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  1. I had a engine warning light a year ago and bought a code reader on ebay (about £25). A very useful gadget but now it sits in my drawer a bit unused and sad - if anyone in Herts, Bucks, Beds etc wants to borrow it at any point then get in touch - tonysplodge@talktalk.net
  2. Hi, I have an 02 petrol Avensis 85000 miles, new battery. A few weeks ago it just wouldn't start, no orange engine light on the dashboard. Left it a few days and it started and drove fine. Then it wouldn't start again. Again started fine after just sitting there for three days. Obviously I could check fuel pump, starter motor etc, but before I do I just wonder if this could be something to do with the electronic lock. I don't keep it locked on the drive, but randomly over the last year or two I sometimes come out and it's locked itself - same thing when I stop at the shops and don't bother to
  3. Ah, brilliant - thanks for that. Yet once again a question of not knowing what the thing is called and what to search for. All the best Tony
  4. Hi - I've got an O2 Avensis and have the orange Malfunction Indicator lit up on the dashboard. I disconnected the battery to check it wasn't a false reading, but it came back within a mile - car's running fine and has been for a week but I want to get it sorted. My dealer wants £57 plus VAT just to plug in the reader and tell me what the code is, so I'm keen to do it myself. Quite a few posts seem to say 'I got a mate to plug in his scanner' and some lead to the Memoscan website, but does anyone know how I can actually get hold of one of these scanner reader things. There's nothing I can see o
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