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  1. Hey Guys.. Long time member, had a tsport in 2005-2006, loved it as far as i can love a car :) Now got the new CH-R, already modded.. but.. I remember that the t-sport had a "toyota" badge which was red, can't find it anywhere in a decent price. at 40$ i think it's a little bit steep, anyone can help? thanks!!!!
  2. rofl...i wonder why... It's not that UGLY, and it actually got good specs, especially the 2.4liter xrs.. hmph...
  3. well...its not hatch..salloon... there we go: clickme now! lol
  4. hmmm..e..15? here its LE, xle and Xrs darn model numbers lol
  5. Heya guys (and gals) All i can find are these "things": here BUT.. they are..well..umph... UGLY! I know i know.. why not keep the stock ones? well, i just HATE that "one side only reverse light" looks so lame! :P so.. any ideas where i can find decent ones? :)
  6. ok guys.. just want to say: I AM SO SORRY I SOLD MY YARIS T-SPORT! I hate myself till today.. sold it 2 years ago.. since then.. had 3 CARS! and now.. after i tried the rest.. im coming back to the "toyota place" :) t-sport (or any other sports version) isnt imported to israel, so I just ordered a new 1.8 corolla.. manual.. I MISS MANUAL! so... will you forgive me for my mistake? :P
  7. :( :( with sadness, i must inform you guys i sold laris, my beloved yaris.. My business requires a bigger car.. so i sold her.. about 1000 pounds above current market value.. she was a keeper :) so, ill pop in once in a while to say hi.. thnx to all of you who helped me get stuff, ask stuff, and answer stuff lol.. But hey! my new car has the same engine as the t=sport.. the new terios.. lol so.. im not completely lost hehe maybe, someday, when ill have more money, ill get 2 cars, a new 1.8l yaris and a bigger car for work.. so goodbye sweet laris, i really loved you :) hehe ITS THUNDER GREY!
  8. Hiya everyone! sorry for not being here.. i was soooo busy with my new business so i didnt have any time.. It's time to "grow" and change my little phase2 t-sport.. as far as selling the whole car.. well.. its a bit tricky as i am located in israel.. BUT.. i want to sell the following.. if someone want one of these.. just pm me :) 1) apexi intake for the yaris-tsport 2) phase2 lexus lights the lights are sealed for rain and in great condition, the intake is flawless and i will clean it for you.. ill even wont charge you for the compressed air :)
  9. Well.. my t-sport is 2.5 years old (15000 km) and its time for a change.. i was looking bout the suzuki swift 1.6 .. looks sweet .. nice data (8.9 0-60) but.. its not a toyota.. mr2 or any other sporty one by toyota just costs too much.. the only t-sport we got here is the yaris.. well..had here.. no more.. and the new t-sport will be a price hog.. so.. what do u think?
  10. Ok.. thats IT! I have had enough of all the rattles and noises from my baby.. sooo.. I have started working on a project called "silent yaris" every few days, i will post a guide on "how to eliminate X noise".. i have no special order for that, i just eliminate noises when they are getting on my nerves. so the first one, is the dashboard noise.. the one that comes when u hit the 3.5k rpm line. DONT YOU HATE IT??? now some people will say i went overboard on that one, but in a sunny place like Israel, all quik-fixes didnt cure it. so.. here we go.. (oh i almost forgot.. I wasnt sure if non t-sport got the same problem so i posted it here.. feel free to move it). Step 1: open all the screws you see here. those are nasty lil clip-screws but i found a rather doubtable method to open them. just widen them a bit on the bottom part, and pull the screw up. be careful not to break them. just open them all Step 2: Remove the wipers. just pull out the plastic covers and open the bolts with a 12mm ratchet. best way is to pull them up to an upright position (like when your washing the car) so the spring wont interfere with nothing. Oh.. remember which is right and left. Step 3: Remove the plastic thingie (lol) pull it out gently (remove the center part by pulling it up) pull the left half of the plastic first. Hey! look what i found! a DENSO wiper motor.. who knew? Step 4: Clean the window.. CLEAN IT! i even vacummed the area. i dont want anything rattling inside there. Step 5: Put some foam double sided sticky tape on the window. Dont go over the top line which the plastic covered or youll have nasty stickytape showing. Pull the tape cover out, and gently push the plastic part into place. there are clips that attach to the window, so you might want to cut the sticky tape there, or struggle with it a bit. Step 6: Put the wipers back on and screw in those nasty plastic screws. That all.. now.. youll have one rattle less in your yaris.
  11. dog is fine... :) i was called to the army for 7 days now. here for 2 days vacation.. on sunday back to the north.
  12. last night.. ive put black silicone under it.. i wonder if that will help.. stickytape hates sun and dirt and loses its grip (well at least for me) .. maybe ive used a ****ty kind :)
  13. usually i dont like 2 colored cars... but this ones a yaris! never seen one like that.. looking forward for the end result as well :)
  14. i left only the red toyota badge.. ME LIKE!
  15. stop it guys... i think its ok.. i would have de-badge it .. and i like the color.. the exhaust is a little weird yes.. but hey each one and his taste. i even like the contrast between the stickers and the blue color. ive got stickers too on my car.. well, yeah i do have the stuff mentioned on them but hey.. maybe he got DENSO sparks? who knows :) cmon.. go ahead m8.. do whatever u like... im with u on that :)
  16. Hey guys.. havent been here for a long time. with all this war going on, and a new business i hardly have time to wash laris :) shes getting old hehe.. 2.3 years ... BUT only 14000 km on her. so.. whats new? any new stuff i can spend my money on? lol
  17. heya guys!!! thnx!!! thats a nice way to close a lousy 30 b-day :( had a bad bad day... but now im happier!! thnx alot guys (and girls)... u made me smile :) maybe im old! but at least im happy now :) and its all becuase of yifat&kuni
  18. "Hey I can tell you YES that is a real yaris, and im actualli trying to track down that wide arsch kit for my own The car has been photoshopped to give it the extra exhaust " this photo has been photoshopped for everything.. goo dluck finding those wide arch kits lol.. non existent
  19. emm..really... vitz&yaris..no connection whatsoever.. so is it paris? or is it spearhead? ill just ask toyota then.. ill get an answer in about1-2 years .. found this: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38850
  20. 3 questions: 1) whats the badge says? 2) is it a phase 2? 3) did u punch a hole in the airbag place to put the rev dial?
  21. why did toyota call the yaris yaris? i mean.. whats the origin of the word yaris? anyone?
  22. i was cruising around with my gf in my dads corolla... when i stopped near 2 cars at the red light. both of them were "emitting" very COOL low burble&rumble from their exhausts... revving them both.. although it sounded good.. it sounded too good.. but hey... maybe a full exhaust kit&backbox will make that sound. one of them was a yaris mk1 (not t-sport) the other was an old civic. anywho... next redlight.. same revving sound from both of them... even my gf said "damn..its too monotonous"... i drove along their side trying to match their speed without breaking the speed limit.. when it hit me.. the revving sound wasnt even synced with the motor.. it was just like "vroom vroom" all the time in a continuos loop. those stupid asses, put a sub woofer to emit low "sport" exhaust rumble... i let them "go" and saw two small peashooters at their back.. which just made my day.. that is the most idiotic thing i have ever seen... or heard... its a lil yaris related..so mods.. u can move it somewhere else if u see fit.. thnx :)
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