's latter years, I changed the oil once and that was all I did under the bonnet. Eventually, city life turned it into such a wreck that my wife demanded it had to go, so I sold it to a mate who just needed a runaround. 160k miles, original clutch and exhaust, never a fault. It was probably the most reliable car I've ever known.. I can't help but feel that modern cars are very much built to a budget and not built to last. When you look around the roads today, there aren't that many cars over 10 years old. It's one of the things that attracted me to Toyota, the reputation for build quality that seems to be lacking from a lot of the European rivals.
  4. I went straight to Mr T for mine, there's a lot to be said for face to face service..
  5. I got a set of Michelin rubber mats. They're not extactly tailored, but the do fit very well with minimal trimming. They don't slide around like the old mats I had, even though they don't lock onto the factory mounts. I need mats that can be jet washed and hung up to dry, so no carpet mats for me.. Get a set of 4 here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Michelin-98016-All-Weather-Rubber/dp/B006CLF9OS/ref=sr_1_2/277-6070155-4375956?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1386023118&sr=1-2&keywords=Michelin
  6. Uncle_P

    Fm Transmitter

    Glad you got what you wanted! I had a widget that plugged into my iPod that did the same thing, but these days I seem to spend most of my time with radio 2 or 4..
  7. Yes it's safe. I had an O2 sensor die on me and I drove around for a week before getting it sorted. No adverse effects at all.
  8. Uncle_P

    Uneven Idle.

    Can anybody recommend a decent carb spray? Does the MAF just get a spray and clean with a cotton bud?
  9. Uncle_P

    Uneven Idle.

    I don't think my mechanical skills are up to stripping down the throttle body, so it'll be my local garage that does that. Do you chaps think that I'm on the right track with the fault? I'll try a can of carb cleaner first, but I can see a full strip and clean on the horizon. Good job I'm on overtime all week, it'll probably cost a few £££££s.
  10. Uncle_P

    Uneven Idle.

    Afternoon all. My Rav's a big sick.. The idle has been ocaisionally dropping too low and then it'll recover and be fine. It's not really bothered me before, but this morning the revs would rise to about 1400 and the drop to 600 over and over. It seems pretty much fine when running, only the idle seems affected. So, is it my throttle body that needs a clean out? Is it worth trying a can of carb cleaner? I read an excellent pictorial guide on the forum about how to clean out the throttle body and icv, but I'm not sure if that's the problem here. Is there anything else that might cause this effect? Sometimes it seems to be fine and smooth and sometimes it struggles. I've run a load of redex through with the petrol, but it hasn't made any difference. Any ideas chaps? Bill
  11. Back when my wife had an Alfa, I tried changing a headlight bulb and came the conclusion that it was impossible. I got on the t'interweb and found that the best way to do it was get either a child or somebody with small hands to fit it. I ended up using a head torch, a mirror and some long nose pliers, not a simple job. It really made me appreciate Mr T's handiwork when when swapping bulbs earlier today! The nightbreakers are great and make a world of difference when driving at night. Well worth the money, my only regret I'd not doing it sooner.
  12. Had a gap in the weather this morning, so I fitted the new bulbs. Just in case anybody else is reading this and wondering how it's done, here's a quick outline of the procedure. Pull the square plastic plug out of the back of the headlight. Pull on the plug, not the wiring! Pull away the round rubber cover using the protruding tab at the top. Push together both sides of the spring clip to release the old bulb. I used gloves for the next bit to avoid getting muck on the bulbs. Remove the old bulb and replace it with the new one. It'll only fit one way. Replace the spring clip, rubber cover and plug it in. Check it works. Have a brew and congratulate yourself on a job well done. It's an easy job, but hopefully will pay dividends when the weather turns bad. I kept the two old headlight bulbs (both osram) in the nightbreakers box. They'll do as spares. Bill
  13. I'm just bumping this thread because it's something I might have to do shortly. The Rav doesn't stall, but sometimes the revs seem to drop too low. I'm not a very experienced mechanic, so I think this one will be a garage trip. I've changed the air filter and it's not made much difference. The plugs were changed by Mr T at the last service. My symptoms aren't as bad as some of those described above. Are there any other simple fixes I should try before taking it to my local garage for an ICV and MAF clean out? What's the cleaning fluid to use? Can I squirt some directly into the air intake? Any help gratefully received as always!
  14. Uncle_P

    Wet Carpet.

    Just a reminder that Ravs aren't meant to underwater http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c7fm3QPKC00
  15. Uncle_P

    Wet Carpet.

    I had wet carpets in a Jeep Cherokee once... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qf7G37d-Bro I can't really help with the cause, but for treating the damp, use a wet and dry carpet cleaner to suck out the water. Then put a big bowl of cheap instant coffee in the car, this will absorb further moisture and stop your windows from misting up. It'll also stop your interior smelling like a wet dog..
  16. I had an O2 sensor burn out on me. The engine light came on but I didn't notice any ill effects. Is an engine light an MOT failure? I replaced the sensor months ago and that's been the end of it, none of the other sensors have suffered.
  17. My bulbs arrived this morning.. Just got to fit them now. The blurb on the box seems to suggests that although they are a lot brighter, the life expectancy is half that of a regular bulb. I'll probably fit them at the weekend, so I'll keep you all posted about how they work out.
  18. Uncle_P

    Good Tyres?

    Decent tyres certainly make a big difference to the overall driving experience. I think the grabbers are probably overkill for the rav4, they suit proper off roaders better. Next time I might go for something a little more road biased, there's certainly no shortage of advice around these forums!
  19. Our car is a 4.3 petrol manual with a full size spare and leather seats !! David It's good to know that my preferred spec actually exists!
  20. Great advice chaps, thanks.
  21. It's a good idea to dry the car after washing it, but I'd just get up a few minutes early and let it thaw out with the heater running.. I've been accused of laziness in the past but I prefer to think of myself as energy efficient. I spray silicone spray around my door seals to stop them freezing shut in the winter, seem to do the trick.
  22. Does sound like a coil. The rav has an individual coil for each spark plug, so replacing them all can be pricey. Is the air filter clean? Mine looked just a bit grey when I opened the air box, but by bending the filter, it exposes a swarm of dead insects and cr@p where the intake pipe funnels into it. Also might be worth running some Redex through with a tank of petrol. How old are the plugs? 60,000 miles is about the lifespan of the proper iridium spark plugs according to my friendly Toyota dealer. I don't know what the life expectancy of the coils is though, but if they're 13 years old, they've not done bad! I think this might be the first time I've been able to offer advice rather than ask for it.. Oh well, we live and learn! Bill
  23. These Ravs certainly hold their value. Some of those 4.2 seem quite pricey though.. Hopefully when I come to part with mine in a couple of years, it'll still be worth something. I'll probably be looking for a 4.3 petrol manual with a full size spare and leather seats. My 4.2 has just nudged through 100'000 miles, so I reckon another few years before it needs replacing.
  24. My wife was born in Edinburgh and I'm from Portsmouth, so I guess we're a balanced couple! I'll take the positives from the north and south.. I wish I could get a decent pint of heavy down here though! I'll just stick to my malts for now, even though that's the reason this post doesn't make a lot of sense........ Hic........ Bedtime....
  25. To save me crawling under the bonnet (it's cold and dark out there!) is the oil filter a regular screw on type and easy to get to? Does the sump plug require any special tool to undo? I'm going take advantage of amazon selling Mobil 1 for £40. I'd guess all oil filters are created pretty much equal, so it'll be a case of whatever's cheapest.